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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How Do I Fight Unlimited Ragna in Arcade? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
"I Can Rebuild Her..." Trophy? Open 4
236236 motions...ugh! Anyone have tips to do these properly? Open 3
Activate Termination Protocol? Answered 1
Am I making other people lag? Answered 1
Are there any in-game unlockables? Answered 5
Are there any tricks to beating score attack? Open 6
Are there English translations of the secret voice tracks? If so, where? Answered 2
Blazblue anime? Answered 1
Can somebody please explain to me the relationship between ragna and nu/v-13? Answered 1
Can you play CPU vs CPU? Answered 1
Can you unlock Unlimited characters for everyone? Answered 2
Carl's100% Story? - New Trophies? Open 2
Choosing different colors trophy? Answered 1
Decomissioned? Answered 1
Do I have to play online only to get my Ranked Match promotion? Open 2
Does any one have a usa game save to BB CT? Open 1
Does the import BluazBlue fighting stick work with the US PS3? Open 1
Does the japanese ver. of the game comes with english language? Open 1
Does this game has story? Answered 1
EU / PAL version - trophies? Open 1
Fighting CPU/AI unlimited versions of characters? Answered 3
Gallery pictures- How many artist pictures feature v-13? Open 3
Gallery question? Open 1
Get the spcecial cg #12? Unanswered 0
Green name? Answered 1
Hands Off The Panda? Answered 1
How do I get the Platnium Trophy, Power of the Azure? Answered 1
How do I load into a story mode save from the main menu? Answered 1
How do i perform Astral Heat? and wat are the buttons? Answered 4
How do I unlock the astral heat of the other character? Answered 1
How do the combo sistem works, exactly???? Open 2
How do you choose the unlimited version of someone? Answered 2
How do you get the "Teach me Miss Litchi" Episodes? Answered 2
How do you get the new DLC Color? Answered 1
how is the online for PS3? Answered 2
How Many Characters? Answered 3
How many gallery pictures are of Noel? Unanswered 0
How to do Noel's moves? Answered 1
how to i get 2 fight unlimated Ragna with Ragna in story mode? Answered 1
How to select Unlimited character? Open 4
In Living Color Trophy? Answered 1
Is It Possible? Answered 2
It wont work? Answered 1
Just how the heck does Story Mode work, anyway? Answered 7
List of all trophies in order? Answered 1
New Trophies? Open 4
Noel's Special Voice Thing? Answered 1
Please tell me there's some way to put my own initials in. (Is there?) Answered 1
Rachael's 25sec Trophy? Answered 5
Ragna & Unlimited Ragna? Answered 2
Replay Theatre? Answered 2
Score Attack? Answered 1
Special CG # 19 not unlocking? Open 1
Special CG #6? Open 1
Special CGs not unlocking? Open 1
Stop Hitting yourself ? Answered 1
The New Chracters? Answered 3
The New European Characters? Open 2
The Warrior Trophy??? Open 1
To get the Trophy, what mode do I have to do all my Astral Finishes in? Open 2
Training Mode? Answered 2
Ummm this is? Answered 2
V-13 Nu 60 Hit Trophy? Answered 4
What does 100% completion do? Answered 1
What does it mean to negative edge? Answered 1
What does it mean when you beat the true end and it says ''the seal is open now its up to you''? Answered 1
What is the difference between normal and unlimited characters? Answered 1
What partial nudity does BlazBlue have? Answered 1
What's the name of the trophy........? Answered 1
Whats this? Answered 1
When is this being released in europe? Answered 3
Why can't I use unlimited character in Arcade mode? Answered 3
Why Does He Cheat? Answered 2
Why is it there? Answered 1
Would anyone be interested in me translating the interviews? Answered 2
Would you reccomend? Answered 1

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