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Asked: 5 years ago

How to select Unlimited character?

I was trying to press Start and Select and R1 but nothing happens. Can I chose Unlimited version in Arcade mode? How to do it and how to understand I did all correct?

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I think you should press/hold L1 and Highlight and select these characters that have Unlimited Mode only. Ragna, Rachel, Haku-Men, and V-13 (Nu), you can only play them in certain game modes.

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Press L1 on the character, and an "Unlimited" logo will appear above their name. But only V-13, Ragna, Rachel, and Haku-Men have Unlimited forms. You also have to unlock Unlimited characters. To unlock them, play through the characters' Arcade. And no, you can't use Unlimited characters in Arcade, nor Score Attack, Ranked matches, ect.

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1. Unlock the option for that character by playing through arcade mode with that character.
2. Make sure the character HAS an Unlimited version (some of them do not), and that you're in a mode that will allow you to use them.
3. Press the "Taunt" button (default is L1 on PS3) to toggle between the two versions for whichever character you have your cursor on at that time.

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Works in Versus Mode.

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