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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you get the last gold bolt int sector 4 of the great clock?

I have gone back and got all the others but I had to go back how do you go back to the 4th sector of the clock? Cause when you are done you leave the clock please help.

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Spoiler: Once you beaten Azimuth in the battle inside the Orvus Chamber you have the option of going back in time. Do so and simply return to the Great Clock either through a teleport in Nefarious Space Station or choosing "Great Clock" in the Galactic map whilst in outer space.

Concerning gold bolts,

It is possible that you haven't completed the final time puzzle when you re-visit Clank's sub-conscious in sector 4. (Sector 2,3 and 4 all have a unique time puzzle btw)

Also towards the end of sector 4, as you come towards one of the last meteor jumps in the level. Stop and go right to the ledge to where you can see an enterable interior. Jump towards the interior and a platform pops out from nowhere. Continue going towards the interior. Once you reach the edge, go inside and you will find the time-fixing mini-game - this time its Planet Fastoon (sp?). When you complete the mini-game a door will open revealing the gold bolt in a seperate door.

Furthermore, if you have the Treasure Mapper it reveals the locations of the gold bolts/collectibles of the planet you're on.

Good luck with finding the gold bolt(s) that remain.

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After you have beaten the game, choose the option at the end to warp back before you fought the final boss. There will be a warp hole leading to the Nefarious Space Station as well as a teleporter. Use the teleporter and you can go back to Sector 4. Once there, go to Mnemonic Station Iota, go into Clank's subconscious and Orvus will let you do the third Sigmund challenge for the last gold bolt. Hope this helps.

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