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Costume 11/12?

I've completed the game and I'm currently trying to get 100% but I doubt that'll happen... (bored easily)
Anyway, there's one particular costume that is completely undiscovered, no scraps, no nothin. The silhouette looks similar to the Duster Coat and is right after the Marshal Uniform IIRC. Can someone please help me know how to unlock/open this costume?

theTAT3R provided additional details:

no, that's the one after it. Its the US Army costume and then its the blank then the 100%-completion costume

JokerFett asked for clarification:

Does the silhoutte have a round hat or regular cowboy hat?

Accepted Answer

urbanartist answered:

That's the Legend of the West outfit. You have to complete all 4 of the challenges (Survivalist, Treasure Hunter, Master Hunter, and Sharpshooter).
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__Alienware__ answered:

I think its the Federal Bureau costume, and Ironically you need 100% to get it.
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real1nightblaze answered:

For the legend of the west you need to fully complete all of the challenges and the other one you need to fully complete the game (100%)
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thewinn23 answered:

Urbanartist is right.
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