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Asked: 4 years ago

How to get Snowflake to SHOW UP?

Snowflake didn't show up one bit throughout my three days; both day till night! How do we get her and Ted to appear?

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I just beat the game earlier today and I'm playing over again. Anyway I went to do the Meet the family survivor mission (the one with the two guys in Shanks Knife store in the second floor in the Palisades Mall) and on my way to take them back to the safe house I went to cut though the Yucatan casino (the entrance at the east side of the Palisades Mall) where the two places connect. And there they were. This was during the first case file after I gave Katey her first Zombrex dose. But after I saved a few other survivors. The case one file was in the yellow.

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any day 1-4 pm i think. Check your maps yucatan casino description, it will tell you the right time

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Go to the Yucatan Casino on day one before mission 1-2 expires and snowflake will be there bring 1 extra steak just in case

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Actually same here! I go in the yuctan EVERY TIME and I never see them at all! I even camped in their boss section just waiting for the idiots to show up and all for the 4 days they werent there. pathetic.

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