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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find treasure map #1?

I was looking and it someone said you need to find the first treasure before you find the second and i never got treasure map #1only treasure map #2. And it says its by hanging rock northwest of armadillo but i've literally looked everywhere i could think pf and that's why i nedd help. Was that guy right?

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Ok i would except your answer but i want to see what other people have to say I'll try that though.

Accepted Answer

From: AZorro007 4 years ago

Normally you get treasure map 1 by "rescuing" a treasure hunter from some attacking bandits outside Armadillo. Then when you find treasure number one, part of the treasure is the map for treasure number two - and so forth.

If you got treasure map 2 without getting treasure map one, it may be that the "first" map you get depends upon where you "rescue" the treasure hunter. Since you didn't get map 1 (you are certain, right?), try running around the desert near Armadillo until a harassed treasure hunter appears and then rescue him to (hopefully) get map one.

Your description of "Treasure Map 2" matches what I received as Treasure Map 1. The treasure is at the Hanging Rock north of Armadillo.

The first picture is of the Hanging Rock and the second from a particular view of the Hanging Rock as seen when you approach it from the north. The treasure is at the base of the big rock pile under a small pile of stones.

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