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What is the best strategy for Liar's dice?

i have tried it and still don't get it. can someone explain how to play(thought it was like ceelo but it is NOT)?


duhduuhst86 answered:

I usually just skip to my turn look at my dice and make a call either bluff or spot on i sometimes bid but for some reason i just push through as fast as possible because my mentality is i'm probably gonna lose anyway. so just figure out which one bluffs all the time and which on tells the truth. which can switch from game to game.
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adambell answered:

start with a small bid---ideally 1x1s... Let the computer make larger bids for their turns. When you get your second turn, make a bid based on your highest number of #s, +1. For example, if you have 3x4s, bid that there are 4x4s... The computer will often call this as a bluff, and the odds are in your favor that you're right. The next guy to play can also raise your bid, which is ideal, since the NEXT computer guy will almost always call the first guy out as a bluff. When this happens, you're golden, since it's impossible for you to lose a die---since computer #1 bid, and computer #2 called, they're the only ones who are vulnerable. If you can successfully play the computer opponents against each other for a while, letting their dice drop down to 1-2 each (while you still have 4-5), and then eliminate one opponent, going head to head with a guy with one die is totally easy.
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athos76 answered:

Try bidding the highest # dice you you have two 6' 2... Many times the computer will call a bluff.
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theTAT3R answered:

I call exactly what I have. For example, I have three 2's, I bid that. I pretty much use honesty in Liar's Dice lol. And it works. But once the computers start having fewer die, they are more likely to call out bluffs
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Amrath answered:

When you start playing start of safely. Make a bid based on how many dice you have either bluff or what you actually have.

For the most part the other two players will work against each other and remove their dice without you have to put much effort in. You can try to call them out either by bluffing or stating a spot on bid but it's safer to stick with making clean bids and not losing dice.

Once the computer is down to a few dice you can start calling them on bluffs more easily based on the number of dice you have and the dice they have. If both of your opponents only have one dice and one of the claims 5 sixes it's quite obvious they are bluffing.

Usually you can count on the computer to take one opponent out and hopefully knock down the number of dice of the other player.
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RePwnd answered:

You first want to get the computer to call your opponents bluff and not your own, they make this very easy for you by giving you the first bid. On the first bid bid three or 4 over your highest matching set, if you have 4 bid 7 and so on, since each player has to up the ante it makes it harder for them and will most likely call each other out and it raises the odds that they are bluffing, do this for the early rounds, as dice start to be taken out dial back the amount you go over, never bluff with dice you don't have at least one of because you will increase the odds that you are wrong, the name of the game is not to keep your dice, its to make them loose theirs, make them bluff by making your bids reasonable but forcing theirs to be obvious.
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oboewan9999 answered:

Play against multiple computer opponents. When it's your turn, stay low and honest; your opponents will start bidding wilder and wilder, and calling each others' bids. Since the AI never makes spot calls, eventually it'll be you with five dice against one computer opponent with only a few dice, and it'll be really easy for you to win.
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Blackranger13 answered:

Ok first you sit down then you bid on what you have like say you have a 3,2,2,5,6,4 you would bid that there is at least 2 2's
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Misto29 answered:

Here's a good way to make quick money plus complete part of the Strangers quest, Lights, camara, action. When you go to Thieves Landing to get the property deed go to your safe house and save the game. Then go to the saloon and see if Whit is there by himself. If he is sit down and play Liar's dice with him. If not reload your game and check again. Now playing agaisnt just Whit will make it easier to get the No dice lost trophy and you can gain the 10,000 dollar trophy as well as earn 1000 dollars in gambling, cause durning this game not only will Whit put up the deed but he will also bet 200 dollars per round. And while playing against Whit he will call bluff on almost ever last one of your bids. So enjoy and make some quick cash.
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