Question from princeofzumunda

Where can I find khan in ojo del diablo?

Im running around here and cant find this jaguar someone plese help me?


JoyousFatKidd answered:

Just keep killing cougars the jaguar will eventually show up. Jump on a rock or something your gonna have to kill a lot of cougars and it can be quite a pain if your not high up
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outlawz2104 answered:

I just set a way point for that area, when i got close the icon came up where he was, same as if it was a bounty. I stayed on my horse and used the sniper rifle to find him. He has a good range so he might charge you, if he does just use dead eye and get a head shot, he'll should go down in one shot.
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Sk8terM answered:

Ok joyous and outlaw you both have terrible answers. Sorry but he doesn't just order to get him to appear: single player you have to do the master hunter challenges(I forgot which challenge unlocks him) and in multiplayer: you have to do the challenges but when it says go find the legendary animals you have to kill waves of their type of animals(khan = cougars, brumas = bears) then after you kill enough of those animal your legendary animal will spawn
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