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Level Help status answers
How do I get past the ventilation shaft? Answered 4
Plot Help status answers
Does the alien blood damge the players health? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
?Checkpoint? Open 1
A few questions? Answered 2
Alien vs Predator vs Marine? Answered 1
Any one else playing the demo still? Answered 1
Anyone up for killin an alien on the demo? Open 2
Anyone? Open 2
Are there any Predaliens??? if so, which modes. Open 4
Are there sentry guns and playable face huggers? Open 3
AvP for DS? Answered 1
AvP mutiplayer skin- alien skin #6? Answered 1
Campaign? Answered 4
Campaingns? Answered 1
Can you have to have a time limit in Predator hunt mode? Open 1
Can you play as the half alien half predator? Open 1
Can you skin people while playing as the predator? Answered 8
Do you have to have a time limit in Predator hunt mode? Open 2
Does Story Mode give XP for multiplayer? Answered 1
freezing Problem? Open 3
Help on alien story? Open 1
Highest Rank? Open 2
How Do You Get The Preatorian Skin? Answered 1
How do you mute people in multiplayer? Open 1
How long does it take to finish each career? Open 2
Is local co-op available for survival mode? Answered 1
Is there split screen on this game??? Answered 1
Multiplayer Ranking Problem? Open 4
Multiplayer? Answered 1
Playing as a Marine, how do I throw a grenade? Open 8
Ranks system? Open 2
Unlockable Maps??? Answered 1
What Level Ratings Are Available? Open 1
What other weapons do you get as predator? Answered 1
What Ratings Are Available For A Level? Answered 1
Wheres the demo on the ps store? Open 1
Which aliens can you play as? (any mode) Answered 5
Why do the marines die so fast when you play as them? Answered 2
Will The Pre Orderd Skins Soon Be Add Ons? Open 3
You can play as predator and alien right? Open 1

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