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Open Questions

Item Help status answers
*Reyes' Rebel Outifit*?* Open 3
After killing Mo Van Barr? Open 2
Any idea when the Assassin Coat glitch will be fixed? Open 3
Can I have a list of all the herbs and there location? Open 1
Can't unlock the Deadly Assassin outfit? Open 4
Deadly Assassin outfit problem ? Open 1
Distill tonic when harvesting herbs?? Open 2
DLC Questions? Open 4
Do I need to complete Soloman's Folly also to get the Marshall outfit? Open 4
Do I need treasure for anything? Open 3
Do you need to unlock all the pieces even with the code??? Open 3
Golden guns gone? Open 1
Golden guns? Open 3
Good items bad items? Open 2
Help with costume ? Open 1
Help with throwing knives? Open 3
Horsies? Open 3
How can i start the Expert Hunter Outfit Scrap Collection? Open 1
How do i get back my extra rifle ammo? Open 2
How do I make a horse I've broken mine? Open 4
How do i rob the bank in chuparosa? Open 1
How do you arm wrestle in Pacific Union RR Camp? Open 2
How do you get outfit 11? Open 2
How many Vittles can i hold if I have the treasure hunter's satchel? Open 1
How much more fame do you earn with the Golden Guns? Open 1
How to get Red Dead Rockstar? Open 3
I bought the fastest horse, how do i get it? Open 2
I need help finding the strangers?? Open 1
I think I might have done a mistake, could i fix it? Open 1
Im trying to get a new outfit and i have to get 1000 dollarxs from gambling plz help? Open 1
Is Their A Better Mele Knife? Open 5
My lasso disappeared from my inventory? Open 3
Newspapers? Open 2
Problem with bandito outfit? Open 1
PS3 Filth and Other Entertainment quest ??? Open 1
RDR PS3 Exclusive Content In UK? Open 1
Unable to select Mauser or High Power Pistol? Open 2
Undead nightmare dlc horses question? Open 2
Unlocked An Avatar? Open 1
Using Costumes? Open 3
Walton's Gang Outfit - Scrap 3 - What do I do? Open 7
What are all the animals you can shoot in the game? Open 1
Where are beavers? Open 4
Where are the buffalo? Open 2
Where can I find (cougers)? Open 10
Where can I find (Hungarian Half-bred)? Open 2
Where can I find (Rabbits)? Open 2
Where can I find (Red Sage)? Open 1
Where can I find 2nd piece to Aztec gold? Open 1
Where can I find a Kentucky Saddler? Open 9
Where can I find Armadillos? (The animal, not the town) Open 5
Where can I find California stranger's task? Open 8
Where can I find cougars easely? Open 4
Where can I find khan in ojo del diablo? Open 3
Where can I find the Evans Repeater early in the game in Single Player? Open 1
Where can I find the Mauser Pistol? Open 7
Where can I find the treasure in New Austin??? Open 2
Where can I find Treasure hunter Rank 6? Open 1
Where can I find US Army scrap #6? Open 1
Where can I find Vittles. Which animals drop them? Open 4
Where do I find the 7th treasure? Open 2
Where do you get Pardon Letters from? Open 4
Where is the Elegant Suit Tailor Located? Open 4
Where is the pump action shotgun ? Open 1
Where is the white stallion? Open 8
Which gang shootout has the semi automatic pistol? Open 1
Why do things keep dissappearing out of my satchel? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
Am I the last man on earth? Open 5
California stranger task glitch? Open 1
Can't get game working? Open 2
can't I play the outlaws to the end co-op pack? Open 1
DLC map dos't work ? Open 2
Game keeps glitching whenever I ride a horse, forcing me to restart? Open 1
How can I play Undead Nightmare? Open 1
How can I remove the Wanted Poster from my Satchel? Open 4
How do i reverse the cheat code "jack attack" and be john marston again? Open 2
HUD Problems? Open 1
I can't play online!? Open 2
I ve problems while playing mini games and other? Open 1
Is it still possible to get the first tresure map? Open 1
Is there a Legend of the West Outfit glitch? Open 1
Network configuration problems? Open 1
No one else online? (HELP) Open 3
Online problem? Open 2
PS3 Online ?(Calling all PS3 Online RDR Players) Open 2
ps3 system update for Red Dead? Open 2
Question about save files? Open 1
RDR disc doesn't show? Open 1
Saves*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!? Open 2
The same 4 or 5 bounties keep popping up even after I have completed them. Anyone else having this problem? Open 1
Train stuck? Open 1
When I fullfill a challenge nothing says i completed it? Open 2
Which PSN store to get DLC from region BLAS 50203? Open 2
WHY are My Gloves are GONE??? Open 2
why can't I play the outlaws to the end co-op pack? Open 2
Why can't I reach max fame? Open 1
Why can't I use online features? Open 1
Why do my guns keep dissappearing? Open 1
Why does the game keep loading the mission? Open 1
Why does the game keep taking me to the dashboard thing? Open 3
Why does the game keep telling me its loading? Open 3
Why does the map show the locs of various services, but I can't find them in town? Open 2
Why is the game replaying the bounty missions? Open 3
Why won't my amount of money go over 50? Open 2
Wrong buttons? Open 6
Other Help status answers
(create your own question)how do I save my game? Open 1
1080i Upscaling? Open 1
500 kills with Browning Gun and no Trophy? Open 2
99.3% Completion?!?! Open 2
About downloading undead? Open 1
After I beat the game, can I start a new game with all my unlocked outfits and weapons intact? Open 3
Beavers!? Open 5
Bighorns? Open 1
Bought maps don't show anything? Open 2
Buckin awesome question? Open 2
Can i still play the stranger missions as jack? Open 3
Can i turn off the golden guns.? Open 3
Can John write? Open 3
Can someone answer this? Open 2
Can you have 2 pistols? Open 2
Can you hunt treasure on line? Open 1
Can You Use Cheats Online ? Open 1
Can you use someone elses preorder code for outfits? Open 2
Cheat clarification? Open 2
Dead Eye in Free Roam? Open 2
Did I get 2 golden guns codes? Open 2
Difference in honor? Open 2
Do i get to wear duster coat? Open 2
Do ppl still play red dead redemption multiplayer on ps3? Open 1
Do you get xp for hunting online? Open 5
Does anybody know the location of all in-game cheats, for the budding adventurer? Open 1
Does anyone have a red dead redemption game save for ps3? Open 6
Does anyone know if the Dale Chesson Bounty glitch was fixed in the GotY Edition? Open 1
Does DLC eg. outlaws till the end and myths and mavericks work with the Undead Nightmare standalone disc? Open 1
Does horeses become faster as you use it? Open 2
Features Of Red Dead Redemption Limited Edition ? Open 1
Fort Mercer Glitch (Possible Spoilers)? Open 2
Glitched lasso? Open 3
Glitches for 1.07 please??? Open 1
Gold medal thophy? Open 2
Good places to hide? Open 2
Headset operation problems, how to do you chat to others? Open 2
Help with Easy Access to Mexico? Open 1
Hero or Outlaw: Are the missions/cut scenes different? Open 1
Hhow do I disarm 6 enemies without reloading or changing weapons to become master sharpshooter? Open 2
How can i accsses certain areas of the map ? Open 2
How can I use downloaded items? Open 1
How did i save with cheats enabled? Open 2
How do cheat codes work ? Open 2
How do I cancel a bounty hunter mission? Open 1
How do i download the deadly assassin outfit? Open 4
How do I end the opening learning tasks? Open 1
How do i find donkey lady, cougar man and flying woman? Open 7
How do I find Mo Van Barr again? Open 1
How do i get into the bank in chuparosa to rob it? Open 1
How do i get ladys finest for psn home? Open 1
How do I get the PS3's exclusive sound track from the per order special ed.? Open 1
How do i get the zebra donkey? Open 1
How do i pick a strangers quest ? Open 1
How do I redo the California side Mission? Open 2
How do I register a Rockstar Social Club account? Open 1
How do I search towns? Open 2
How do you enter cheats? Open 2
How Do You Find All 32 Areas In Nuevo Paraiso(Mexico)? Open 3
How do you get arrested? Open 2
How do you get in bank at Blackwater? Open 2
How do you obtain a ( Count Of Cheating)? Open 1
How do you rob people? Open 5
How do you stop the crows from eating your corn on silo mission ?? Open 1
How How do you get the Manifest Destiny trophy, where is the last buffalo? Open 2
How long will the game be? Open 2
How many horse breeds are in the game? Open 1
How many number of players per server? Open 3
How to end game? Open 1
How to join a game in multiplayer? Open 1
How to revisit game dialogues? Open 2
I can't find my golden weapons? Open 1
I cant save my game? Open 1
I dont get how you play poker? Open 2
I have trouble with multiplayer? Open 2
I just have saved a hooker in the saloon but I didn't recieve a reward. Is this a bug? Open 1
If I use someone else's game save, will it block ALL trophies for RDR? Open 1
If Red Dead Redemption came out for PC, will be much more demanding for the hardware??? Open 1
Im looking to join a Posse or Maybe Start one whos with me? Open 2
Is it manual aim or automatic aim???? Open 1
Is it possible to sleep with a lady of easy virtue in this game ? Open 2
Is RED DEAD REDEMPTION going to be better than GTA IV? Open 3
Is the horses bought from the general store faster than those broke in? Open 2
Is there a way to become a complete outlaw real fast? Open 2
Is there a way to change JM's hairstyle? Open 1
Is this game very gory? Open 2
Ive finished the game, will i lose all my outfits and weapons if i start a new one? Open 1
Kiddnapped girl coop misson help? Open 1
Legends and Killers DLC. Is it available for all accounts when bought? Open 2
Maps? Open 1
More Things To Do? Open 2
Multiplayer Money? Open 1
My Horse Randomly Turned into a War Horse? Open 1
My lewis and clark cheat dosen't work? Open 2
My Limited Edition items didn't work? Open 3
Need help with Legend of the West outfit? Open 1
New Game Plus? Open 1
Ok, so wtf about rdr free roam???details on next red dead dlc??q Open 2
Online Problem help?! Open 1
Paying Bounty's ? Open 2
Prequil or Seguil? Open 1
Question about the cheat codes? Open 3
Random phrases? Open 1
Says Your family member is not here right now when hes sat there? Open 1
Sharpshooter glitch? Open 1
Sheriff got killed, do I have to restart game? Open 2
Social club question? Open 1
Solid Snake Glitch? Open 1
Spurred To Victory: what happened? Open 1
Spurred to Victory? Open 1
Stuck at 99.5? Open 4
Sup guys is this game worth the money?...please respond! Open 2
Taking more damage? Open 2
The new 'Free Roam DLC'? Open 1
The online mode of the playstation 3 ? Open 2
The Survivalist Challenge didn't appear in my Journal, what should I do? Open 1
The way they run isn't right...? Open 1
Torquemada? Open 2
Unnatural selection? Open 2
Update 1.61 ( i have it ) ? Open 1
US Army scrap? Open 2
using DLC again? Open 1
War Horse, Golden Guns & Assassin Outfit Not On Game? Open 5
Warhorse - Are they available? Open 1
Wat is the best thing to do on the game? Open 2
Were is the jackalope? Open 1
What character does East Side Dave Macdonald play? Open 3
What exactly is in a 'miniguide'? Open 1
What give more problem ? Open 2
What happened to all my money? Open 1
What happens when you beat the game? Open 1
What is the best display setting in the game? Open 1
What is the name of the bass heavy music played when you are wanted? Open 1
What is the Order for the In-game friends list? Open 1
what the F? Open 2
What tough more the playstation 3 or the xbox 360 ? Open 2
Whats better, Good or Bad? Open 2
When can I play co op in social club ? Open 1
When dlc is out in europe? Open 1
When i try to get the us marshall unifor does it mean i have to get all gangs in game 24 hours or our time of 24 hours? Open 2
When is the demo? Open 6
When will 'Red Dead Redemption' be reviewed? Open 1
when will the Outlaws to the End Be released for people with a Region 3 RDR game? Open 1
Where are the codes located that I have to enter for the Limited Edition Game? Open 3
Where are the story missions!!!!!!????? Open 2
Where do you play highstakes poker in blackwater? Open 2
Where is someone from the u.s. army? Open 1
Where is the stagecoach in Chuparosa? Open 1
Where to find bufflo? Open 2
Which horse is the fastest? Open 5
Which is the most complete edition of RDR ? Open 1
who voiced Landon Ricketts? Open 1
Why am I stuck at 99.5%? Bandito outfit glitch? Open 1
Why cant I purchase at the tailor in Blackwater?? Open 2
Why did my controls change? Open 3
Why dose my HUD disappear? Open 1
Why I keep lossing by multplayer rank? Open 1
Why is it that i entered my assasin outfit code and all i got was a duster coat? Open 3
Why isn't my assassins outfit being acknowledged? Open 2
Why won't the game let me complete "The Wronged Woman" mission? Open 1
Why wont my honor go up? Open 3
Will there be any bonuses for having the original game save ? Open 2
Won't let me do Jacks missions??? Open 2
Zooming? Open 3

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