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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find cougars easely?

I cant seem to find any anywhere

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Go North of Gaptooth Ridge and there should be a good amount there. Use bait since it will make them come faster.

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Yeah, if you go to all the bush at the base of the cliffs below fort mercer. And you put bait down, you'll find one in NO time. I did that, and.... I was watching the bait... and he came up from behind and pounced on me and slashed me until I died! :P It'll be off to the side of the road leading to fort mercer

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Area just to the northwest of McFarlane's Ranch where the boars are is lousy with them. Got attacked by three there at once in the middle of the day.

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repetence Rock there is alot of them 2 attack you at the same time

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