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Frequently Asked About Missing Items in Katamari Forever

Table of Contents
1. Intro
2. Contact
3. How To Submit Items
4. Most Asked About Items
5. Legal

1. Intro

Welcome to a guide that focuses on the most asked about missing items in
Katamari Forever.  This is the first release of the Katamari series on the
PS3.  Enjoy.

No glitz or glamour in this faq, just the facts.  Spoilers, of course.

2. Contact Info

If you would like to contact me:

E-mail: VixDiesel@aol.com
AIM: VixDieselJr

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3. How To Submit Items

If there is an item you would like to submit to this guide, please contact me.
Make sure you title the e-mail something like Katamari Items or something
Katamari related so I know it isn't spam.

Please use the following format when submitting an item.  You will of course
get credit for the submission.

Item Number:
Item Name:
Level It's In:

The Item Number is the Page-Row-Slot format that is commonly used.
Example: 3-1-5 would be page 3 row 1 slot 5

By submitting me an item, you are also giving me permission to post on the 
katamari forum mentioned above.  Credit will be given to you there as well.

4. Most Asked About Items

As of right now, there are various contributions to this guide that aren't
specifically marked, but here is the list of authors that have contributed to
this guide:

vix, nyekobug, slo_bro, Seibei4211, BlingCrosby, Celestial, chalky83,
Fury Bahamut, strideur, THX-1138, vilia, GigiDemoa, friendlyrollingstar 

The items are organized alphabetically by category.

Updated: A ton of categories


 Man - Cows and Bears - On the hill area where the piggy backers and penguins
are near the gas station where you find the present.

 Beer Garden Sign - Make a Star 9 - Travel along the edge of the water, quite a
 ways past the 3m barrier. There are four round-ish signs sitting together on a
 concrete pier, near beds and Rich Haul Flags.
 Pachinko Sign - Make a Star 11 - in the middle of the road past the 3m
 barrier, near where you land after coming down the waterway leading from the
 Bar Sign - Make the Moon - Once you reach 12m, don't get too much bigger and
 head for the water. Find a big building, with a swordfish and a truck next to
 it, that can serve as a step to reach a higher city. Climb or jump into this
 higher city, and to your left you should see the Bar Sign.
 Red Convenience Store Sign - Wake the King - After 3m head down to the other
 side of the level where the railroad crossing is. There's a small building
 with an elephant on the roof. The sign is attached to this building.
 Telephone Pole Ad - Make a Star 10 - After hitting 1.5m, head out to the road
 and make a left. Head towards the tunnel. Just before entering the tunnel,
 there's a telephone pole on the right. The ad is attached to it.
 Cream Puffs Sign - Make a Star 10 - Fairly near where you start there's a
 grassy area with this stuck to the side of a foodstand.
 Water Pump Ad - Make a Star 10 - In the first area, near the sand castle, next
 to two stacked-up green crates.

 Ladybug - Make a Star 3 - Fall off the roulette wheel thing, and explore the
 surface you land on.

 Giant Jellyfish - Make a Star 9 Energy - After the 3m barrier, head up to the
 road and make a right. Head off the edge and into the water, there are tons of
 them there.

 Portrait - Make a Star 7 - On the wall in the boy's room.
 Bear Cub Statue Small - Cows and Bears - If I'm not mistaken, it's the Statue
 you come to when rolling upwards around the road going left from the starting
 point (Behind you)
 Truck - Make a Star 9 - Driving around in the area past the amusement park.

 Young Monk - Money - standing near the big bell in the middle of town
 Pogo Boy - Medium Just-right - in the hallway

 Old Comics - Make a Star 7 - In a far corner of the driveway next to garbage.

 New Snow - Snowman - Just keep on rolling and you'll eventually get big enough
 to start rolling up the mammoth and trees. "New Snow" is beside the biggest
 cabin, that sits on the right side of the Snowman (looking from the lowest
 point of the level)

 Bunny Slipper - Make a Star 7 - On the floor between the sleeping mama and the
 living room where the RC Boy is.

 V3 Toy - Wake up the King! - It's right in the middle of the road, as you're
 about to reach the intersection. (there's an indentation in the wall with
 people standing there in front of you) It's hard to spot!

 Kotatsu Plug - Make a Star 7 - Roll around on the floor at the beginning of
 the level and you should find two plugs plugged into a power strip under a
 piece of furniture (or TV, which counts as furniture to me). Continue rolling
 around the level until you're about 7 or 8 cm and that should certainly be
 enough to pick up that plug.

Entrances & Exits
 Toilet Door - Medium Just Right - In the batroom, it's the middle door of the
 stall. You need to be around 2m30cm for it so once you pick it up, exit the
 level to avoid failing.
 Circus Arch - Make the Moon - Balloons are carrying it around the under 60m
 area, near the spinning fighting yellow Jumboman. It appears you can't pick
 it up until you are about 50 meters, big enough to grab the balloons.

 Giant Evil Dragon - Make a Star 9 Energy - battling with V-Robo near the huge
1-2-3, 1-2-4, 1-2-5
 Red Oni Mask, Blue Oni Mask, Green Oni Mask - Sumo - Go over the bridge near
 where you start the level and head straight for the people sitting behind the
 desks. Each person is wearing a different color oni mask.

 Training Room - Make a Star 9 - The small building next to the rich house, it
 has a helicopter symbol on it.
 Inn - Make the Moon - the big building down on the big beach on the first land
 mass (it has about 6 signs on top of it that you can roll up when you're much

 Fairy - Make a Star 9 - Flying around on the little hill along the edge of the
 level between the people with wings and the little vegetable field - get it
 before picking up much stuff.
 Gold Axe - Make a Star Constellations - After 50cm, head out of the yard and
 head down towards the waterfront. There are two axe men standing in front of a
 table with axes on it and on the other side of the table in the water is a
 well with a spirit in it. The spirit is holding the silver axe in one hand and
 the gold in the other.

 Long Blue Socks - Hot Stuff - Once you leave the burger place, head left and
 up until you see a big river not far from the burger place. You should see a
 whole bunch of crows there and a giant cannon. From there you should see a lot
 of snowmen. Go up to the grassy part near them and roll, you should see the
 socks on the ground near a man sleeping on a tiger skin.

1-1-1, 1-1-2, 1-1-3
 Pink Water Yo-Yo, Yellow Water Yo-Yo, Green Water Yo-Yo - Wake up the King -
 In a little pool near the food stalls where you start.

1-1-2, 1-1-3, 1-1-5
 Cosmea, Orange Cosmea, Chukka - Shopping - From the starting area, turn right
 and go through the room with ice cream. Continue straight until you reach the
 flower section in the corner, then look to the right (maybe in Prince view).
 The spinning flowers on the wall should contain these three flowers and a few 
 more. You just need to get a little bigger to get them.
1-1-7, 1-1-8
 Red Hydrangea, Blue Hydrangea - Make a Star 9 - Down in the area below the 3m
 barrier. They're fairly small, so get them when you're 1m or smaller.

 Egg Roll - Make a Star 2 (Calories) - There are a couple of table things that
 move around the stage quickly. Bump into one of those and things will fall
 off, one of which is a plate with three egg rolls.
 Radish Salad - Make a Star 2 - On the middle checkout counter.

 Giant Peach - Make the Moon - lined up around the very edge of the platform
 where you start.

 Bookshelf - Wake up the King! - As soon as you pass the 3m barrier, head out
 into the water. Strangely, there are bookshelves out in the water near the
 circus tent.

 Candy Vending - Wake up the King! - Right from where you start, turn a little
 left, head just past the flamingos, and these will be stacked up in the middle
 of the road.
 Pachinko Ball - Make a Star 7 - Across the lego bridge where you start the
 level, it's on the drawer of the dresser.
 Casino Mat - Make a Star 3 - in the room where you start; become big then
 return to the first room.

 Campground Map - Campfire - It's at the bottom of the Mountain, between the
 wide-grass patch that leads to the scout-troupe, and the mountain path that
 leads to the swing-bridge across the river.

 V-Yellow Mask - Make a Star 10 - As soon as you reach 45cm head down the hill,
 and turn left. A ways ahead you should see a wall with masks on it.
 4 Wrestler (not a Jumboman) - Cows and Bears - He is standing in the seats
 behind the Kangaroo's side of the ring on the Wrestling Mat that is in the
 pit-area of the Racetrack
 Thief's Mask - Make a Star 10 - Go down the hill with the 45cm barrier, and
 turn left. You'll reach a stand with several masks on the side. The Thief's
 Mask disappears at about 80cm.

 Boiler Room - Make a Star 11 - Past 3m you'll find the Bathhouse, a fairly big
 Japanese-looking building with a curtain above its door. The Boiler Room is
 the little building attached to the Bathhouse.

 Japanese Kite - Wake the King - On the ground near the food stalls near where
 you start.
 Hat (straw) - Wake the King - Across the river from where you start the level.
 There's a boy and a few statues each wearing one.

 Azuki Building - Make a Star Danger - Head to the airport area as soon as you
 start the level (near the rollercoaster). It's by the tail of the dinosaur.

2-1-2, 2-1-3
 Fluorescent Bulb, Fluorescent Bulb - School - Right above the classrooms. Get
 big, then jump if necessary.
 Shima Shima Lighthouse - Make a Star Energy OR Wake up the King! - It's next
 to the rich town where Energy starts, right next to the sailboats blocking
 your way out to sea.

 Takeda Residence - Make the Moon - Near the Oni Rocks. It's a small island
 with a building or something on it.

 Eye Drops - Make a Star 7 - On the floor behind the radio in the corner near
 the door.
 Floppy Disk - Make a Star 3 Rich - It's either on the fire place mantle high
 up where you need to take the sword as a ramp or near the window by the fruit

 Steel Cover - Make a Star 10 - The grate that is at the beginning area (where
 the strawberries & children's' graffiti are). It is just to the right of the
 stairs up to the police area with handcuffs etc (when you are facing this
 upper area). You need to get quite large before you can collect it though.

 Horse Tail - Small Just-right - on the bed.
3-1-1, 3-1-2
 Maple Leaf and Ginkgo - Make a Star Underwater - they're right in front of you
 when you start the level. right on the ground. there's some shells mixed in
 with them.
 Cactus - Make a Star 4 - Return to the area where you start when you're
4-1-1, 4-1-2
 Violet Tree, Cherry Blossom Tree - Make a Star 11 - After you reach 12m, roll
 in the water along the coast past the little town where you start. Eventually
 you'll reach some little islands connected by bridges, with some rare trees.

1-1-1, 1-1-2, 1-1-3, 1-1-4, 1-1-5, 1-1-6
 Minute Hand, Hour Hand, 3, 6, 9, 12 - Make the Moon - As soon as you hit 3m,
 head past the barrier, they are on a spinning platform near the building that
 is sliding back and forth.
 Swing - Make a Star 9 Energy - To the right side of the mansion (When facing
 -to- the mansion) there is a boy rapidly swinging around a tree, attached to
 the swing. Have to be around 1.5m to pick up

 Jigsaw Piece - Small Just-right - up on the windowsill
 Jack-in-the-Box - Make a Star 4 - On the winners stand next to a big fire by
 the fountain down by the harbor near the twins.

 Police Signboard - Make a Star 10 - It's a ramp to help you get up the stairs\
 in the first area.

 New Year's Cards - Camp - There's a spot with two Boy Scouts I think and lots
 of newspapers; there's also a much smaller pack of paper called New Year's
 Cards. Sorry I found them in this level, there's probably a much easier place
 to obtain them too. - slo_bro
 Advertisement - Wake the King - At the start of the level, hop across the
 river towards the middle of the buildings that are on fire. Before you go
 between the rows of buildings though, look on the right side and you should
 see a small, red table thing. The advertisement is acting as a ramp onto that
 table. It's right next to the red sign, opposite the ladder.
 Rolled Up Newspaper - Wake up the King - There's a newspaper stand in the
 beginning area over by the train tracks. Bump into it and various papers will
 fly out. You can also find one in the same area in the TV Studio on the desk
 where 2 guys are sitting.

 Governor - Make a Star 9 - In the area at the start with the sumos, next to a
 Veteran Teacher - Medium Just-right - he's standing in the middle room next to
 the caveman. he's under 2m so it shouldn't be too bad in grabbing him.

 English-Japanese Dictionary - Wake the King - Inside the tv studio on the side
 with the computers. Get too large while in there and it will probably

 Driving License - Make a Star 1 - under a desk in the first room

 Devil Kataoka - Hot Stuff - On the river bank by the snowmen and clothes.

 Japanese Textbook - Wake the King - Turn around at the start of the level and
 make your way into the food court section. It's on the ground in front of the
 green stand that has all the test papers on it. It's on the green mat on the
 Math Workbook - Shopping - Head over to the musical area. It is on a display
 along with lots of other books.
 Classroom Objective - School - Above the blackboard in the room farthest from
 the bathroom. You'll need to be mondo big.
 Ball Toss Basket - Make a Star 9 OR Wake the King - It's in the same spot in
 both levels. Past the 3m marker, on the green hill there are a bunch of
 golfers. The ball toss basket is near the edge of a hill that overlooks the
 rich town area.
 Komon School Sign - Make The Moon - stuck to the wall right next to the gate
 that leads into the schoolyard, before the 3m barrier

 Navy Thread - Make a Star 3 - On the sewing kit near the wall where you start,
 it acts as a ramp.
 Dress Pin - Make a Star 3 - Head straight to the couch (kind of in front of
 you at the start I think), and climb up the left side. You'll come to some
 sewing stuff, including pins of various colors, one of which is Dress Pin.
 Sewing Box - Medium Just Right - In the classroom with the teachers sitting
 around desks with piles of test papers. It's on the shelf near the blackboard.
 Yellow Yarn Piece - Hot Stuff - On the floor hovering above a plate of

 Chestnut - Make a Star 7 - On the floor in the room you start in. If you size
 up to 10cm, it disappears.

 Conch Shell - Wake up the King - In the area with the foodstands near the
 start, near the little pool with the water yo-yos.
 Windchime - Make a Star 1 - in the big dresser in the room where you start,
 rollable on the way into the bottom level if you're big

 Paper Clip - Make a Star 3 - Head up onto the shelf near the record player in
 the back corner by the window. It's on the drawer that's open.
 HB Pencil - Make a star 7 - On the floor in the room where you start, sticking
 out of a pencil sharpener.

1-2-4, 1-2-5, 1-2-6
 Balloon Store, Candy Store, Butcher Shop - Make the Moon - In the round park
 area with the hot air balloon, before you get to the 3m barrier (but you need
 to be a lot more than 3m).
 Okonomiyaki Restaurant - Wake up the King! - After the 12m barrier. Head for
 the circus and when you reach it, turn away from the water and it is in the
 row of shops in front of you.
4-1-1, 4-1-2
 Ichiyo Sushi and Bar Yuugao - Wake up the King - These are small buildings in
 the over 3m city, right next to the big school, on the side of the school
 opposite the little town where you started.

 Cicada - Wake the King - On a tree in the back near the water fall and
 lockers. A jumboman and a camper are sleeping under it. Go there before your
 first size up.

 Senior Driver Sign - Make a Star 8 - After falling out of the building at the
 start, turn right and go until you reach the road. There are several next to
 the building in front of you.

 Boat - Wake Up The King! - Before you even pass the 3m barrier, stay in the
 area until you are 3m58cm3mm. Once there the boat is next to the bridge next
 to the TV station, also near the Japanese houses.

 Cold Faucet - Medium Just-right - In the hallway, in the long sink.

Work Vehicles
 Car Carrier - Wake the King - This one is best done in eternal as you may have
 to wait for the item to finally show up. After hitting 12m, head beyond the
 barrier that is near the rich house. Follow the road towards "New York" and
 watch the outer road. The Car Carrier is traveling along there. It'll go
 through the tunnel and eventually return again if you missed it.

5. Legal

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