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How do I solve (us marshal uniform)?

Ok so i went to all 6 gang hideouts in the us with in a few hours and the unlock states a single 24 hour period and it didnt unlock the uniform

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ShrimpManiac answered:

I just did this. ya need to clear 5 hideouts. the fastest route is first gaptooth breach, then tumbleweed, fort mercer, twin rocks and then pikes basin. use horse pills between each hideout. you only have 24 in-game hours but it is very doable :D dont use camp or stagecoach to travel. it costs ya 6 hours, so only ride on your horse.
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Panzervi3576 answered:

You need to go to all 6 hideouts in 24 hours of game time. Not sure if you did that or 24 hours of real time.
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lalilulelo6 answered:

You need to Complete the hideout not just go to them, and its only 5 (Fort Mercer, Twin Rocks, Gaptooth Ridge, Tumbleweed and Pikes Basin), Solomans Folly isn't included as it is only in the PS3 version.
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darkelgta3 answered:

you also can die at least once and still be able to complete it. I was killed once while trying to complete it in the 24hrs of in game time.
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joeblaze answered:

You have to ride a horse to all of them (not sure about solomons folly did it anyway though) not camp/ride the carriage. That's how i did it.
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twyz answered:

You can't unlock it until the story is complete.
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ShrimpManiac answered:

AND you need to complete the story first :B
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Jbanks17 answered:

Easy enough, thank you shrimp
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