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How do I win at BlackJack?

I'm sure the only thing I need to do is win at Blackjack to complete the 100% of the game. But I've tried to beat the dealer at it and he keeps getting all the cards he needs to beat me. Anyone have a strategy to beat the dealer at Blackjack?

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88Titan88 answered:

Remember the Ace can be worth 1 or 11.
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__Alienware__ answered:

Just leave with more then you started. If you sit down at a table and start with 200 chips, leave with 201 and it will count as a win.
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nocturbulous answered:

yea just bet minimum bets and as soon as you get over 200 then leave the table (if you lose too much cash then just reload and start gambling again). This will give you the scrap you need for one of your outfits so it will autosave for you.
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robert_jon answered:

Follow the same rules as the dealer. always stand on 17 don't split or take insurance. failing that sit one hand, lose reload. sit one hand win quit.
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oboewan9999 answered:

Assuming you don't want to go into the intricacies of blackjack strategy:
Sit down at the table.
Bet the absolute minimum.
Stand on 17.
Eventually you'll win; if you don't, leave the table and come back. (To win and have it count towards 100%, you just need to walk away from the table with more chips than you walked in with, and your chip count resets when you leave the table).
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Evil_Ryo answered:

I hope that by winning, you aren't expecting to be the only one at the table, because it doesn't happen.
It keeps going until YOU bust.
the easy way to win is to quit blackjack after making a profit. say you start with 200 chips and you lose 20
you'll have to make at least 21 chips back to make a profit and win. that is all that requires you to win
If you win chips on your first hand, quit immediately. and you've won
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johnconnorT-600 answered:

black jack aka 21, u bet a # of chips then the dealer deals u 2 cards face up and the dealer has 1 card up and 1 down. u need to get as close to 21 as u can. aces= 11 jacks,queens, and kings= 10. u can hit= to get another card or if u can double down= u double ur bet and get only 1 more card, stand= stay where u are and get no more cards. the dealer stands on 17+ and if u get a higher # Than him u win
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