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How do I import the rosters from NCAA 10?

I've gone through franchises and done the preseason and played through the season, but how do I actually import the roster from the college game?

jointsession provided additional details:

Is it the Season Showdown or the Dynasty mode in NCAA?
I played through a season in the Dynasty mode, the option to save my draft class never came up, it just went to go to Off-season, then it just started a new season. When does it ask you to save the draft class?

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trojancharger99 answered:

In NCAA, when you finish your Dynasty Mode, you will have an Offseason Schedule

In the Schedule, go to "Players Leaving". After finishing this, hit the start button. This will give you the option to save the class.

In Madden, when you are finished with the preseason mode in franchise mode, you will be given the option to import the class.

Hope this helped.
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Error1355 answered:

In the NCAA game, after a complete season it will ask if you want to save the draft class. Do so. It doesn't just take NCAA Rosters. It needs a draft class after a season.

Then before the season starts in Madden 10, it will ask if you want to import a draft class. Choose the draft class you just created.
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