Yuri Lowell by Boomerang78

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                          \ V / || | '_| | | _/ _ \ (_) |
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             "Well, let's go save them from the idiots!" - Yuri Lowell

     1: TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                [Table]

1: Table of Contents.........................[Table]    
2: Introduction..............................[Intro]
    2.1: Contact Information.................[Conta]
3: Version History...........................[Versi]
4: Yuri FAQ..................................[Faq00]
    4.1: Character Information...............[Faq01]
    4.2: How to Control Yuri.................[Faq02]
    4.3: Yuri's Strengths and Weaknesses.....[Faq03]
    4.4: Yuri's Artes........................[Faq04]
    4.5: Recommended Skills..................[Faq05]
    4.6: How to Effectively Control Yuri.....[Faq06]
    4.7: Questions and Answers...............[Faq07]
    4.8: Recommended Arte Button Layouts.....[FAq08]
5: Legal Stuff...............................[Legal]
6: Conclusion................................[Concl]

     2: INTRODUCTION                                                     [Intro]

This FAQ will help you on your journey/quest/chore to effectively use Yuri in 
battle. This version won't include a comprehensive list of Yuri's equipment, and
his titles. Those aren't needed. Why? GameFAQs already host excellent FAQs of
those subjects, so I don't need to show it. I will include an artes list, but
only for Yuri, and I only go into detail about the artes that I personally 
recommend. I have played Tales of Vesperia for a long time, there have only been
a few games that I have played this much. They include Tales of Symphonia, Skies
of Arcadia, Grandia, Castlevania Symphony of the Night... lots. This is probably
because I find it so fun. Tales of Vesperia is great, that's all there is to it.

This was made because the "Tales of" battle systems take skill to use, and play
akin to some fighting games. Many people striving to get good with Yuri can find
some, even if it's only a little help here.

And don't ask for a Judith FAQ... I'm a horrible Judith player.


This is the PS3 version of the guide. There are some things contained in this
guide that will not be (unless Namco decides to include it with DLC, which is 
probably not going to happen) in the Xbox 360 version of the game. Hell, the
decision whether or not the PS3 version is coming out in North America hasn't
been made yet (most people believe it's not going to get a North American 
release), so you'll just have to sit tight on that.

That said, some names will not be completely translated into English. For 
example, Yuri's second Mystic Arte, Tenshou Kouyokuken isn't any english word
I know! Some say it's translated as "Seraphic Light Sword", but until we get an
official name from Namco Bandai, I'm just going to keep the current ones now.

     2.1: CONTACT INFORMATION                                            [Conta]

If you find anything wrong with this FAQ, or you would like to suggest I add 
something to the FAQ that you would find helpful, please, just contact me via
e-mail. But, there are rules.

What you may do:

+ Suggest helpful things for this FAQ
+ Constructively criticize my FAQ in order to make it better
+ Give me pointers for other FAQs
+ Recommend an arte for me to go in detail over
+ Suggestions for other sections to the FAQ
+ Report any errors in the FAQ

What you may NOT do:

- E-mail me to tell me that I suck and I fail at life or anything like that
- Tell me that my FAQ sucks with or without reasoning
- Spam e-mails to me, wastes my time and yours
- Request that you put this on your site, this FAQ was made for GameFAQs ONLY

Anything that is not listed I might think about. 

Now that all the rules are out of the way, my e-mail is...

bradboomerang78 [at] live [dot] com

This is to stop bots from sending me spam mail constantly. Eliminate the spaces
and put the "@" and "." symbols where stated.

Feel free to contact me about the above mentioned that I said is ok.

     3: VERSION HISTORY                                                  [Versi]

Version 1.0 : The FAQ is finished. All original features are included, FAQ is
              subject to change.

Version 1.5 : I changed some things, namely the altered artes chart, and added
              some sections. Nothing TOO big, but big enough to warrant a .5
              update rather than a .1 update.

Version 1.6 : I changed my email address, because bots have been attacking the
              Yahoo! one... and, it seems that Tales of Vesperia is going to be
              released for the PS3! Well, I'll update my FAQ when I learn
              (or play) the PS3 version because it seems that Yuri is going to
              get a new Mystic Arte, and possibly new equipment, skills, and
              other stuff. I won't ignore the PS3 users. :)

Version 1.7 : The video example has been replaced by a nice, spoiler-free video.
              I fixed a few mistakes on my part, and stuff.

Version 2.0 : A lot of stuff has been re-written, and the PS3 extras have been
              added in to this version of the guide. 

     4: YURI FAQ                                                         [Faq00]

So how about we get started on the FAQ, shall we? I'll tell you what I would
recommend you have in order to effectively use Yuri in battle. But, don't let
this get to your head. The most important thing to use Yuri effectively in the
heat of battle is nothing that this FAQ will help you with. The most important
thing is skill. That you will have to develop over time. You can check out some 
videos on YouTube to see others, maybe to shoot for. But, let's get on with the
FAQ, shall we?

Welcome to the PS3 version of this FAQ! There are some things contained in this
FAQ that are not in the 360 version, so this is the version you should use.

     4.1: CHARACTER INFORMATION                                          [Faq01]

Name   : Yuri Lowell
Sex    : Male
Hair   : Black
Eyes   : Black
Age    : 21
Height : 180 cm (5 feet 9 inches)

 Yuri Lowell was raised in the Lower Quarter of Zaphias, the Imperial Capital
 his entire life. He used to be in the Imperial Knights, but he hated the ways
 of the Knights, restricted by the law and cannot punish those that use their 
 position to evade just punishment. He quit the Knights, and is currently living
 in the Lower Quarter helping the people living there out.

 In the beginning, the Lower Quarter's Aque Blastia is stolen by a noble that
 goes by the name of Mordio. Yuri sets off in a quest to regain the Aque Blastia
 back, but Mordio gets away due to the interference of the Imperial Knights, 
 namely the Schwann and Cumore Brigade. He is thrown into jail, but escapes to
 catch Mordio, assisted by a man later known as Raven.

 As Yuri makes his escape, Yuri meets up with a noble later known as Estelle.
 Estelle has ties to Yuri's childhood friend, Flynn Scifo, claiming that Flynn
 is in terrible danger. Yuri helps Estelle try to warn Flynn about the impending
 danger, and to reclaim the Aque Blastia. And that's the story behind Yuri's
 start to a quest that will ultimately decide the fate of the world.

     4.2: CONTROLLING YURI                                               [Faq02]

I will list the things you will need to know. I will explain how Yuri attacks, 
not the other controls like the Y button, since the Instruction Manual explains
that nicely enough.

O (Normal) 3 hits - 9 hits "Normal Attack"
  This makes Yuri attack normally. He attacks directly in front of him for good
  damage. This is pretty plain, but still useful.

O (Forward, Back) 3 hits - 9 hits "Forward Attack"
  This makes Yuri attack slower than his normal attack, but Yuri goes farther
  during his attack. He will travel a greater distance than a normal attack, but
  is slower.

O (Up) 3 hits - 9 hits "Anti-Air Attack"
  This makes Yuri attack higher in the air. This is generally useless, since it
  is even slower than his forward attack, and Yuri's normal attack takes down 
  aerial enemies nicely enough.

O (Down) 6 hits - 12 hits "Sweeping Attack"
  This makes Yuri attack in a low, sweeping motion. This is a great form of 
  attack, since it is fast, and it hits the most out of Yuri's normal combos.
  Another thing is that some hits in the attack knock the enemy to the ground.
  Some people would view that as a bad thing, but Yuri has another move that 
  picks the enemy right back up so knocking the enemy to the ground isn't much 
  of a problem. This move also can keep a combo going after Divine Wolf Blaze 
  for certain types of enemies. In other words, a recommended form of attack.

L2 + O - 1 hit "Free-Run Attack"
  This is crucial to combos for Yuri. This attack is a sweeping attack, but it
  has one special attribute: it can pick up knocked down enemies. I will explain
  later just how crucial it is.

Down + O While in the air - 1 hit "Dragon Buster"
  This attack makes Yuri (while in the air) strike down to the earth in one 
  slash. While this is pretty much useless as a beginning for a combo, it is 
  important if you wish to chain the Arte "Severing Fang" into your combo. Since
  Severing Fang pushed Yuri high into the air and slams the foe into the ground,
  Dragon Buster solves this issue by sending Yuri back to the ground, chaining
  the combo and making Severing Fang a better arte altogether!

     4.3: YURI'S STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES                                [Faq03]

Yuri handles well against single enemies, since he can do infinite combos, and
he's fast. He has a high defense, so he's great against opponents that have high
strength. So, make sure Yuri is far away from groups of enemies, and he'll be

+ Yuri has a high damage output, depending on how you use him, maybe the highest
+ Yuri has a high defense, only beaten by Estelle, and tied for Karol.
+ Yuri has an infinite combo
+ Yuri has a Mystic Arte damage adding skill
+ Yuri can heal himself and allies
+ Yuri is quite fast, only beaten by Repede, and tied for Judith.
+ Easy to handle, like most Tales main characters.
+ Is present for 99% of the game (the coliseum is the only place he's not)
+ Yuri has great skills, such as Glory, and his Tension skills
+ Yuri has Glory, one of the best skills
+ Yuri doesn't need support from allies to use effectively
+ Yuri even works well in a team
+ Yuri has a long range attack, large, slow moving enemies don't have a chance

Yuri doesn't handle well against large groups of enemies, he only has about 3
Artes that work well against groups. They are: Crushing Eagle, Guardian Field,
and Dhaos Blast. Dhaos Blast is one of the best, but isn't available until you 
have completed the game, finished the EX Dungeon, and won the 200 Man-Melee.
So, for pre-endgame Artes, Guardian Field is the best. It heals Yuri depending
on how much HP Yuri has, and it deals Light Damage instead of Earth damage. Yuri
doesn't fare well against good magic users either, but Magic Guard takes care
of that, and there aren't many good mage enemies in the game, either.

- Yuri can get mauled by groups of enemies -- Glory comes late in the game, too
- Magic users can take a good chunk of damage
- Yuri doesn't have many wide-range artes, Dhaos Blast is his best, comes late
- Unable to use Magic, limits Yuri to being a frontline fighter.

As you can see, Yuri doesn't have that much weak points. The most deadly is 
being attacked by groups of enemies. But, your team mates can take care of those
and there are very few boss battles with two enemies. 

     4.4: YURI'S ARTES                                                   [Faq04]

Here I will go over a basic list of Yuri's artes. I will then give a description
of the arte and the abilities they have. I ditched the recommened thing because
they're all useful in their own ways.


Arte Name                Level  FS  Element Altered Arte
*Azure Edge             |  01  | > | Wind  | Azure Storm, Azure Blast
Cerberus Strike         |  07  | > | None  | Cerberus Blast
Fang Strike             |  09  | ^ | None  | None
Wolf Strike             |  11  | > | None  | Marian
*Destruction Field      |  14  | v | Fire  | Dhaos Blast
*Shining Fang           |  26  | ^ | None  | Shining Fang Drop
*Ghost Wolf             |  34  | > | None  | None
Tiger Blade             | None | v | None  | None
Ryuujinshou             |  31  | ^ | None  | None                               


Arte Name                Level  FS  Element Altered Arte
Azure Wolf Strike       |  15  | v | None  | None
Crushing Eagle          |  18  | > | Earth | Guardian Field
*Dragon Swarm           |  22  | > | None  | None
Severing Fang           |  32  | v | None  | None
*Shining Dragon Swarm   |  36  | ^ | None  | None
Raging Blast            |  38  | v | None  | Repparanshou
*Brutal Fang            |  41  | > | None  | None
Wailing Havoc           |  44  | > | None  | Pyre Havoc
Lone Wolf Charge        |  48  | v | None  | Lone Wolf Storm
Wailing Blast           |  52  | > | None  | None
Rending Wolf Charge     |  56  | v | None  | None
Shining Eagle           | None | ^ | None  | None
*Final Gale             | None | > | Wind  | Frigid Blast
Shanha                  |  24  | > | None  | None


Arte Name                FS  Element       Learned With Skill
*Azure Storm            | > | Wind        | Chain
Azure Blast             | v | None        | Crucible
Cerberus Blast          | > | None        | Alembic
*Shining Fang Drop      | v | None        | Athenor
*Guardian Field         | ^ | Light       | Bastion
Pyre Havoc              | v | Fire        | Hell Fire
Lone Wolf Storm         | > | Wind        | Gale
*Frigid Blast           | > | Water, Wind | Great Deluge
*Dhaos Blast            | > | None        | None, Dhaos' Cape must be equipped
Repparanshou            | > | None        | Dispersion
Marian (Demon Attack)   | > | Darkness    | (Need the Judas costume, learnable)


Arte Name                FS  Element       Use with Skills
Divine Wolf             | > | None        | None
Divine Wolf - Blaze     | > | Fire        | Chain, Hell Fire
Divine Wolf - Flood     | ^ | Water       | Dispersion, Great Deluge
Divine Wolf - Storm     | > | Wind        | Alembic, Gale
Divine Wolf - Crush     | ^ | Earth       | Crucible, Athenor
Savage Wolf Fury        | ? | None        | Special
Tenshou Kouyokuken      | ? | None        | (Need Vesperia 2nd)                 
Bushin Soutenha         | ? | None        | (Flynn must be in party)


Name:      Azure Edge
TP Cost:   5
Element:   Wind
Hits       1-2
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: This is a fast, long range attack. This can be used if you need to deal
      some damage without risk of Yuri getting hit as often. Works best against
      slow moving enemies. The TP Cost is low, so spamming can be ever so 
      useful. Hits twice when close to the enemy. After 100, 150 and 200 uses,
      the range, size and speed increases and recovery time is increased.

Name:      Cerberus Strike
TP Cost:   6
Element:   None
Hits       3-?
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri punches three times, with slight lag before the last punch. Really.
      That's about it, but punching is for MEN, right!? It would only be cooler
      if the punches were replaced with pimp slaps. I bet Yuri could pull that  
      off. Hell yeah. You can add hits by tapping the attack button if an axe is

Name:      Fang Strike
TP Cost:   7
Element:   None
Hits       2
FS Symbol: Blue
Desc: Yuri slashes downward, then he punches upwards raising the enemy into the
      air. Good for Secret Mission 4 (knocking Zagi off the ship). Other than
      that, there's nothing special about this arte.

Name:      Wolf Strike
TP Cost:   9
Element:   None
Hits       2
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri slashes forward, then he punches forwards again, which sends the 
      enemy to the ground. The last hit has a chance of inflicting Guard Break,
      which maxes at 100%... at 9999 uses. "WHAT THE HECK!?" is probably what
      you're thinking right now. But you need DEDICATION to be good at the game!

Name:      Destruction Field
TP Cost:   12
Element:   Fire
Hits       1
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: Yuri jumps into the air and slams his sword into the ground, with a strong
      fiery blast when his sword hits the ground. If an axe is equipped, the 
      blast range is increased and bounces the enemy into the air father. After
      200 uses, this effects also happens with swords. Also, the closer the 
      enemy is to Yuri, the faster Yuri executes this attack. 

Name:      Shining Fang
TP Cost:   15
Element:   None
Hits       5-6
FS Symbol: Blue
Desc: Yuri slashes down and quickly twirls his sword damaging the enemy each 
      time it rotates. Axes have a decreased spin time hand have less hits. This
      penalty is removed after 200 uses. VERY GOOD ARTE. It has a high hit rate
      and is fast, perfect for an infinite combo. More on this later. 

Name:      Ghost Wolf
TP Cost:   14
Element:   None
Hits       2
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri slashes through the enemy at high speeds, and slashes from behind the
      enemy, sending away a bit. It's difficult to chain artes to this arte, but
      becomes easier to chain at 100 uses. This is good to escape punishment
      from nasty bosses that can escape combos and attack.

Name:      Tiger Blade
TP Cost:   12
Element:   None
Hits       2-3-?
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: Yuri slashes into the air, and then slashes while in midair, and finally
      punches downward. A staple Tales of arte, Lloyd, Guy/Flynn (they look the
      same) and other Tales heroes would be jealous at Yuri's awesomeness. 
      Anyways, the last hit can be canceled in favour of another aerial arte 
      like Severing Fang after 200 uses. If an axe weapon is equipped, tap the
      attack button to add more hits. I think.

Name:      Ryuujinshou
TP Cost:   12
Element:   None
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Blue
Desc: Yuri punches in an arc motion, then slashes upward. Very reminiscent of
      Luke's Fang Blade arte. Almost a ripoff. But this ripoff is cool. Too bad
      Yuri doesn't have Lightning Tiger Blade, that would be badass.


Name:      Azure Wolf Strike
TP Cost:   18
Element:   None
Hits       3-4
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri sends out an Azure Edge, then slashes forward, then punches forward.
      Basically, it's Azure Edge and Wolf Strike glued together. So boring...
      Anyways, after 300 uses, the Wolf Strike portion of the arte can be 
      canceled in favour of another arte. The last punch still knocks the enemy

Name:      Crushing Eagle
TP Cost:   15
Element:   Earth
Hits       1
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri stabs his sword into the ground, creating a shockwave around him.
      This forces downed enemies to stand and airborne enemies to be downed and
      pushed away. Pretty cool arte, and that's it, really.

Name:      Dragon Swarm
TP Cost:   16
Element:   None
Hits       7
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Badass attack animation. I don't even know how to describe it. He slashes
      forward, roundhouse kicks, and again... and again... you'd think he'd be
      dizzy after spamming it like I do, but he's YURI LOWELL, the most badass
      guy ever. After the first, third and fifth hits, you can cancel the rest 
      of the attack by guarding once used 200 times. This is a great arte for
      Yuri's infinite combo.

Name:      Severing Fang
TP Cost:   18
Element:   None
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: Yuri (somehow) sends the enemy into the air, and then slashes them, 
      sending them towards the ground. You can activate this arte in midair 
      after 100 uses (like after Tiger Blade). In Overlimit Level 2 and above,
      you can chain Yuri's Dragon Buster attack after the final hit to chain 
      combos to this arte. Cool as hell, and is great for Secret Mission 10 
      (destroy the core and prevent it from changing day to night).

Name:      Shining Dragon Swarm
TP Cost:   25
Element:   None
Hits       8
FS Symbol: Blue
Desc: Yuri slashes three times, the third time is a jab, and finished with 
      a Shining Fang. The Dragon Swarm part of this arte is nothing like Yuri's
      Dragon Swarm. It's more like Flynn's, to be honest. This is also a great
      arte for Yuri's infinite combo, and gets Yuri closer to the enemy (artes
      like Dragon Swarm can push the enemy too far out of Yuri's reach). High
      TP cost, though. A Faerie Ring can remedy this, or if you're feeling
      lucky, a Risky Ring.

Name:      Raging Blast
TP Cost:   20
Element:   None
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: Yuri rams the enemy, and then holds his hand out which creates a blast
      which sends the enemy towards the ground. Basically like Luke's Raging 
      Blast, except better. The blast won't happen if the first hit doesn't 
      connect. That's it. Really.

Name:      Brutal Fang
TP Cost:   23
Element:   None
Hits       7-107-HOLY CRAP I DON'T KNOW
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri punches the enemy multiple times. Too bad they weren't pimp slaps.
      Yes, you are reading that hit ratio right. Over 100 hits. After 100 uses,
      you can tap the attack button in unison with the punches to increase the
      number of punches. The maximum for swords is 107, when the use number hits
      1000. With an axe, you can do even more. I don't know how much more. What
      the heck, Bamco. Way to make Yuri even more broken. And awesome. It could
      have been pimp slaps, though...

Name:      Wailing Havoc
TP Cost:   22
Element:   None
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri (somehow, that damn magician) sends the enemy in the air, kicks the
      enemy in midair, then slashes them, sending them forward into the air.
      The only way it can be cooler is if it was on FIRE. Oh wait. That's Pyre
      Havoc. Rejoice! This arte can be activated in midair after 100 uses.

Name:      Lone Wolf Charge
TP Cost:   20
Element:   None
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: Yuri rams the enemy and then punches forward creating a wolf shockwave.
      The blast causes airborne enemies to be downed and pushed away. After 50
      uses, the blast can cause Guard Break. After 400 uses, the chance of 
      guard break is 25%.

Name:      Wailing Blast
TP Cost:   28
Element:   None
Hits       4
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri performs Destruction Field and then finishes with Wailing Havoc. 
      Apparently, it can damage enemies that have been knocked down. I hate it
      when Tales games do this. It was insane in Tales of the Abyss. Damn.

Name:      Rending Wolf Charge
TP Cost:   30
Element:   None
Hits       11
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: Yuri performs Brutual Fang and finishes with Lone Wolf Charge. Boring...
      nothing else special about this arte. Not recommended.

Name:      Shining Eagle
TP Cost:   16
Element:   None
Hits       3-4
FS Symbol: Blue
Desc: Yuri does SOME kind of slashing motion, but stops short and releases an
      upwards shockwave. After 300 uses, and with the Dark Enforcer title 
      equipped, holding the attack button will add another hit that knocks the 
      enemy down. Looks damn cool. Yuri also looks cool in the Dark Enforcer
      costume. Damn. 

Name:      Final Gale
TP Cost:   30
Element:   Wind
Hits       4
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri slashes in an arc in front of him, leaving a green blade in front of
      him, and then slashing again sending an X-shaped green projectile attack
      forward. Pretty much Azure Edge's successor, and MUCH more powerful. 
      This is another arte that can create space between Yuri and some rather
      dangerous enemies (Think of the new super boss in the PS3 version).
      Equip something to reduce the really high TP cost, though.

Name:      Shanha
TP Cost:   16
Element:   None
Hits       1
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri spins around and slams the enemy with the flat of his blade. This
      reminds me of when baseball players wuss out and bunt the ball so they can
      stop the awesome fielders from catching the ball. This is actually a good
      way to enter a Mystic Arte without much punishment for missing and the 
      like. But as with all things, Yuri always makes things--in this case 
      bunting--way more badass.


Name:      Azure Storm
TP Cost:   7
Element:   Wind
Hits       2
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Just like Azure Edge... except TWO of them. That's hardcore. This arte has
      the exact same properties as Azure Edge does with more usage. Not much 
      else to say that Yuri is one badass mothuh.

Name:      Azure Blast
TP Cost:   7
Element:   None
Hits       1
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: Yuri leans back with his sword behind him, and then swings forward and
      slams the ground with his blade creating a blast. Another Destruction 
      Field type move, except no fire attribute. Axe weapons causes enemies who
      have been knocked down to bounce into the air. After 200 uses, sword 
      weapons gain the same effect.

Name:      Cerberus Blast
TP Cost:   11
Element:   None
Hits       4
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri punches three times, and then finishes with a stab. That's it.
      I'm cereal! I thought everyone would be SO STOKED, now that I've filled 
      the cave with molten lead to rid the world of MANBEARPIG. I dunno. That's
      really all the arte is, I'm just putting more text here so it doesn't 
      look weird. 

Name:      Shining Fang Drop
TP Cost:   14
Element:   None
Hits       7-8
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: Yuri performs Shining Fang, but then he jumps into the air and then slices
      downward while dropping. With axe weapons, there are only seven hits, but
      after 200 uses, this penalty is removed. Good for Yuri's infinite combo.
      This also pulls the enemy in so they can't escape by being pushed away.

Name:      Guardian Field
TP Cost:   26
Element:   Light
Hits       4
FS Symbol: Blue
Desc: Yuri stabs his sword into the ground (just like Crushing Eagle), but a 
      sigil of healing energy damages enemies multiple times while healing for
      10% of everyone who is within the area of effect's maximum HP. This is
      good for Yuri if he's in a tight jam and you don't have any healing items.

Name:      Pyre Havoc
TP Cost:   24
Element:   Fire
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Red
Desc: This is just like Wailing Havoc... except more badass. It's ON FIRE. 
      That's just sweet. Way to go, Yuri. This can be activated in midair after
      100 uses. Additionally, this arte has a knockdown effect with the final
      strike, and pushes the enemy away. 

Name:      Lone Wolf Storm
TP Cost:   25
Element:   Wind
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri rams the enemy and then punches, releasing a wind-elemental wolf
      shaped blast. This has greater range than Lone Wolf Charge, and pushes
      the enemy away with a knockdown affect. 

Name:      Frigid Blast
TP Cost:   35
Element:   Water, Wind
Hits       4-?
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri slashes twice in succession, leaving two crescent ice blades floating
      in the air in front of Yuri, then he pushes his hand forward, sending ice
      chunks and air in front of him. Then he kicks his sword back into his 
      TWO STRIKES. Yuri is badass, what can I say. This is both water and wind
      elemental, so watch out for elemental affinities. Another good long range
      attack, but is REALLY expensive. Use a Faerie Ring. I've seen this attack
      doing TONS of hits, around 9, so keep that in mind. Definately Yuri's
      strangest arte.

Name:      Dhaos Blast
TP Cost:   12
Element:   None
Hits       1
FS Symbol: Green?
Desc: Yuri charges energy into his fist, then punches the ground creating a huge
      explosion. He sometimes says "DHAOS BLAST". That's awesome. This is good
      for when Yuri is in the middle of very powerful enemies (200-Man Melee
      Unknown Mode difficulty, damn you!). 

Name:      Repparanshou
TP Cost:   26
Element:   None
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri rams the enemy and then multiple explosions surround the front side
      of Yuri. Regardless if the first hit connects, Yuri will follow through
      with the explosions. 

Name:      Marian (Demon Attack)
TP Cost:   26
Element:   Darkness
Hits       3
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri spins around once, and then stabs with his sword, creating a large
      dark spear of energy. Can only be learned if used enough while using Wolf
      Strike with the Judas costume (Tales of Destiny 2). Pretty cool looking,
      this is good because Yuri doesn't have many choices in the Darkness 


Name:      Divine Wolf
TP Cost:   0
Element:   None
Hits       7-9
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri starts slashing the enemy, in a bunch of fancy ways and depending
      on the level, finishes with a powered-up Ghost Wolf. Not really special,
      but it's all you'll have for a long time in your first playthrough.

Name:      Divine Wolf - Blaze
TP Cost:   0
Element:   Fire
Hits       9-13
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri releases a combo of fiery slashes, brings the enemy into the air
      during the combo, and then slashes the enemy towards the ground, and 
      bounces the enemy into the air after impact. This is crucial for Yuri's
      infinite combo. Plus it's on fire. Fiiireeee.

Name:      Divine Wolf - Flood
TP Cost:   0
Element:   Water
Hits       3-5
FS Symbol: Blue
Desc: Yuri stabs his sword into the ground, raising water all around him, which
      sends all enemies in range into the air. This is also good to activate
      Yuri's infinite combo, if the enemies are too heavy for Divine Wolf
      Blaze to chain. The trade-off is however the damage is not as great as
      Divine Wolf Blaze. The stronger the overlimit level, the more hits and the
      higher the enemy goes.

Name:      Divine Wolf - Storm
TP Cost:   0
Element:   None
Hits       10-12
FS Symbol: Green
Desc: Yuri slashes the enemy at high speeds with the element of wind. Then, he
      sends out a beam of wind energy to finish things off. Not the best, good
      if you want to chain wind damage seeing how it's Yuri's most prominent

Name:      Divine Wolf - Crush
TP Cost:   0
Element:   None
Hits       6-12
FS Symbol: Blue
Desc: Yuri spins in the air and slams his sword against the ground raising
      the earth and damaging the enemy. He does this more the higher his 
      overlimit level is. Again, nothing special about this one...

Name:      Savage Wolf Fury
TP Cost:   0
Element:   None
Hits       15+
FS Symbol: Unknown
Desc: The battle area grows dark, and Yuri starts slashing the enemy, and 
      gradually speeds up. When his speed reaches maximum, he plows through the
      enemy and an explosion catches all enemies within range. Incredibly strong
      and can get stronger with the Hit Plus skill. Very recommended, and very
      awesome looking!

Name:      Tenshou Kouyokuken
TP Cost:   0
Element:   None
Hits       2
FS Symbol: Unknown
Desc: Yuri's second mystic arte. He lifts a giant feather of light over his head
      and then slams it down on the enemy. It looks cool, and is very similar to
      Squall's Blasting Zone, but we ALL KNOW that Squall was compensating. Yuri
      will always be the bigger "man", if you catch my drift. I wouldn't use 
      this, because it needs the Vesperia 2nd for activation, so you can't
      use a Fell Arm. 

Name:      Bushin Soutenha
TP Cost:   0
Element:   None
Hits       25
FS Symbol: Unknown
Desc: Flynn and Yuri go to seperate sides of the screen, and activate a sigil
      that damages enemies repeatedly, then slash the enemies in the middle in a
      Cross-Slash like motion, then jump into the air and fire a gigantic laser
      (Hell yeah!) at the enemies, causing MASSIVE amounts of damage. Pretty 
      cool. But, you need to have both Flynn and Yuri in level 4 overlimit. The
      requirements are a little high (but it looks SO COOL), but it's up to you.
      It's the most powerful attack at your disposal considering Mystic Artes,
      (unless you count Indignation against Dhaos) and again, it looks cool!
      Impress your friends! 

     4.5: RECOMMENDED SKILLS                                             [Faq05]

I shall go over the skills that are essential to combos, skills that are great 
for most situations as well. Most of the information for skills can be found in
the wonderful skill FAQs on GameFAQs. As this FAQ was being written, a skill
FAQ by Rena Chan was posted. Be sure to check them out if you want a full, 
comprehensive list of skills in Tales of Vesperia.


Name   : Strength 1-4  
Effect : Increases Yuri's strength by a set amount (up to +50% for all)
Why    : This makes Yuri deal more damage! This should be easy to understand!

Name   : Combo Plus 1-3
Effect : Adds 1, 2, or 3 more hits to Yuri's normal combo depending on skill
Why    : Another hit to Yuri's normal combo is great, this will save TP, and 
         may sometimes be crucial to continue a combo.

Name   : BA Force
Effect : Increases effectiveness of Burste Artes
Why    : You will be using Burste Artes a lot with combos, this makes them do
         more damage

Name   : Special
Effect : Ability to trigger a Mystic Arte is available
Why    : Mystic Artes deal loads of damage, and can possibly turn the tide of
         battle. Plus, they're awesome. AWESOME, I SAY!

Name   : Chain and Hellfire
Effect : Changes an Arte, and Changes Divine Wolf to Divine Wolf - Blaze
Why    : Divine Wolf - Blaze is crucial to getting huge combos with Yuri. Which
         will be explained later.

Name   : Hit Plus
Effect : Tap the attack button to add hits to Savage Wolf Fury
Why    : Adds hits to an already powerful attack. Easy...

Name   : Assassin
Effect : Increases attacks and decreases damage received from humanoids
Why    : Most of the enemies in the game are humanoids. This increases the 
         damage dealt to them, and decreases the amount dealt to you. You do the

Name   : Dragon Buster
Effect : Performs the before mentioned Dragon Buster Attack
Why    : If you like Severing Fang and plan to use it in a combo, this is 
         essential to continue a combo on a regular basis. But this only works
         in overlimit, so be warned.

Name   : High Tension, Hyper Tension, Ultimate Tension
Effect : Automatically puts Yuri into overlimit depending on the amount of hits
         Yuri has done in a combo
         These are the skills that you WANT. This makes Yuri capable of doing an
         infinite combo.


Name   : Defend 1-3
Effect : Increases defense by a set amount depending on skill (up to +30%)
Why    : Any damage reduced is A-okay in my book. 

Name   : Resist 1-3
Effect : Increases magic defense by a set amount depending on skill (up to +30%)
Why    : Any magical damage reduced is A-okay in my book. 

Name   : TP Condition 1-4
Effect : Increases defense or magic defense depending on skill and TP amount.
Why    : Reduces damage. Most of the time. Plain simple.

Name   : Defend Artes 
Effect : Avoid staggering when hit during a Base Arte
Why    : For the same reason as Step Away, but for a Base Arte. Also rendered 
         obsolete when Yuri gains Glory.

Name   : Glory
Effect : Avoid staggering for any kind of attack (while on the ground)
Why    : AVOID STAGGERING. 'nuff said. Renders most other "non stagger" skills


Name   : Evade 1-3
Effect : Increases agility by a set amount depending on skill (up to +30%)
Why    : It makes Yuri go faster. This is ALWAYS a plus in a game like this.

Name   : Item Thrower
Effect : Yuri can use items on party members.
Why    : This should be on everyone... just for an occasion where you get rocked
         by a Mystic Arte (Brilliant Cataclysm is an example) so you can heal.

Name   : O.L. Boost
Effect : Increase the duration of Overlimit
Why    : Yuri's whole game depends on Overlimit, this makes his combos last 
         longer until he needs to use Divine Wolf - Blaze.

Name   : Item Pro
Effect : Decreases the amount of time you are unable to use items after using an
Why    : For the same reason as Item Thrower. Just in case.

Name   : Super Chain 1-5
Effect : Able to link different artes together, depending on which skill.
Why    : This will help start up an infinite combo with Yuri. VERY recommended.

Name   : Ability Plus, High Ability Plus, Hyper Ability Plus
Effect : Able to link a second arte of the same type per combo depending on 
Why    : This will also help start up an infinite combo with Yuri. This is also
         very recommended.


Name   : Vitality 1-3
Effect : Increases HP by either 200, 400, or 800, depending on skill.
Why    : This is useful until you reach 9999 HP without skill augments. This 
         will make it tougher for enemies to kill Yuri.

Name   : Spirits 1-3
Effect : Increases TP by either 20, 50, or 100 depending on skill.
Why    : This will make Yuri able to use more artes. Use this until you reach
         999 TP without augments. 

Name   : Dispersion, Great Deluge
Effect : Changes artes, most notably Divine Wolf to Divine Wolf - Flood
Why    : This allows Yuri to use one of the two essential Burst Artes to do an
         infinite combo. More explained later.


     4.6: HOW TO EFFECTIVELY CONTROL YURI                                [Faq06]


After your normal 3-9 hits, you can add another hit if you chain a Free-Run
attack to the end of your combo. 


Some bosses (especially human bosses) can get out of combos really easy in 
this version of Tales of Vesperia. They can enter overlimit if they're in the


Now that all the boring stuff is out of the way, let's get to the main draw of
this FAQ--how to use his abilities well in a battle. 

First off, you're going to need to know how to do an INFINITE COMBO. In order to
infinite combo, you will essentially need these skills:

High Tension
Hyper Tension
Ultimate Tension
Super Chain 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5
Ability Plus, High Ability Plus, or Hyper Ability Plus
Hellfire and Chain, or Dispersion and Great Deluge

The reason for this is that Yuri goes automatically goes into Tension without
using the Overlimit bar up with the Tension skills. Going into overlimit allows
any character to chain any arte to any arte. Karol can chain artes together well
in overlimit! All you need to do is get a 28 hit combo. Now, this is possible 
with the above mentioned Super Chain and Ability Plus skills. You can use one or
the other. Or, my recommendation, all of them! This will allow Yuri to chain
different artes together once per combo. For example, you can chain two Base 
artes together with the Ability Plus skill. 

To do an infinite combo, follow these steps

1: Equip the skills needed.
2: Head into Battle 
3: Attack and chain artes together to get a 28 hit combo
4: Chain together all the artes you want, make sure you get a 50 hit combo 
   before your first overlimit gauge empties, and make sure you get a 72 hit
   combo before your second overlimit gauge empties
5: Near the end of overlimit level 3's gauge, activate either Divine Wolf Blaze
   or Divine Wolf Flood.
6: The enemy will be knocked to the ground. Use a Free-Run Attack on it quickly
   so you can get it back up
7: Chain artes together to get another 28 hit combo 
8: Repeat Step 4
9: Rinse and Repeat

And that's all there is to it to execute an infinite combo! Hopefully this helps
you, but if you need a video example, there's one right here:


You see how I do it? Well, that's how you do it. It's as easy as it looks when
you get all the necessary skills. Happy combos!

Here is one combo that will get you 28 hits always (unless the enemy somehow 
falls out of the combo) and requires a minimal amount of skills.

Shining Fang + Dragon Swarm + Brutal Fang + Shining Fang Drop

That only requires two skills. You could replace Dragon Swarm with Shining 
Dragon Swarm, whetever you want. Just make sure if you don't have many skills 
that allow to chain different artes, you use high hitting artes like Shining 
Fang and not ones like Azure Edge. If you have lots of skills, go crazy on which
ones you want. 

And that's all you're going to need to know in a guide. You'll need to develop
skills in which to use Yuri most effectively in situations. Good lucK!

NOTE: Do not use any artes that knock down enemies, push them far away, or just 
      plain do not make combos easy to do. Artes such as Lone Wolf Charge. There
      are other artes that aren't recommended, such as Ghost Wolf. It's hard to
      combo with, and the motion is awkard, which could lead to broken combos.
      Please, help yourself on this one. Please!

     4.7: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS                                          [Faq07]

Q: The combo counter resets on some bosses... how do I stop this so I can go
   into overlimit?
A: You can't really stop it... but, when the counter resets, the combo tension 
   counter doesn't until Yuri stops attacking, so you can go into Tension if
   the combo counter is a 7 or something. The deal with the bosses attacking 
   while getting hit is another story.

Q: What's Yuri's best title?
A: Titles don't have any affect in this game, save for the costumes. I like
   Dark Enforcer the best, but others like different ones. 

Q: What's Yuri's best weapon? 
A: Blazor Edge: Abyssion is his best weapon. You get it after you beat the
   Radiant Winged One (Secret Final Boss)

Q: Awww I don't want to use Fell Arms. What's his other best weapon?
A: His Last Fencer is the other one. You can get it by forging one in a 
   synthesis shop. Which sucks, last time you just had to do Secret Mission 23
   to get it... no longer. Now, you have to not only complete Secret Mission 23,
   (which nets you a Rare Light Star Gem), and 2 Light and Dark Star Gems along
   with 77,777 Gald. What the heck.

Q: Why use the Fell Arms?
A: They have tons of potential. For every kill you get in the game with the
   corresponding character, the power increases by 1. So, they can have a power
   of 9999, compared to the most powerful non-fell arm weapon in the game, 
   Infinity, which has only 888 attack.

Q: But I don't want to kill that many enemies!
A: The kill count starts at the very beginning of the game. If you played the
   game through as Yuri, his Fell Arm will have TONS of power already. Around
   1500-3000 power, probably on a normal playthrough.

Q: What about Low-Level games and the Speedrun challenges?
A: In the PS3 version, you can inherit Fell Arm kill counts for your weapons, 
   so the Fell Arms are still your best best. 

Q: Agh, they have elements... what's Yuri's best non-elemental weapon?
A: I know, sometimes the elements can be a pain. Blazor Edge: Abyssion has a
   fire element and the Last Fencer has a light element. Which could sometimes
   mean 1 damage. The Claiomh Solais is Yuri's best non-elemental weapon.

Q: Raven has "SEXUALITYYYAH!". Why use Yuri?
A: Yuri has "Remember? Prepare to die, Eggbear!".

Q: How do I use Este--
A: This is a Yuri FAQ, go somewhere else. Kthnxbai

Q: Where do I get the Limit Octet? (Allows 8 overlimits)
A: Since this concerns Yuri's Dual Mystic Arte, AND can make Yuri unstoppable,
   you have to clear the "Merciless" rank at the Team Battle in the Arena. It
   may take a couple tries. (Did anyone else read "Limit Octet" and mistake it
   for "Liquid Ocelot"? :P )

Q: How do I use Tenshou Kouyokuken? (Seraphic Light Sword)
A: You need to equip Yuri with the Vesperia 2nd, and in Overlimit 4. When you
   attack an enemy with an Arcane, Altered or Burst Arte, hold the attack and
   artes buttons at the same time. Only available in a second playthrough or

Q: How do I use Bushin Soutenha? (Twin God Wave)
A: You need both Flynn and Yuri in the party. 
   Yuri must use Azure Edge and Guardian Field 200+ times.
   Flynn must use Demon Fang and Guardian Field 200+ times.
   Both of them must be in Overlimit level 4, so you need to find a way to get 
   them both to that stage. There are multiple ways to do this, but the easiest
   is just to win an Overlimit Octet. Then when both are in Overlimit level 4, 
   hold the attack and artes button at the same time when executing an Arcane or
   Altered Arte. Only available in a second playthrough or higher?

     4.8: RECOMMENDED ARTE BUTTON LAYOUTS                                [Faq08]

Here, I will recommend arte button layouts. But, in a different sense. There is 
not any "best" combination, but there are combinations that you should go by, 
just to make your life easier. 

First off, assign artes depending on how you remember them most. For example,
Severing Fang. I would recommend either ^A or Left Stick (Up) for that, since
Yuri jumps high in the air, basically, he goes up. Or Dragon Swarm, >B. The 
motions of artes are easier to remember if you have some kind of reminder, kind
of like acronyms for remembering lists. So, in Tales of Vesperia, you may do the
same sort of thing.

For example, here's my arte setup.

X  : Tiger Blade
^X : Shining Fang
vX : Dragon Swarm
>X : Brutal Fang

^  : Shining Fang Drop
>  : Dhaos Blast (Destruction Field)
v  : Shining Dragon Swarm
<  : Azure Edge / Frigid Blast

Now, some artes don't follow the formula I have above. I simply made that 
suggestion so it would be easier to remember your arte setup. You don't have to
follow my example, you can make your own, or you could just do whatever you 
want. For example, my Dragon Swarm is like that because I like it that way, and
from the previous game, Tales of the Abyss, my favorite Luke combo was Rending
Thrust followed by Light Spear Cannon. Rending Thrust was placed there due to 
it's upwards attack motion, and Light Spear Cannon because I didn't want to 
replace Havoc Strike and Fang Blade Havoc. My favorite combo in Tales of the 
Abyss was transferred into Tales of Vesperia, Shining Fang followed by Dragon 

In other words, do what you want, as I said before. Just make sure you don't do
any dramatic changes before a big fight, there's nothing that will screw your
game up more than a screwed up Arte button layout.

Here's a list of recommended motions to assign artes. Note that you do not have
to follow my examples. You will probably want to use multiple artes that I 
recommended a forward motion in your setup, so just keep that in mind. But 
before I list the artes, here's a legend so you don't get confused.


Up           : Up + X, Up with the Right Stick
Down         : Down + X, Down with the Right Stick
Forward      : Right + X, Left + X, Left and Right on the Right Stick
No Direction : Only X

Now with that over with, 

Arte Name                Recommended Stick Motion
Azure Edge              | Forward, No Direction |
Cerberus Strike         | Forward               |
Fang Strike             | Up                    |
Wolf Strike             | Forward               |
Destruction Field       | Down, No Direction    |
Shining Fang            | Up, No Direction      |
Ghost Wolf              | Forward, No Direction |
Tiger Blade             | Up, No Direction      |
Ryuujinshou             | Up                    |


Arte Name                Recommended Stick Motion
Azure Wolf Strike       | Forward               |
Crushing Eagle          | Down, No Direction    |
Dragon Swarm            | Forward               |
Severing Fang           | Up                    |
Shining Dragon Swarm    | Up, Down              |
Raging Blast            | Down                  |
Brutal Fang             | Forward, No Direction |
Wailing Havoc           | Up                    |
Lone Wolf Charge        | Forward               |
Wailing Blast           | Up                    |
Rending Wolf Charge     | Forward               |
Shining Eagle           | Up                    |
Final Gale              | Forward               |
Shanha                  | Forward               |


Arte Name                Recommended Stick Motion
Azure Storm             | Forward               |
Azure Blast             | Down                  |
Cerberus Blast          | Forward               |
Shining Fang Drop       | Up, Down              |
Guardian Field          | Up, No Direction      |
Pyre Havoc              | Up                    |
Lone Wolf Storm         | Forward               |
Frigid Blast            | Forward               |
Dhaos Blast             | No Direction          |
Repparanshou            | Forward               |
Marian                  | Forward               |

Hope that helps you, (as weird and not needed as this section is...).

     5: LEGAL STUFF                                                      [Legal]

All characters belong to their respective owners. I do not own them, I do not
claim to own them either. This FAQ belongs to me. You MAY NOT steal it and claim
it as your own. I worked on this, I don't want my work disregarded like that. 
You can print it off, but it is for private viewing. Any distributing done with
this FAQ is allowed ONLY IF NO MONEY IS MADE OUT OF IT. And I am still to credit
for the FAQ. Don't ask me to put this on your site. The answer is no. Do not 
e-mail me about it, the answer is still no. It's ALWAYS no. Didn't get an e-mail
back from me? That's me, still saying no. 

The only sites that can host this site are www.gamefaqs.com and (soon!)
www.luminehall.net's upcoming site.
     6: CONCLUSION                                                       [Concl]

And that about sums it up for this FAQ. I hope this helped you!

Thanks goes to:

GameFAQs, for hosting this FAQ on the site
CJayC, for creating GameFAQs
SBAllen, for keeping GameFAQs running after CJayC left
Namco Bandai for making Tales of Vesperia, a wonderful game
Yandy Kusanagi, because I needed to use your Skills FAQ
Rootsecure.net, for the ASCII Generator
EdgeMaster, for FAQ recommendations
Aselia, for providing extra information
Kouli, for extra information on his blog
You, for reading this FAQ!

So yeah... I guess this is the end.