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When dueling what are the button controls? (Ps3 and Xbox360)

I missed the introduction sequence in dueling. I can't seem to win cause I don't know what buttons to press. Thanks.

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Lance_Carnor answered:

Once you enter a duel, best option is to wait for them to start drawing; drawing first gives less accuracy. Once it says "Draw", hold down L2. Then aim with right stick. Once your aim is smaller reticule (more accurate) hit R1 to "paint" your target. You can do this once or up to six times for the revolver. Once you are satisfied with your shots press R2. This will cause Marston to fire even if the Dead Eye bar isn't filled.
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wetzelskid answered:

After you draw with LT/L2, your reticule will pulse inwards and change color from red as it is large to white as it is small. Try to hit Rb/R1 as the crosshair turns white. The closer to white it is the more your bar will fill up on the bottom right. You will lose the duel if your bar is not as full as the opponents bar after a set time, but you can win with one shot as long as it's well aimed and your bar is more full. Also if you can get a white shot on the opponent's weapon you can win the duel by disarm, which gives honor.
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