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Asked: 5 years ago

Is There 2 player Co-Op for Dead Rising 2?

Is There 2 player splitscreen Co-Op for Dead Rising 2?

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From: Deadly_Sorrow 4 years ago

Dead Rising 2 will be introducing a co-op experience where two different chucks can work together to play through all of the case files. There will also be a multiplayer form called tir terror is reality I believe where you play against other people in american gladiator style competions to see who is the best zombie killer. There is no split screen at all, which kind of makes sense seeing as you only play as chuck

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Yes, there is Co-op for online. I dont know if there is for Splitscreen.

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Sadly, no Co-op splitscreen for this game!

Your buddy will just have to sit at his own house and eat his own food, sorry!

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No Offline Coop Mode, but Online coop and Mulitplayer

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yeah and it is PAIN to get matches

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