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Open Locked Door?

I'm on my second playthrough. I failed the cases so I could concentrate on helping survivors and unlocking trophies.
There is a locked door in the 2 storey sports shop in palisade mall. I think there is a hidden combo card inside. Does anyone remember how to open it? is it quest related? thanks for your help

fabmana provided additional details:

hm, I havn't really thought about that, but I'm beginning to fear that you have to complete the cases in order to reach all the combo cards. I figured the underground access doors would stay unlocked in a second playthrough, just like the maintenance doors.
Are there any combo cards you know of in places you can only reach if you stick to the cases?

Accepted Answer

DragonWraithe answered:

There are 4 hidden survivors inside you can enter after giving katey her 3rd Zombrex you can potentially get 3 combo cards from them
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keybladeofhonor answered:

There isnt a combo card inside that I've found. But I think the doors your talking about lead to the Unground train tunnels. Yes they are main quest related, you find a few of the mercs by one of the doors and you go through it, during a main quest, and after that mission you get the key for the other doors.
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