Question from jhjbbrassfield

Asked: 5 years ago

Where do i bring the ryno 5 holo plan to the smuggler?

I found all the holo plan peices,but i forgot where the smuggler was to get the ryno 5?which planet was it and which location on that planet?

Accepted Answer

From: koza 5 years ago

In Axiom City Space Port (the place you were to remove the "thing" to lower defence grig and two of the "brain" guys opened the transportation tube to progress further in to the level...

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In axiom city keep going in until the part with the transport tube where in the story the terachnoids (things with huge heads) come and talk to you and one said "a lombax fly? i'd like to see that" and when you go in go straight and walk to the luggage on the cart. once there turn left, go through the very short path, and you should see him

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