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Can I have a list of all the herbs and there location?

Need herbs.


AZorro007 answered:

There are ten different herbs in all.

1. Wild Feverlow - Wild Feverlow can be found around Hennigans Stead and Cholla Springs.
2. Desert Sage - Desert Sage can be found in the far north western portion of New Austin.
3. Red Sage - Red Sage can be found between Amarillo and Rio Bravo.
4. Pric-kly Pears - Pric-kly Pears can be found all over Mexico (particularly in the Western part).
5. Woolly Blue Curls - Woolly Blue Curls can be found in and around Perdido (Mexico)
6. Butterfly Weeds - Butterfly Weeds are found in Diez Coronas (Mexico).
7. Hummingbird Sage - Hummingbird Sage is found in Tall Trees (West Elizabeth).
8. Prairie Poppies - Prairie Poppies are found in the in the Great Plains (West Elizabeth).
9. Golden Currants - Golden Currants are found in the Great Plains.
10. Violet Snowdrops - The Violet Snowdrops are in the northern, snowy area of Tall Trees.
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