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Asked: 4 years ago

Special Animals?

Where do i find the animals like Gordo the boar in Singal player.

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From: scubamesteve 4 years ago

Gordo The Boar is found in Stillwater which is the swampy marshlands east of Macfarlane ranch. The wolf is found by aurora basin and the bear is up by necote rock or something in Tall trees. Khan is by Ojo de Diablo.

Basically they have different spawn points than in Multiplayer.

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If you go to the "Tall Trees" you will able to find a boar.... it just might take some time

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Actually the Brumas the Bear is near Tall Trees. Gordo the Boar is in Greenhollow in New Austin near the river. Might need to kill a few waves of normal boars for him to spawn though.

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I read when you get to level 8,9,or 10 for the Master Hunter Challenge you go and look for those animals.

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Here's a map, should make this easier.

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