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Can you turn off cheats?

Can you turn them off? Because I have heard if you put in cheats, you can't save the game... So that being said, can I just turn them off and save??? Just tell me what to do thanks!!!

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TheBlueSpecter answered:

Once you activate a cheat you can't save or get trophies. It's permanent.
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ImmortalThunder answered:

Well i think you can't save the game if you already use cheats even if it's turned off...... instead you have to reload again, then you can save the game....
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marstoniscool12 answered:

If your going to use cheats, I would suggest you save your game on a another save slot and use the cheats on that save. Then you can just load your other save and save.
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Bladerunner2 answered:

@TheBlueSpecter2 Cheats are not permanent,The invincibility cheat magically turns itself off during hogties, Stealth kills,Cutscenes and more.
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riddlemethat73 answered:

Yea itspermanent i suggest not using them, becauseitshuts trophiesandsavingdown, i dont see a problem with using them after you get 100% completionandgotall trophies then they are fine
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