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Asked: 5 years ago

How are other Mini-Games, aside from Katamari Forever unlocked?

I've just finished the game and have access to the "Katamari Forever" mini-game and have aced it, getting the trophy. However, I'm unsure of how to unlock the 3 other mini-games. How is this done?

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From: Peeptoad 5 years ago

When you complete all of the levels in Katamari Drive mode you unlock 2 more, both of which are the Mini game from the end of Beautiful Katamari, in normal and hard difficulties.

I do not have the final mini game yet, but I have read that it is the game from the end of We Love Katamari, and it is unlocked by completing all of the levels in all available modes (Forever, Drive, Classic & Eternal).

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The last minigame is the one from We Love Katamari and is unlocked by completing all stages in all modes.

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