Question from kucharz508

Asked: 4 years ago

Do you run out of bounty hunter missions ???

I mean for example im in new austin doing bounty missions in some city and im thinking (because ive heard there are 20 bounties) does this city run out of bounties to get ???? plz answer i wanna know real baaaaad

Accepted Answer

From: Khoro 4 years ago

What you have heard is the Bounty Locations (which there are 20 of .... 8 in New Austin, 8 in Mexico, and 4 in West Elizabeth). For Bounty Missions there is a total of 45. However, there is also a random bounty (showing no face, just a question mark). This random can ''spawn'' at any given time even if you haven't completed all 45 first, but will show up each time after those 45 are completed.

So, yes .. you can run around doing Bounty Missions for as long as you like.

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They will have enough for you to get 100% and then some. There is no real reason to get all the bounties because it is a waste of time. Money has no value after you get 100% in the game.

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Yes. Here's the complete list of them

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