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Tales of Vesperia (PS3)
Made by tokunagas, 2012-2015
Version 0.6

Our world, Terca Lumireis. No one knows how far its lands and oceans stretch,
for the people are no match against the hordes of monsters that crawl the earth.
Barriers protect the cities in which we live, and we are completely dependent
upon them for our survival. The barriers are generated by the blastia.
Blastia use the primeval power of aer that fills the world... To provide us
with fire, water, and light. They provide us with everything that has made the
empire prosper.
Perhaps one day... we may even forget the threat of the vicious monsters lying
in wait, just beyond the barriers. The blessings of the blastia... will bestow
ever more prosperity to the world and peace to its people.


Press CTRL+F, then enter the (letter-number) combination.

A. About (v001)
B. Version History (v002)
C. Characters (v003)
D. Trophies (v004)
E. Walkthrough (v005)

1. Imperial Zafias (vw1)
2. Zafias Castle (vw2)
3. Deidon Fort (vw3)
4. Forest of Kuoi (vw4)
5. City of Flowers, Haruru (vw5)
6. Academic Closed City, Aspio (vw6)
7. Shaikos Ruins (vw7)
8. Efumiid Hill (vw8)
9. Harbour Town, Kapua Nor (vw9)
10. Harbour Town, Kapua Torim (vw10)
11. Kair Bokram (vw11)
12. Emerging City, Heriod (vw12)
13. Home of Guilds, Dangrest
14. Great Forest Keib Moc
15. Gasafrost
16. Misc I
17. Ghost Ship Aserum
18. Misc II
19. Reinsura Cavern
20. Forest of Egoso
21. City of the Kritya Tribe, Myorzo
22. The Forgotten Temple, Baktion
23. Traveling Fort, Heracles
24. Glistening Sword Waters Zofeir
25. Zafias Castle II
26. Misc III
27. Impregnable Shrine Zaude
28. Misc IV
29. Glistening Sword Waters Zofeir II
30.    Eraerumin Quartz Forest
31. Rerewiize Hermit Grotto
32. Misc V
33. Place of the Conception of the Full Moon, Orunion
34. Namcot Island
35. Misc VI
36. Ancient Tower Tarkaron
37. EX Dungeon, Labyrinth of Memories
38. EX Dungeon, Telescopic Graveyard

F. Translations
G.  Battle quotes
H.  Spells
I.  Skills
J. Weapons
K. Collector's Book
L. Enemy Book
M. Legal
N. Credits


Also includes a few questions you may have before playing.

Tales of Vesperia was initially released on the XBOX 360, and then later made
for PS3 with several new events, bonuses, etc, and two new playable characters.
It was produced by Team Symphonia who also made Tales of Symphonia
(GCN/PS2/PS3), Tales of the Abyss (PS2/3DS), and worked on Tales of Hearts
(DS/PSV) with Team Destiny, who made various Tales games such as Tales of
Destiny (PS/PS2) and Tales of Graces (Wii/PS3). There are overall 54 trophies
to obtain in the game and nine playable characters.

This PS3 version of the game receives various bonuses. Nearly double of the
script is voiced, allowing for easier play of the game for non-Japanese
readers; Flynn Scifo joins your party at various points throughout the game;
and a new character known as Patty Fleur is introduced with a very unique
battle style. New dungeons, costumes, skits, attachments, and items are also
introduced. There are new bosses and new, fantastic tracks that bring out the
best of Motoi Sakuraba.

This walkthrough is not meant to cover everything. It will not show you how to
get all titles, skits, items, etc. This is meant to be PS3-centric and over
time new translations will be added. Names of locations are romanized and
translated and are not necessarily the same names in the English translated

To contact me, please email me at paradoxify @hotmail.com. Corrections make my
day. Please do not distribute this elsewhere. It is only meant for use on
GameFAQs unless I permit otherwise.

Enjoy the game.


22 April 2015: After posting this guide 2-3 years ago, I've finally started to
edit it. It's far from complete but many things have been updated and are in
the process of being updated. Translations for battle quotes and spells are in
the works. Next will be arte descriptions, skill descriptions, and then maybe


The protagonist of the game, Yuri is a 21 year old living in the Lower Quarter
with his dog Repede. He grew up with Flynn Scifo, and originally joined the
Knights with him, but soon dropped out. He sets out in pursuit of the Aque
Blastia that was stolen from the Lower Quarter and meets Estelle along the way.

Yuri's canine companion. He seems to understand what the party is saying and is
not considered a normal dog by Yuri. He has a good connection with his partner,
though he's a bit picky about who else he may like.

The female lead in the game, she possesses a mysterious power that allows her
to heal without use of a blastia. She is given the nickname Estelle by Yuri. A
kind and selfless girl, she is a noble that Yuri meets in the castle when
pursuing Mordio.

A fifteen year old, critically acclaimed genius mage in Aspio. She is easily
agitated and is protective of Blastia. Like Estelle, she develops better social
skills and becomes a much different person at the end of the journey.

A young boy from Dangrest. He is formerly a member of the guild Magari no
Tsurugi. He joins the party early on in the game and decides to form the new
guild Brave Vesperia that will work for the good of everyone.

Even though he is only 35, he is considered the “old man” of the group. He is
initially met when Yuri is thrown in jail at the beginning of the game and
tells him about the goddess statue and tosses him the cell key. He has a
relatively easygoing personality, though his past is shrouded in mystery.

A member of the Krtiya tribe, she is referred to as Judi by Yuri. She has a
special connection with the Enterekei Bauru. While although Krtiya naturally
wear revealing clothes, she wears a little bit less. She is first seen as an
enemy by the party, but soon becomes a very trusted and reliable member that
the party refers to constantly when it comes to certain types of information.

A commander in the Imperial Knights who he grew up with Yuri in the Lower
Quarter. While although he is only playable in PS3 version, he retains his
original role in the plot and therefore rarely joins you until the end. He is
more focused on law-oriented justice as opposed to Yuri's moral based justice,
though he often questions himself.

The new PS3 exclusive character, Patty is a fourteen year old girl who is said
to be the grandchild of the legendary pirate Aifread. A girl without memories,
she is in search of the Maris Stella, which she claims will restore her



       - Achieved a 150 combo
       - Exceeded 100 hours playtime
       - Travel 50,000 km
       - Defeated 1000 enemies
       - Earned more than 100,000 chips
       - Viewed all skits
       - Reached lv200 for everyone
       - Gone to every save point (over one playthrough)
       - Repede minigame in 40s-


	- All titles obtained
	- Perfect world map
	- Monster Book complete (481 entries)
	- Collector’s Book complete (1238 entries)


	- TOV Master (platinum)
	- First synthesis
	- Landed the First Fatal Strike
	- Defeated the first Giganto Monster
	- Answered all quiz questions right
	- Synthesize 20 times
	- Low Level Challenger (Barubosu at 15)
	- Speed Gamer (finished in 15- hours)
	- Bunny Guild member
	- Secret Mission 1
	- Secret Mission 2
	- Secret Mission 3
	- Secret Mission 4
	- Secret Mission 5
	- Secret Mission 6
	- Secret Mission 7
	- Secret Mission 9
	- Secret Mission 10
	- Secret Mission 11
	- Secret Mission 12
	- Secret Mission 13
	- Secret Mission 14
	- Secret Mission 15
	- Secret Mission 16
	- Secret Mission 17
	- Secret Mission 18
	- Secret Mission 19
	- Secret Mission 20
	- Secret Mission 21
	- Secret Mission 22
	- Secret Mission 23
	- Secret Mission 24
	- Secret Mission 25
	- Conquered Labyrinth of Memories
	- Conquered Telescopic Graveyard
	- Recovered the Aque Blastia
	- Ended Alexei’s ambitions
* Defeated Hoshihami


/ / / / / / / / / / /


You will begin the game in the lower city with Ted telling Yuri that someone
has stolen the Aqua Blastia. You’ll automatically be downstairs from Yuri’s
room. Approach the save point for information on what save points are. Before
heading off, go back up to Yuri’s room and examine the cabinet by his bed for
an Apple Gumi. You can rest on his bed if you need to. Now go back downstairs
and head to the town square for a scene.

You will automatically be directed towards the middle of Zafias. Head left and
Team Symphonia’s signature Wonder Chef will introduce himself, and you will
now be able to cook! After the scene, continue to head up the stairs for
another scene. You are now in the Imperial City (out of Lower City). Follow
Repede and head left. Once you reach the stairs there will be a scene. You
can’t enter from the front, so let’s go around to the left side of building
and examine a window that we can break into.

Examine both the candleholders for 100 gald and a Magic Lens. Head up the
stairs and examine the farthest door from you to trigger a scene. Now head
outside for another scene, dearrru.

“Mordio” will flee the scene of the crime and you'll have your first (sort
of) boss.


	Well, not really a boss, but oh well.

View the tutorial then commence fighting. Unlike the localized Tales games, X
= arte, O = regular attack, unless you've altered your settings. This fight is
pretty straightforward. Kill them if you can, but it doesn’t matter if you die.

You’ll get another scene and Kyumor will be introduced. What’s a Schwann,

Yuri will be thrown in jail and a certain someone will be introduced. He will
tell you some stuff about Mordio and mention a goddess statue, then pass you a
key. Examine the back of the cell for a gumi, then exit. Save then head left
and examine the boxes behind the sleeping guard for a Magic Lens, then examine
the closed crate that is furthest left of you, and you will retrieve your
equipment. Now head upstairs, watch the scene and you will be free to wander by
yourself. Battles are now available.

Go up the stairs and go through the door to the left. You get a scene and your
heroine will be (sort of) introduced. Get rid of the two knights then watch the
following scene.

Heroine will now be accompanying you, but will not join you in battle. Head up
and you get a small scene. The big two doors next to you lead to the Dining
Hall; if you go to the farthest right there’s some curry that will fully
restore your HP and TP. Examine near the fireplace for some eggs. If you played
Abyss, you’ll recognize the person in the painting to the left.

Head back out and go up the stairs. Get the Life Bottle that’s right next to
the knight. Now go up the stairs closest to you, get the gumi in the chest and
save. Go down until you get a scene. Go into Flynn’s room now and be prepared
for a boss fight.


SECRET MISSION: Once Heroine joins you in the battle, prevent Zagi from
attacking her too much.

May need to grind a bit (lv8+) if you are having problems. Zagi moves fast and
hits hard. Often times he will knock you down. Make sure that once Heroine
joins you, you try to stay in front of Zagi at all times and attack to prevent
him from attacking Heroine too much. Also note that once Heroine joins, you
will have to use another Magic Lens on Zagi.

Watch the following scenes. Heroine will formally introduce herself as
Estellise! You are now one step closer to getting her to join the party. Save,
then go a little bit up and left and down the hall with a gate you can’t lift
yet and you will find 200 gald. Exit this hall and then go down and left for
another scene. Don’t worry about getting to the courtyard for right now
because you only need to visit it when you drop by again later in the game.

Proceed to the next hall and go up where you see a white door. This is
Estellise’s room. When you approach you will get a scene, and she will now
join your party.

Head up the stairs at the top of the screen and then keep going down until you
reach the room with the goddess statue. Open the two chests for an Apple and
Orange Gumi, then approach the goddess statue. The game will inform you that
you need to hold down O to drag it, but assuming you have a US PS3, you will
need to hold down X instead. Drag it to the grey space in front of you and a
few scenes will trigger. You will be introduced to Encount Links. You’ll have
a bunch of oddly cute rat things come at you. Kill them and watch the next
scene. Get the Life Bottle to the right of you and then grab the Magic Lens not
too far away. Continue down the stairs and grab the Apple Gumi. To the right,
drag the top crate up and open the chest for a Holy Bottle. Downwards you can
also drag a crate up for 150 gald, and then to the left you can find 200 gald.
Continue down the path and go right for an Orange Gumi, then go left and drag
the crate aside. Go up the ladder for a scene. Your objective will now be to go
to Haruru, but first we need to head in the direction of the Lower Quarter for
a scene. Continue downwards for another scene, and then head southeast to
trigger yet another scene. You will lose some gald but get some items and
Repede will join the party. We are now on the world map and finally out of

You'll get several skits. Proceed northeast for Deidon Fort.


Watch the scene then go left and down the slope. To the right of you is a small
clearing with some tents and crates. The back crates you can inspect for an
Orange Gel and the crates on the side you can inspect for a Magic Lens. If you
need to rest, speak with the knight at the top of the slope. Now go towards the
bridge for another scene, and then head to the slope where the knight is for
another scene. Kaufuman will tell you that you need to go through the ~HAUNTED
KUOI FOREST~ so let’s go do that. Northwest on the world map. If you want to
meet Antagonist Without A Name then head up to the top of the fortress and talk
to him.


You’ll get a scene as soon as you walk in. Go up and right for an Apple Gumi,
then go back to the original path and go up and right for another scene. Grab
the Magic Lens in the chest to the left after. You’ll notice a giant butterfly
in the background. This is an optional boss that you cannot access until way
later so ignore it for now. Continue along the path; grab the Cape in the
chest, then shortly after you will get a scene. Eggbear, PREPARE YOURSELF!

If you feel like you’ve heard Karol’s voice before, the same person voiced
Gumdramon from Digimon Hunters and Tomoki Himi in Digimon Frontier, and also
voices Klonoa. Karol will now join your party and he will give you your very
own Enemy Book! Remember that to put full entries in here you need to Magic
Lens enemies.

Watch the skit and grab the chest. Attempt to proceed to the world map for
another quick scene. Haruru is pretty much right in front of you.


PS3-exclusive town music.

Estelle and Karol will leave the party. If you head in the direction of the inn
you’ll see Estelle and get a scene, and she’ll join your party. Go towards
the hill for a scene with Karol. Now, head up the hill you were just at for a
scene with the tree. Karol will tell you that you need to make a Panacea
Bottle, so head over to the shop for another scene. The pain of having Panacea
Bottles inherited from your previous playthrough. Those don’t count, kids.

Go talk to Karol. Now that he’s in the party, head back to Kuoi Forest. Go to
the clearing with the save point. Proceed down the path until you get a scene.


	Because you totally didn’t see this coming. Help me, Professor Karol!!

He’ll come with reinforcements, so make sure you have at least one person
attacking another enemy (first row, second option with 1P in the description).
Eggbear hits hard but is relatively slow, especially once you start to chain
him. (As in have three people, including you attack him if you can’t chain

After the scene, you’ll obtain the claw, so attempt to leave the forest for a
scene. They just can’t let Yuri go, huh? Anyway, go back to Haruru after. The
mayor is outside of his house; talk to him. You’ll get the last ingredient, so
go to the shop for a tutorial on synthesizing. If you’ve never used a
synthesize method in a game that much before, then welcome to the world of
everyday synthesizing pain. If you have the materials you can make the Moon
Selector and S-Flag. You can’t make your field character Repede with just the
regular S-Flag, but later you can make a special S-Flag for Repede. It shows up
sometime soon on the synth list, but you can’t actually get a certain material
until you get Bauru.

Anyway, go up the hill to the tree and watch the scene. And there’s your first

Go to the direction of the inn. (“Who’s Flynn?” “Estelle’s knight in
shining armour.” “Huh?!” “T-that’s wrong!” “Ah? That’s wrong?...”)
Meet the mayor in front of his house. After, attempt to leave to the world map
for a small scene. It’s time to hunt down Mordio! There’s a path northeast
leading to some holes at the bottom of the mountain. This is Aspio.


Approach the front entrance, where the guards are. M-Mordio, you said?! We
really can’t let you through after all. You’ll be directed to the left path.
You can find the Wonder Chef there. Check the door for a scene where Karol
picks the lock. The girl standing next to the bookshelf sells items, the guy
behind the stand allows you to rest at the inn, and the construction worker
tells you about weapon synth.

Go up the stairs to the clearing and you’ll immediately see stairs going down.
This is Mordio’s place. Karol will pick the lock again, so head on in. Hello,
please excuse me for intrudiiiiiing.

You can check the bookshelf right next to you, the chalkboard, the statue
things on the ground, but for the scene with Mordio, check the books.

Rita will now join your party. The place you’re looking for is directly
southeast of Aspio.


You get a scene right as you walk in. There are various chests scattered about,
though your point of interest here is the angel statue on the left. The path to
the actual dungeon will now be open.

Directly down the path you can find a chest. Cross the stairs here, watch the
scene and then head to the path that’s right next to you. Press square to fire
the ring. You’ll now obtain the Sorcerer’s Ring. Every time you fill a gem
with aer, golems hidden in the walls will awaken. Go back down the stairs and
you’ll be introduced to Enemy and Party Advantages. There’s a chest in the
corner. Head up the other set of stairs in front of you and grab the gumi. Now
go left and follow the path until you see a bridgeless platform with a gem. Go
up the stairs right next to it and to the left there’s a gem that you can fill
with aer so you can hit the other gem that you just saw. Make sure to grab the

The place you were just at will now have a path open to the right. Instead of
going straight down, go up and hit the gem so you can make a bridge to access
the chest. Now go down into the next area.

To your left is a hidden chest. Go right, save, and then up the rightmost path.
Hit the gem here (it’s kind of hidden). Now go up the path; there are stairs
right in front of you. Go up them and hit the gem. To the left is another gem
that you can hit to complete the bridge to the boss. Grab the chest. If you
want to fight the golems, from the left staircase go down and hit the gem from
afar. Right in front of the new bridge is a set of stairs that’s kind of
hidden; the chest contains a weapon for Estelle. Now proceed across the bridge
that you just made so you can watch the scene.


SECRET MISSION: When Goliath is charging one of his attacks go up and attack
from behind so that you hit his Achilles' heel. This will knock him down and
get you the trophy.

This boss is pretty easy, but he can hit kind of hard if you’re not careful.
He has an attack that sends a shockwave to everyone nearby, so make sure to
guard when he does this. I advise staying behind him to attack to make it the
fight much easier as well as achieving the secret mission.

You’ll have to leave the dungeon manually. Go back to Aspio, and after the
scene go to Rita’s house and then go up the stairs leading to the clearing to
get her back in your party. Go back to Haruru now. Yuri Lowell: Gem Hunter…?
Whoa watch out there Ratatosk.

Rita’s at the tree, so talk to her and watch the scene. Cross the wooden
bridge to the exit for a scene. You will now be able to use Overlimit!

Head towards Efumiid Hill now.


After the scene, go up into the forest. Karol will rejoin the party. Go left
for a scene. Karol just can’t get a break…

You can continue left for a chest. Now go up, left for a chest, then continue
up the path to the save point. If you go up there’s a weapon for Repede.
Proceed towards the clearing and be ready.


SECRET MISSION: Free run to one of the flowers, but don’t hit it until
Gattuso comes near you. Once she is, hit the flower to stun her. This gets you
the trophy. Also a convenient method if you get backed into a corner.

	Oh yeah, this is definitely a Team Symphonia game.

You need to take out the two pups before you attack the actual boss because
they are troublemakers. She hits very hard and moves rather efficiently.
Getting this Secret Mission is pretty hard, and if you find yourself
overwhelmed by the power of the boss you can just wait until later to get the
Mission. It’s best if you control either Yuri or Repede for this. I’ve seen
people that have had to wail on the boss to get the trophy, but how you
actually execute it is up to you. Note that she's is weak to fire (aka Fireball
and Bakusaijin spam).

After the fight, make sure to save and then head up to the hill that the
monster came from.

There’s a chest here that you can pick up. On the left side of the hill,
there’s a path. Follow it until you get a scene where you learn about tents.
You can use these to rest on the world map. There are four different types of
tents. Goza (ござ) restores 25%, the small green tent restores 50%, the regular
tent restores 75%, and Barrier restores 100%. You will eventually be able to
buy all of these.

Anyway, now that you’re on the other side of the hill, depart to the world
map. Kapua Nor is relatively northwest.


You’ll get a scene and find out about the problem here. Basically the taxes
here are very high and people have trouble paying them so pretty much
everyone’s in debt and if they want to clear all their debt, the easiest way
out is to hunt the Riggaro and gather its horn.

You’ll see someone slink off into the alley; follow them. You’ll be forced
into combat. These guys kinda gang up on you so they can chain you really
easily, so be sure to start chaining them before they can do so to you.
Bakusaijin would be efficient here. You’ll get a scene after and Knight in
Shining Armor will appear!

After the scene, talk with Karol, Rita and Repede in front of the inn, and then
go to the path to your left for a scene where you meet the Adventurous Pirate,
nojya. Go back to the inn so that Rita, Karol and Repede join the party. Enter,
proceeding to the left door at the back. Go outside the inn for a scene.
Estelle rejoins the party. If you go past the item shop you’ll see someone
behind the counter in the very back. This is a dice minigame that you can play
with Rita. Personally I have never invested time in this minigame so I can’t
provide much information on it, but if you win you get prizes and a title for

Next to the inn you can find the Wonder Chef and his obnoxiously loud sound
effects. Go back to where you met the Adventurous Pirate earlier. You need to
fight the Riggaro now, so go to the world map after watching the scene with
Flynn when you attempt to depart. On the world map directly in front of you is
a plateau. This is where you can find the Riggaro, but you need to go southeast
to be able to get up on there. The Riggaro isn’t exactly hard to miss.


Well, not exactly a boss, but oh well. Magic Lens it and spam Spread
Zero if Rita has it yet. It might drop a Golden Mane as well. This is material
for quite a few things. Don’t worry about picking what to synth with it
because later in the game when you have control over whether it’s day or
night, you can keep sleeping in tents until it’s raining and a bunch of
Riggaros will be running around.

Go back to Kapua Nor now. You give the couple in debt the horn. Speak with
Flynn in the inn room again, and then go back where you met the Adventurous
Pirate. Ossan “helps” you in.

Go right for two chests. Go back to the room that you entered and go up, then
right. In this room you will need to kill the monsters to get a key. Make sure
to grab the weapon for Repede in the chest. Go back to the previous room and go
up and unlock the door with the key. Kill one of the wolves to get another key.
Go back and left into the cell now that you have the key for it. As soon as you
move you’ll get a scene with Ragou-san and his wiggling fingers. Save and
follow Ragou-san. Go right and grab the weapon for Estelle in the chest. Kill
the guy here for a key that unlocks the door in the room that you were just in.
Now that you’ve unlocked it, go into the next room to… meet the Adventurous

She introduces herself as Patty. Brownie points if you rename Yuri to Jack.
After the scene go through the door right in front of you, grab the chest and
go right for two more chests, one of which includes a weapon for Rita. Kill the
guys here for a key. Go back left and unlock the door. You’ll be forced into a
battle. After, go up into the door for a scene. Once you flee the scene of the
crime, attempt to proceed to the boat for…


SECRET MISSION: You need to stand at the side of the boat and let Zagi come to
you. As soon as he’s up in the air when he executes his cyclone arte, go into
Overlimit. He’ll be knocked off the boat and this will nab you the trophy. If
you can’t identify which arte it is since there are two where he goes aerial,
it’s the one where he goes diagonally up into the air.

Guard and Champagne spam. As always, Zagi has a long combo, moves pretty fast
and hits hard, but it really isn’t as bad as the Zaphiasu fight at all. If
Estelle dies stop what you’re doing and heal her. I can’t provide much advice
for this boss other than that because each time I’ve fought him on the ship
I’ve done the SM.

* SECRET MISSION STRATEGY: Because this SM was just so incredibly difficult
for me, I figured I might as well share the strategy I used.

	- First Row: Doesn’t matter
	- Second Row: Last option
	- Third Row: Last option
- Fourth Row: Last option for everyone but Estelle, who you need to put on the
second option (artes only). Turn off every single arte for her except for First
Aid, Recover and Nurse.
	- Fifth row: Third option
- Sixth row: This is the items row. Have one person on the last option (up to
you), one person on the first option (HP recover) and one person on the second
option (TP recover)
- Seventh row: MOST IMPORTANT! Put everyone on the last option. This does NOT
allow them to use Overlimit.

Make sure that this isn’t your default strategy and is instead a strategy
that you can change to by holding down L1 and a direction on the D-Pad because
this is also a good strategy to recycle for grade grinding with Rita way later
in the game. Now for the actual fight. Either set the difficult to normal or
easy to make this easier (easy = 1 damage on Yuri with the right equipment, the
only downside being that you get no grade). Mash the triangle button and then
immediately switch to the strategy that you set up. Once the strategy is in
effect make absolute SURE that you use a Magic Lens so you can monitor his
health easily and don’t accidentally kill him. Make sure that the person
you’re controlling is Yuri. Stand near the edge of the boat (where the
distance between the boundary line and the boat is very slim preferably) and
have someone spam Appeal if you can. If you do have someone with Appeal,
whenever you try to knock him off the boat but fail and waste an OVL bar,
immediately switch to that person and keep pressing L3 until you get a new OVL1
bar, then switch to Yuri when you do. Zagi has an arte that will cause him to
become airborne in a diagonal direction. As soon as he is over Yuri’s head you
need to use OVL, thus knocking him off board. This can be very tedious and
requires multiple tries but it’s worth it for a great costume.

After the fight, you’ll get about two to three scenes. You’ll meet Yoder and
be in…


First things first, go to the inn and enter the left door at the back and check
the cabinet between the beds for a Goza, and the dresser to the right for a
Magic Lens. Now go to the door on the right for a scene with Ragou-san. When
you’re done, go talk to Raven who is right in front of the shop. The party
will regroup. Go back to the room where you talked with Flynn and Ragou-san and
check the furniture for a Life Bottle.

SIDEQUEST: DARK ENFORCER: Sleep at the inn for a scene. This will start the
Dark Enforcer sidequest. You can't start this at any other point.

Go to the lighthouse to find Wonder Chef right next to it. You can have Estelle
cook this until you get the Scottish Eggs recipe. Go to the world map when
you’re ready. Following the path, there should be a bridge at the end and it
should start to rain. Follow the mountainside until you see an area that looks
as if it could resemble a town but has no Blastia Kekai. It’s kind of hard to
pick out since it’s so dark, but if you look you’ll find it.


Nan will show up as soon as you walk in. After the scene walk up to the device
and inspect it. You can’t do anything with it yet, so keep going left past the
pond until you see a door in the ground. Inspect it, then go down and watch the
scene. Position your field character so that they’re on the far left of it and
shoot the Sorcerer’s Ring so you can fill it with aer. Go back to the device
and shoot the Ring at the blastia in the middle of it. This will activate it.
Inspect it and choose the first option.

To your left is a building. Enter it and grab the Limit Bottle on your right.
These are super convenient items that raise your OVL gauge by one bar. Don’t
bother going downstairs for right now, and instead go upstairs. There are three
chests here, one hidden one that has an Apple Gel and the two you can see most
clearly contain equipment for Rita. From where the weapon was, right in front
of it is a door. Activate the device here and choose the first option. Go up
the stairs and into the door for a chest. Outside, go back to where you were
before and you’ll be forced into battle. You can now use Fatal Strike.

Left of you is a building. Inside, climb up the ladder and activate the device.
Again, choose the first option and enter the building. Check the bookshelf
upstairs that you see right when you come in for a note. Leave and go down the
steps covered with autumn-coloured leaves, then go left into the building and
downstairs inspect the desk for another note. Where you learned about Fatal
Strikes there should be a device; activate it. Choose the first option. Inside
the building is a Goza. Go down the stone steps, and keep going until you end
up at the entrance. The building on the right has a note on the bookshelf in
the very back. Activate the first device you saw outside and choose the first
option, then go past the inaccessible building until you get a scene. Go into
the building right next to you and go downstairs. Save first and then continue
down. At the bottom, go left into the next screen for a scene. Examine the
thing next to the door. You will be prompted to enter a password, so
enter たいよう. The door will now open.


SECRET MISSION: The boss will sometimes get on his hind legs for an attack.
When he does this, free run and wail on him. If you can land a hit on him when
he’s like this, you’ll get the trophy.

The fight will start as just Yuri, so if you main someone else the Moon
Selector will be convenient here. Eventually, one by one your other party
members will join, so no, you won’t be without a healer. When it gets up on
its hind legs, the following attack will pretty much effect everyone,
effectively staggering them, though it shouldn’t do much damage.

Afterward, go outside and watch the scene. Karol rejoins the party. Jump down
the stone steps to arrive where you first entered. Attempt to leave the area to
get a scene in which you are arrested by the Schwann Brigade… Oh boy. Either
way, you’ll be taken to Heriod.  Estelle will gain a title and will also leave
the party.


At the back of the briefing room is the Wonder Chef. Nothing else here so head
outside for a scene. Everyone will leave the party. Past the blastia and near
the inn are Yoder and Flynn; speak with them. Once you’re done with the scene,
head towards the inn for Boko and Deko to challenge you to a fight. Here
you’ll learn about Burst Artes, a very nifty thing that you can perform while
in Overlimit. You will be able to get OVL3 relatively soon (allowing you to use
Hi Ougi), but only if you remember to get a certain material. OVL2 is given to
you automatically.

Go to the inn and save. Speak with the innkeeper and choose to rest. Rita,
Karol and Repede will join the party. Inspect the blastia outside. Estelle
joins the party. Go back to the briefing room and speak with Flynn. You’ll
need to go outside now that the blastia is acting up. Where’s our whale friend
when we need him…?

After everything, you’ll be sent out into the inn hall. Talk to Karol, then go
back inside the inn room. You get another scene after this one. You need to
head to Dangrest now, but first let’s go to the blastia for another scene.
Estelle will now join the party.

SIDEQUEST: ESTELLE’S TEACHER: Now that Estelle has rejoined the party, a man
will appear in front of the blastia. Speak to him to begin this sidequest.
Similar to Natalia’s Teacher sidequest in Abyss. Necessary for Yuri’s
Certified Soldier title.

Head to the world map via the leftmost entrance. You should see a Blastia Kekai
in the distance. This is Dangrest.


Right behind the woman NPC is the shop. If you haven’t done it already, make a
Sash+1 for 1 / 4, 1 / 2, and 1 damage. Karol can also get these with
Karorianhanmu. You should be able to make the Winged Boots now. If you’re
missing the page material, the witches right outside Kapua Torim drops them, I
believe. Don’t worry about the chest behind the gate for right now; you can
only get this later in the game once a knight appears in front of it.

To your very left is a Wonder Chef hall. Nothing important (right now anyway),
but gives you a good laugh. Go to the town square for a scene. The Blastia
Kekai will disappear. Oopsie. Head down into the mist stuff to see monsters
everywhere. You gotta wonder why this didn’t happen to Haruru, man. You’ll be
forced into combat a few times. Whitehorse-senpai will make an appearance.
Also, Flynn and Sodia will show up. After the scene, you need to go to the
blastia, which is left from where the Blastia Kekai first broke. Some dudes
will bother you so take them out with Photon spam if you want. Rita will
restore the Blastia Kekai. You need to go to the Union now, so from the town
square go down the middle. Watch the scene and go in. At the back on the left
you can start the Bunny Guild sidequest, but remember that you need a lot of
titles to get everything, including a trophy. At around 11 titles for Estelle I
got the Bunny Ears attachment, but this is when I began the sidequest each
time, so it may be less. You’ll need to do some grinding and a bunch of
sidequests to get the bunny ears attachments for the Bunny Guild trophy in
which you have to wear Yuri’s, Rita’s, Estelle’s and Judith’s bunny ears
for five hours straight. REMEMBER that time spent in battle does not count, so
instead just cram a bunch of sidequests at the end and do then all at once to
pass time, then allow the game to sit for the remaining time. Keep talking to
the old man until he doesn’t give you any more stuff.

On the right is the Wonder Chef. Leave the hall now and exit to the world map.
Make sure that you don’t go the way that you initially entered, and instead go
past the Wonder Chef hall. Once on the world map, just keep going left until
you see darker coloured trees.


After much waiting, Raven will finally join your party. He’s required for the
SM here, so make sure to drop him in your roster. Head up the tree until you
get a scene. Eh, do your best, boy! Head down the path that Raven had directed
Karol to for a subevent. Go left as soon as you can for another subevent and a
chest, but go back to where you saw that bear thinger to fight a Giganto
Monster. It is possible to go around it if you have a Holy Bottle equipped and
get the weapons for Rita and Karol if you don’t want to bother with it.


This guy is weak to fire, so Fireball and Bakusaijin spam. Like any other
regular bear monster, this guy doesn’t move too fast, but he hits extremely
hard, especially if you’re not prepared. Eventually he’ll go into Overlimit
(hey man, don’t pound your chest, I lost my voice like that once). Of course
he has one of those noise wave attacks that can stun your party members but
doesn’t actually do much damage. He also has a super annoying attack that
affects everyone within a small radius of him. He’ll also start jumping up in
the air and landing pretty heavily at some point, so free run is preferred for
that. He can also dash forward, which will probably end up with airborne and/or
stunned allies. Have fun kids.

Go back up and left again (where the chest was) and continue left for an Orange
Gumi, then go up and continue left along the tree branch until you see a path
that goes down. Take this and grab the two Poison Bottles in the chest.
Continue past the chest to the next screen. Nice catch, nanojya!

Keep going forward and inspect the chest for a Fake. These give a good amount
of gald after battle and you may find items or gald after. In this case you’ll
get a Limit Bottle. Go up the tree branch and keep going forward until you
reach a chest. Continue forth for the save point.


SECRET MISSION: You may have to adjust your screen brightness for this
one. The boss will attempt to heal itself by running over to a puddle of water
and dipping its stinger in it. This is incredibly annoying, so let’s use Raven
to get rid of it. The Moon Selector is a nice thing to have here. You need to
have Raven plant a bomb on the puddle of water so that when the boss tries to
heal, it instead detonates the bomb, thus earning you the SM. To do this you
just need to run over to the puddle and use Mogura Nari (土竜なり).

       Obligatory bug boss.

He mostly spins in a circle and knocks everyone over. Fortunately he
won’t combo you too much if you keep your distance. Whenever he tries to heal
himself, just dip a few bombs into the water so he gets a nice surprise.
Remember that a FS does not OHKO a boss, but it takes away a good chunk of HP
(anywhere from 1-2k damage usually). If you make sure to not let him get near
the puddle, this fight isn’t that hard.

Goodbye, this cruel world… Unnamed Antagonist will show up and kill all the
monsters. Raven will introduce him as Duke. Also, he’ll tell you about aer
krenes. It’s time to head back to Dangrest, so leave manually to get a scene
with Don around where you met Patty.

Don’t worry about actually killing Don because he’s lv60 with an insane Phys
Atk stat for one-on-one combat, but if you do want to fight him, now is your
only chance. You can defeat him, maybe just not the first time around.


Basically, just kite via free run and combo him when the time is right. Not
much more to this boss but he's definitely difficult considering his damage

Go back to Dangrest now that that’s done. Head down to the Union now. If you
gained any titles while you were out, or if you haven’t done it already, talk
to the Bunny Guild guy. Go to the room at the back to get a scene with not only
Don but Flynn-sama too. Basically Flynn wants to ally with the Union against
Barbos and Blood Alliance but he tells Don that Yoder wants him out of the
picture. Don will declare war on the empire. Fun!

Raven will leave the party now. Go outside for everyone to disband. Let’s head
back to the Union and enter the door on the left for the prison. Go downstairs
and speak with Flynn. Don shows up after and tells you that it was pretty much
just an act. You’ll get control of Yuri again so unlock the cell door. Nothing
in the cell to the right and you can’t break out the dude next to you.

Shiitake mushrooms have just hit the fan so head outside. Raven sticks out like
a sore thumb as any usual party member. Estelle and Karol join the party. Rita
and Repede are kind of missable, but from the town square head right and
you’ll see them. Rita and Repede join the party. Enter the bar to your left.
Raven joins the party after. Enter the door now.


Because what’s a Team Symphonia game without sewers?

After the scene go down to the chest with some gald, then watch the scene.
Basically your firestick blastia thinger will go out over time and when it does
these shark dudes will most likely pop out and probably Enemy Advantage you if
you’re not careful. There are also groups of bats here who will Encount Link
you right away if you pass by them and your light goes out. (They won’t see
you if you have a Holy Bottle.) It goes out rather quickly, but thankfully
there refills are free and pretty much everywhere.

Continue down for a chest and then across the bridge. Refill your aer and
continue across the bridge and down the path. Refill your aer, cross the
bridge, go down, refill your aer, then go left across the water. Refill your
aer nearby and then grab the chest by going right and up from the aer
recharger. Go across the bridge and go down for equipment for Estelle and
Raven. Go down the hall now and you will get a scene. Continue to the save
point when you’re done. Refill your aer if you need to. Go up across the
bridge and left for some equipment for Yuri and Karol. There’s a group of bats
nearby, find them and across the bridge nearby refill your aer then proceed
past the bats next to it for some material. Go back to where the bridge and
stairs were next to each other and go left for some more material that is
necessary for making the Moon Selector. Go across the bridge that’s right in
front of you and proceed right for an aer recharger. Go back to where the
stairs are and follow the path for a healing save point and a door. After the
scene, go up the stairs and up the stairs that are in the doorway. YURI IS
DUMB!!! or something.


First, let’s head over to that ball of aer to the left. You’ll get
Sorcerer’s Ring Lvl 2. Go to the right and hit the device on the side with
your Ring to lower the stairs, but first grab the chests at the back. Enter the
door next to the chests for another one. Inspect the crates next to it for a
Magic Lens. Inside the cell you were in is a healing save point. Go to the door
on the far left for your weapons. Grab the chest after, inspect the table for a
Life Bottle, then head out and go up the stairs you brought down. Before
heading up the stairs, a guy has showed up and is selling stuff, so if you need
to grab some things talk to him.

Judi will give you OVL2. Grab the chest to the left, then go outside via the
middle door. Who’s this? A Kritya? Where’d you find this princess? Flynn-sama
will join you for the first time and gains a title. He doesn’t have a status
image yet, but he will the next time he joins you. Similar to Yuri but also has
the classic Majinken and casts First Aid, etc.

Let’s go up the right ladder. In the chest is a weapon for Rita. Proceed into
the ominous… tire building. Approach the giant gear behind the bird monster.
Hit it with your Ring to raise the aer. Go to the middle of the room for
another scene if you didn’t already get it. Up the stairs and hit the gear on
the left next to the golem. Grab the chest while you’re at it. Go up the next
set of stairs and hit the gear on the right, then go up to the stairs on the
left and hit the one on the left. Grab the chest to the right and go up the

Go up the stairs and grab the chest. On your right is a chest. Go up the next
set of stairs and grab the chest right next to you for a weapon for Estelle. On
the right is a mesh bridge that allows you to hit the gear there. Go up the
stairs for a scene. Go all the way back down the stairs where you first entered
and hit the gear on the right that you couldn’t hit before. You can now
inspect the pinwheel for… the Wonder Chef? How did he even get in here?
Anyway, go back up the first set of stairs and hit the gear to your left that
you couldn’t hit before. Behind this gear is a mesh bridge that allows you to
hit the gear next to the other one. Go all the way up the stairs now to where
the small fence was before. Hit the gear there. The mesh bridge will extend, so
hit the gear at the front of the screen. This will cause the aer to rise and
drop the set of stairs. Go up them now.

You’ll see a chest as soon as you enter. Go up two sets of stairs to see a
very tiny gear on the left. Hit this, then go back down one set of stairs. Now
that the mesh bridge has been extended, you can hit the gear here. Go down to
where the fence was on the bottom floor and hit the gear, then go back up and
go across the mesh bridge on the left and hit the gear. Hit the gear where the
mesh bridge was extended and then go up and grab the chest, then hit the gear
where you just extended the mesh bridge. Go to the mesh bridge that you just
extended and hit the gear. On the top floor hit the gear to the left before the
mesh bridge. Now go to where there is a mesh bridge but you were unable to hit
the gear before. Hit this one now and the aer will rise, so go up the stairs
that you just dropped.

Grab the chests and save. Grab the three chests on the top floor as well. Enter
the door on the left now.


SECRET MISSION: There are four green orbs standing on pedestals surrounding
the area. Target them right away; either Souhajin/Majinken/etc or Fireball
them. This should be the first thing that you do to make the fight easier.
Destroying all four before defeating Barbos will cut off the route further
reinforcements take and will earn you the trophy.

	 If you’re level 15 or under and you kill Barbos, you should get a trophy.

Now that you (may) have taken out the four orbs, it’s time to get to the
fight. The reinforcements are just the regular enemies that you’ve been
fighting, so take those out first so they won’t interrupt you/someone else
when you’re attacking Barbos.

Barbos can hit hard, but he can’t chain for the life of him. You may have
noticed that he will sometimes just run up and attack you and then run away. He
does have the obligatory damage-within-certain-radius attack I believe, but I
didn’t find it to be too bad. Also, be careful of his attack in which he jumps
up in the air and then lands with his weapon hitting the ground because it will
break your guard. Mostly just wail on him until he dies.

Raven, Judi and Flynn leave the party. You’ll automatically be moved to
Dangrest, and you’ll see Ragou-san getting arrested, oh maaaan. If you
haven’t been able to make the Winged Boots, you should be able to now as
Grimoire Page was a drop in the dungeon. Also, if for some reason it hasn’t
been showing up for you like it did for me in playthrough 2, you should now be
able to synth the S-Flag R, or at least be able to see it on the synth list.
Now that you have Judi, however, you will soon be able to access Bauru and find
the last necessary material. Anyway, approach the knights. If you synthed any
ridiculous attachments for Flynn and equipped them, you won’t be able to
remove them until later.

Sleep at the inn. You learn that Ragou has escaped. Flynn gets promoted so next
time he joins the party he’ll actually have a status image! Repede and Yuri
get a title, and the party gets their well-deserved rest.

Your Eneterekeia friend makes an appearance. Just go in the direction of the
right exit for a scene. What’s a Team Symphonia game without a city in two?
Estelle gets a title and her and Judi join the party.


You can go back into Dangrest to see Duke. Start heading towards Torim Harbour;
at one point you should get a scene in which Estelle names your guild Brave
Vesperia and Karol will get a title. Let’s start backtracking now into Heriod.

Sleep at the inn. Speak with Judii; she’s right outside the inn. Go to the
elevator in front of the blastia in the morning. Talk to the guard and pick
someone to distract him. You can get the costume title for the person you
picked and make the other two costumes for the people you didn’t pick later.
Head to the shop in the inn. The materials he requests are simply from the
monsters on the surrounding field, so if you’ve been screwing around out there
you should have some of these. Choose Yuri as you will be able to get this
costume later. Head towards the briefing room to find Rita, uh, taking care of

Go towards the blastia, then after the scene head down the lift. Speak with the
knight for a small battle. To your right is another knight that you can battle
with to save the person. Mostly just keep heading down until you get a scene.
Iesu, mai roido.



God, do you interrupt casting. He has a good amount of both long range and
close combat attacks, but can’t chain you properly until he runs up and
attacks you directly. Annoying reinforcements are annoying, so get rid of them
first. He hits pretty hard, especially when it comes to close combat. Repede
works pretty well here, especially if you enjoy close combat; he doesn’t die
easy unlike Rita who’s as delicate as a leaf sometimes, so I found it easier
to play as him instead. I fought this stupid boss and all I got was a Magic

The twins make an appearance. You don’t have to fight them as a storyline
thing, but you can start a sidequest where you can fight them at Zaude.
Flynn-sama shows up as well. Now that we’re on the world map, let’s head to
Kapua Torim. Raven pops up and rejoins the party. Ohhh, what’s with that
reaction, magical girl? It’s Raaaaven-sama.

Rest at the inn once you arrive in Torim. Raven gets a title, and you need to
speak with everyone, so speak with Bossu first. Exit the room and speak with
Rita in the room next to yours. Go outside the inn now and speak with Repede.
Attempt to leave town to speak with Judi. Raven is at the dock. Estelle is at
the bottom of the stairs in front of the inn. When you’re done, speak with the
innkeeper and choose the first option to rest. Everyone rejoins the party, so
let’s head over to the docks to get your very own ship, courtesy of Kaufman!
Before doing this there is someone that you can speak with to get a blastia
destroyed. (Pretty obvious as they have a question mark over their head.)

You’ll get a list with the boat controls as soon as you head out. There’s a
dungeon pretty much smack dab in the middle of the world map, but we have some
stuff to do first.

SIDEQUEST: DOG MAP: Re-enter Kapwa Torimu after you have an encounter with the
mermen to begin this. I believe this is a sidequest for a title for Repede.
Basically you need to sleep at every place you can sleep at, so this quest is
very tedious. Personally I have never even bothered with the Dog Map and
instead have only started the sidequest and that was it. You need to make
anywhere from 85%-95% of the map blue to finish this sidequest.

SIDEQUEST: DARK ENFORCER: Instead of continuing to our next dungeon, let’s
enter Kapua Nor and head over to Imperial Zafias. You should get a scene as
soon as you walk in. Go left through the gate and talk to the guy again, and
then head down to the middle town square. The girl you’re looking for is
sitting on a bench. Yuri will learn Kogahazan.

Sail north until you get a scene. These guys are annoying as all hell,
especially if you’re trying to cast. Keep going until you reach…


Well, let’s save first. Pick two more party members. Estelle is obvious,
especially if you want to grind at all here, though if you want to take Raven
instead it’s no problem. Also, Patty will be able to join you for the first

You can talk to Kaufman if you need supplies. When you’re ready, head up onto
the ship.

Go up the stairs on your left for a chest. Downstairs at the back is a weapon
for Judi. Go down the stairs on the right, then go through the door. The ghost
monsters will only appear in the mirror, so be careful. Grab the gel in the
chest, then go through the next two doors. Get the gumi under the stairs and
then go up. There’s a weapon for Raven under the stairs. Go through the left
door. There’s a Fake to the left that’s kind of hidden. Inspect the bookshelf
behind the desk for some material. Go back to the previous room and go up the
stairs. Go through the left door; in the middle of the hall you’ll get a scene.

Assuming your party did not include her, you should now switch to the
Adventurous Pirate’s party. Climb up the ladder for a chest containing quite a
few items. Go around to the other side of the platform so that you can go down
the… thinger. Go left at the bottom and climb down the ladder. Go left and
enter the door and up the stairs. Get the Goza in the chest and go through the
door for a scene. The party will regroup and you can now finish the dungeon
with everyone.

Save and get the chest at the back. Go left through the door for a Limit
Bottle. Back inside, go up the stairs and examine the back bookshelf for 4000
gald. Approach the other side of the room for a scene. Inspect the corpse. Only
Judi would take the hand off like that…


SECRET MISSION: Attack him while he’s reloading his revolver. Incredibly easy
if you know how to time yourself. Both close combat and spells work here.

Oh, bask in that 1000 TP, 480 Phys Atk stat and 183k HP. Naturally, don’t use
water or dark spells here. Photon spam would be nice. He moves way too fast for
his own good and will literally fling you up in the air with his super heavy
hits. Talk about dangerous. Additionally, another way he can totally screw you
over is when he flings you up in the air and fills you with rounds, essentially
killing you. He can also give off a status ailment or two. He has the
obligatory attack in which everyone within a certain radius is hurt and easily
knocks them down. In fact, you’ll find yourself being interrupted during
casting and not being excessively chained but being brutally murdered anyway a
whole lot here. He has a sort-of long distance attack thing, but it’s nothing
to worry about because you probably won’t get hit; however, if you do, he will
Guard Break you. Essentially just spam your favourite, strongest spell or arte
and try to combo this guy into oblivion with OVL.

We’re not done yet. Climb up the ladder next to the mirror. Outside, get the
chest, climb the ladder, get the chest up there, then climb up the next ladder
for some gald. Go back to where you fought the boss. There’s a door on the
left wall; enter it. There’s a ladder on the left. At the bottom, go through
the door to heal and save if you already didn’t. The next ladder is kind of
missable, but run along the opposite side of where you came in from and you
should find it. Drop the later at the right, and return to your ship. Now that
you’re up and sailing again, take a look at your map. there’s a continent
that’s colouring differently compared to the others and right next to it there
is one in which part of it extends outward. At the very tip of this is what
you’re looking for.


Patty leaves the party. Go to the bottom part of the city; right in front of
the steam is a person. Talk to him. After, go across the bridge and up the

SIDEQUEST: ESTELLE’S TEACHER: As soon as you crossed the bridge you
should’ve noticed the person overlooking the sea. Talk to him. Necessary for
Yuri’s Certified Soldier title.

On the far right, go through the large stone doors. Talk to the person upstairs
that’s guarding the left door. Check at the inn now. Go back to the stone
doors and to your right is Wonder Chef. Go outside and speak with Patty at the
very bottom of the stairs. You can rest at the inn now. Raven rejoins the party.

Outside, go downstairs for a scene.

SIDEQUEST: DARK ENFORCER: Go down to where you talked to the guy in front of
the steam. Speak with the two people talking. The next part of this sidequest
won’t be until you get Bauru.

Go through the stone doors inside again. Talk with ossan. Register for the
coliseum by talking to the middle girl. You'll only have Yuri; don't worry
about the Flynn fight because you cannot die.
Anyway, after a certain point we’ll see our good old friend again!


SECRET MISSION: FIREBALL SPAM. The blastia on Zagi’s arm absorbs any and all
magic. Once the blastia takes too much magic, it’ll explode and earn you the
trophy. Very simple.

If you don’t have a party with Yuri in it already, you’ll need to form one.
Magic Lens him right off the bat and then start pelting him with Fireball or
what have you. He always loves to come after 1P, so you’ll be doing a lot of
running until someone else grabs his attention. Moves fast, hits hard, annoying
as all hell, the usual. Isn’t it fun when he rushes forward and knocks you
down? The rewards are worth it, though. Also the story progression.

Well, at least it’s not the last time a herd of monsters shows up and raids
the place.

The monsters here won’t notice you if you’ve got a Holy Bottle, but that’s a
bad idea because plot progression, so just kill a few monsters until Judi and
Repede leave the party. Go outside and head towards the inn for Judi to rejoin.
Go to where you would’ve talked to the two people talking earlier if you
started the Dark Enforcer sidequest. Repede rejoins. It’s time to head out to
our next dungeon, so follow the path on the world map until you see a mountain
with an entrance at the bottom of it.


First things first, grab the Seal Bottle. Up the path and to the right,
there’s a Limit Bottle. From the Limit Bottle, go to the path leading down for
equipment for either Estelle or Raven. Go to the upper path and follow it until
you see a path leading down.


Two words: Splash spam, that is, if you have it yet. Disable Estelle’s Photon
and Raven’s wind spells, obviously, as well as any other artes that someone
else has that’s of earth, wind or light element. You can break its guard with
Splash as well, so it’s a very good choice for this fight. He can’t chain you
very well at all, but when he does, he’ll deal 900+ damage, so try to keep it
long-distance. Both Raven and Rita work here. He moves insanely slow which
gives you a good chance to run and avoid his attacks, thankfully. However, he
does have an attack in which he appears to be guarding but will shoot out
spikes and attack everyone in front of him. All in all, this isn’t a very hard

What the boss was hiding includes a herb (pretty hidden) and 8000 gald. Go up
the upper path now that you’re done with that. At the fork don’t go down the
path that you see right away and instead keep going right for a chest. Now take
the path to the next screen, nojya. You’ll learn about the Maris Stella, which
even Estelle doesn’t know about… Anyway, Patty gets the Kiokunaki Shoujo
title and joins the party.

First, take the path that leads all the way down and get the three chests. The
path above you that loops around is where you should go next. Grab the chest
right before the scene. Who’s that Pokemon?!

Save and head directly left for a weapon for either Yuri, Estelle or Flynn. Go
up the path directly from the save point for a weapon for Repede. Go to the
path leading up that’s farthest from the save point and save/heal at the save
point here, then enter the next room.


SECRET MISSION: Peteropusu will eventually split apart into several bats,
including a leader bat. At the start of the fight, make everyone’s target the
same as yours and target the leader bad when it splits to get this trophy. It
doesn’t matter if you kill any reinforcement bats before you kill the leader
bat; there just needs to be at least a few bats left, so feel free to use any
spells you have that they aren’t resistant to.

This guy is pretty high up in the air, stuff like Souhajin and Star Stroke
won’t really work. His sonic wave attack is really annoying because it’ll
pretty much always automatically stun you. He hits as hard as any normal boss
would, and in terms of speed he’s more on the slow side, but the mini-Meteor
Swarm makes up for it. Identify the leader bat by the green colour and slightly
larger size. If you Magic Lens it, it should come up as Leader Bat anyway. When
they split up, they’ll start spamming Splash and Wind Cutter, which is
incredibly annoying. Pretty much all there is for this fight.

Bai bai dayou...

Make sure to grab the chest at the back. Head towards the exit for a scene,
then exit the cave. Ahhhhhh, beautiful sun… Mantaik is right in front of you
if you adjust the camera.


This is where Patty says bye bye nanojya. You should’ve already noticed Wonder
Chef from one of the angles in which Judith was talking. You’ll have to talk
with everyone again. If you haven’t noticed already, OVL3 has been added to
the synth list. You’ll be able to make this now, but as long as you remember
to get the required materials in Kogor Desert, our next dungeon. Limit Bottles
also require Freeze and Fire Stones, so make sure to stock up on those for that
too when it becomes available to synth.

Let’s start by talking to Raven. Estelle is by the water. Make sure you talk
to Wonder Chef. Patty is in the alley nearby. Attempt to leave town from the
left exit to speak with Judi. Karol is by where you first entered town.
Finally, enter the inn and speak with Rita. Head outside now for a scene with
Estelle. Don’t panic, she’s not leaving your party yet. Judi gets a title and
everyone rejoins. Speak with the innkeeper and rest. Everyone gets a canteen

SECRET MISSION REQUIREMENT: Sleep at the inn again to receive Mother’s
Memento. If you get Judi’s Hiengekka arte, sleep at the inn again. If you want
Hiengekka for her but can’t get it for some reason, just clear the 100 man
melee with her, which is unlocked by clearing all solo melees.

Go fill your canteens with water. You have to find two kids’ parents now. Go
to the world map via the left exit, though you’ll automatically be taken to
Kogor Desert.


Your water will run out pretty fast as you travel, but don’t stress about it.
As soon as you approach a cactus, you’ll get a scene. Hit the cacti with your
Sorcerer’s Ring to refill your canteen. * If you want OVL3 (required for Hi
ougi, but only when you get the スペシャル), make sure to pick up some Fire and
Freeze Stones along the way. It will differ between day and night here, but
when you clear the dungeon it won’t any longer, so you need to get a Freeze
Stone at night, whereas you can get a Fire Stone any time.

Stick along the left wall for a weapon for Estelle. It should turn night around
this time if you’ve been travelling far enough, so make sure you fill your
Enemy Book and gather material. This is also a good opportunity to grind as
there are star enemies (that move insanely fast…) that give 800 exp/monster.
Enjoy the cheagle-shaped cacti, by the way.

On the right side, not far from a cheagle-shaped cactus, are some Stone
Bottles. On the left side you’ll come across a Limit Bottle. This place is
pretty hard to direct you through, so just keep going and pick up chests along
the way. Remember that you won’t collect any water from a cactus if you walk
away right after you shoot it with your Ring. Eventually, you’ll proceed to
the next area and get a scene; you’ll find an oasis! OSSAN IS GONNA GO TOO!!

Save and grab the weapon for Karol and the weapon for Raven on the front of the
screen. Check in a corner of the water to find some material. Nothing else to
do here so let’s head out. For the next Giganto, let’s stick to the left, but
don’t fight it until you get a scene with the Kiokunaki Shoujo. She joins your
party permanently now. Now we can go fight the Giganto.



Well, isn’t that 293k HP nice? Spam a strong spell here, or do an effective
arte combo that you really like. OVL is useful because you can chain this thing
like there’s no tomorrow if you do it right, especially if you have one or two
people spamming Appeal and doing nothing else. Obviously you need to watch out
for his attacks as he as an attack stat of 771; artes are your best option here
because his Phys Def stat is 612 and his Magic Def stat is 348. He’s really
big, so he moves slow, but this also emphasizes how hard he hits. I recommend
playing as someone who keeps their distance but can still attack efficiently,
such as Rita. You’ll be giving pretty much all your TP-recovery items to
Estelle here because she’ll be healing so much. You’ll be spamming Life
Bottles as well. The great thing about him being so slow is that if you have a
close combat fighter or two, he won’t be moving much. This guy is really
dangerous, especially seeing as how he doesn’t have any weaknesses, so know
when to use your OVL and how to use it. Convenient if you already went ahead
and synthed your OVL3.

From where you met Patty, keep going north, and when there is a fork, take the
path right in front of you (the left one). You should get a scene soon in which
you save the children’s parents. Make sure to save after the scene. Go to the
next screen.


SECRET MISSION: This is where either Yuri or Judith steps in. It’d be helpful
if you had Dankuuga for this, but Souryuu Rengazan or another arte should work
just fine. The boss will make the time of day differ between day and night
constantly; however, he will spit an orb out of his mouth before changing it to
either night or day. The objective is to attack and destroy this orb before the
time of day changes. It won’t be destroyed with the first impact, but it
should begin to change colours each time you hit it. Judi would also be
EXTREMELY helpful here, as she specializes in striking up in the air, though
she may be difficult to play. Once you destroy this orb, you will get the

As mentioned in the SM info, he will change the setting between day and night
constantly. When it’s day, his resistance is fire, and his weakness is water;
when it’s night, his resistance is water, and his weakness is fire. I'd
suggest putting Rita on standby (if she has Appeal, that’d be very helpful as
she could sit by and increase OVL when she’s not casting) and go to your right
stick shortcuts. Put Fireball on up and Splash on down. This way you can
control what spell she casts without having to play as her.

This guy flies, so not all your attacks will work. Just like some of the other
SMs you’ve had before, doing this SM is the key for an easy boss fight. Judi
is EXTREMELY helpful here; spam Fuugetsu here. This is very useful if you
don’t have Yuri’s Dankuuga yet, which is understandable since grinding is
rather difficult until you obtain Bauru. Alternatively, you can use another
aerial-enabled arte, or just use her airborne regular attack. Getsuga doesn’t
work very well here as she will hit the middle of the enemy. If you have
Engetsu, that works just as efficiently as Fuugetsu. Hiengekka enables aerial
after 180+ uses, so that works as well. The orb will cast a shadow, so be sure
to be under that shadow when you try to hit it. You can also go into OVL as
Rita and spam Tractor Beam so you don’t have to worry about being very precise
about your hit.

He doesn’t do it much, mostly when his HP is low, but he does cast, namely
Splash. Splash is an evil arte when you’re not using it for yourself as you
can use Recovering after the first hit but can’t guard for what follows.
Thankfully, his Magic Atk stat isn’t too bad at only 376. Pay more attention
to his Phys Atk of 597, though this isn’t very bad at all either. Magic Lens
him right away and each time he changes the time of day, check his status to
make sure you’re about to cast the right thing. Very tricky boss if you can’t
plan yourself right. Make sure to not have Rita use OVL during night because
Fireball screws up your OVL really bad. During day, on the contrary, is fine,
as Splash does not mess you up.

Everyone will collapse after the battle. Is this an inevitable game over…?


First, talk to Wonder Chef, then head outside. You’ll receive Fero’s Feather.
Everyone joins the party. If you didn’t do it already, go ahead and synth
OVL3. If you didn't get the Freeze Stone, you'll have to wait until you reach
Zofeir for that. Make sure to grab the few chests scattered about here. At the
bottom of the town, there’s a huge house and then there’s some stairs; go up
them and talk to woman in the green dress, Yuifan. Head into the house now to
speak with Duke. After the two scenes, the party disbands and you’ll need to
talk to everyone.

Go back inside the house for Rita. Go down the path covered by trees for Raven.
Estelle and Repede are in front of the shop. Head towards the world map for
Judi. Patty is in the inn. She gets the Nakanai Shoujo title. Go ahead and
sleep at the inn and head towards the exit.

Depart to the world map. It’s back to Mantaik. Sleep at the inn once you
arrive. Flynn is by the water once you need to talk to him.

Magari no Tsuguri is kicking up trouble in Nodoporika, so it’s time to head
back via Throat of Kados. On the world map, once you’ve travelled far enough
in that direction, someone will tell you that the knights have blocked it off.
Continue to Kados anyway because Patty has a plan. After the scene, you’ll be
where you fought the boss. The path you want to take is kind of hard to find
right away, but run along the bottom wall; it’s at the very corner, between
the right and bottom wall. Gather materials/fill your enemy book if you’d
like, and also make sure to grab the chest. Nothing else is new here except for
some scenes. Now that you’re on the world map, head towards Nodoporika.


You’ll get a scene a little bit after you arrive. Head up the stairs now and
rest at the inn. Your party, fortunately enough, will be fully healed, so if
they were sick and dying and you were worried about upcoming events, don’t

Head into the coliseum. Speak with the man.  Go to the top floor and through
the doors to speak with Berius. Probably not what you were expecting, huh?
She’s a woman, despite her more masculine voice. Unfortunately, Magari no
Tsuguri shows up. Get a Holy Bottle and head outside. Go into the coliseum
itself now. Berius will fall into the arena! Estelle will attempt to heal to
her, but with her status as an Enterekeia and Estelle’s power combined...


SECRET MISSION: At some point Berius will turn out the lights and create a
replica of herself. Take control of either Rita or Yuri and hit the torches
with Fireball or Bakusaijin to light them up again. This not only gets you the
trophy, but gets rid of the replica as well.


Any earth-elemental spell or arte works very well here. Obviously turn off
Photon and Wind Cutter. For close combaters, this is mostly a gun and run
fight. Long-distance works best here (Rock Break spam with Rita anyone?). She
moves at a slightly slow pace, and you can run from her if you need to, but the
problem is how big she is. She deals a good amount damage and can rush forward
at times, knocking party members down. When she creates the replica of herself,
make sure to Magic Lens it, don’t kill it, and instead spam Bakusaijin on each
torch surrounding the arena to kill it. This gets you the trophy. Very simple.
Fireball is also effective, but Bakusaijin is the fastest way to do this.
She’s pretty dangerous in OVL, so make sure to keep your distance during that
time. When she says to run, by the way, she means it: she casts an ice spell
that is similar to Splash in the sense that you can use Recovering after the
first hit, but can’t guard for the continuing hits.

Judith leaves the party and Raven rejoins you after all the events have passed.
Speak with everyone, then choose to rest. Let’s head to Dangrest now, but
while we’re passing by in Heriod, make sure to talk to the two that are
talking when you walk in for Patty’s Gald Searcher title. In Dangrest, sleep
at the inn once Karol, Raven and Patty leave the party on ~official business~.
Seems like drama is kicking up between the guilds again, so let’s exit to the
world map via the west exit, but first Patty jumps out of the sky and rejoins
you…? Anyway, once on the world map, head west, go across the bridge, and head
towards the structure.

[ Manor of the Wicked ]

Let’s head inside once you get control. Ekuserento! There’s a Lemon Gumi at
the back and some gald to your left. Inspect one of the knights for some
armour. To your right is a hallway. In the first room, inspect the weapons
lined up for equipment for Rita. On the right wall of the hallway, from the
first door to the last: Orange Gel, Apple Gel, inspect the table at the back
for a weapon for Patty. Enter the back door of the hall and inspect the
bookshelf for a Panacea Bottle. Inspect the wines in the back for a Holy
Bottle. Now we can head up the stairs. Inspect the stuff left of the save point
for some equipment. Save and proceed right. In the first room, there’s
something in the back that you can read if you want. On the right wall, first
door, inspect the weapons for equipment for Karol. In the second door, inspect
the cabinet for a Limit Bottle, and in the third door, there’s a weapon for
Repede. Proceed into the back door for a scene. Looks like it’s time to run
back to Dangrest.

Well, as Ghandi said, “a man who was completely innocent, offered himself as a
sacrifice for the good of others, including his enemies, and became the ransom
of the world. It was a perfect act.”

Go in the direction of the westernmost bar and speak with Karol. After, go
inside the bar and speak with the lady at the back (Bunny Guild sidequest). Go
towards the exit to speak with Estelle, nyon ☆ Rita is at the bridge. Everyone
will rejoin you once you get on the ship. It’s off to Temuza Mountain, but
instead of going from Nodoporika, there is a small beach right by Yoomugen.
Keep sailing against this until you can land. North is your destination.

[ Temuza Mountain ]

You may notice some paths which you should be able to access via the
Sorcerer’s Ring, but can’t. This is because you need to get Sorcerer’s Ring
3 before you can access these. We’ll be coming back here later with Bauru to
access these paths.

Grab the Tent at your left first. Head down the path for a scene. Go to the
clearing for a weapon for Patty and up for two herbs. Go back up and continue
along the path. When there is a chest behind a bush, you can’t burn it down
yet, so continue going up for a Lemon Gel and a scene further up. Soon after
you’ll get Suzeku+1 for Repede. Across the bridge, you’ll get a scene where
you’ll meet Judii. Save and grab the weapon for Estelle on the bridge right of
you, then continue down it and up the path. Grab the weapon for Judii to the
right. On the path that’s right next to where you came in is a Fake. Go back
to the right path now and make sure to grab the chest and save.


SECRET MISSION: Knock down Nan and Tison when they get their weapons stuck in
the ground. Personally I did not use Yuri for this fight as he’s that one
party member for me that is flexible and can easily be switched out for someone
else (I main Rita), and Judii was required so I switched him out for her.
Obviously use a knockdown-enabled arte. For Yuri something like Garougeki
works, but he has multiple knockdown-enabled artes just as Judii does. For
Judii you can go with something like Fuugetsu or Engetsu. Personally I chose to
use Judii until I knocked both of them down. Knocking both of them down will
get you a ‘Great!’ and the trophy.

	I’m back, kids!

While although Nan can heal, Tison loves to wail on anyone and everyone, so
wipe him out first. Make sure to Magic Lens them both. Make sure to watch when
their weapons get stuck in the ground (Nan’s is easier to see, of course) and
use a knockdown-enabled arte immediately. Both of them are heavy hitters, Tison
being more close-combat and more efficient at chaining and Nan specializing at
mostly long-distance. To easily identify when Tison has his weapon stuck in the
ground, go to the menu during battle and hold down square, then press R2 until
you’re at the maximum zoom and press L1 so you have a good view of the ground.
I recommend going after Tison first because he LOVES to interrupt you and while
although Nan also casts Stone Blast and Rock Break, it’s not as bad. Make sure
not to kill them before you knock them down or else you’ll have to restart the

Nan’s attack lands her upside down and gets her weapon stuck in the ground
(this may be harder because this can knock you down). Attack her when she does
this. Tison’s attack is when he plunges his weapon into the earth and causes
another impact not too far away from him. Tison’s may be harder as he moves
rather fast and moves a lot. You might want to try this on Hard (to increase
the HP).

Well wasn’t that fun? You’ll probably want to heal and save first. Before
going inside the cave, head to the leftmost path for some items. Bauru is
trying to Digivolve but Judii stops Estelle before she can try to heal him.
Judii will collapse and you’ll need to talk to all your party members again.
You’ll now have control of Bauru!

[ Misc II ]

SIDEQUEST: DARK ENFORCER: Let’s head over to Mantaiku. Speak with the
well-dressed gentleman by the water. Yuu is right in front of the inn. Remember
the scene we got with Karol when we walked in? Rest at the inn for that now.

SIDEQUEST: KOWZ BOY: The alley by the inn is no longer blocked off, so go here
and speak with the boy in the cow costume. Give him an Apple Gel and he’ll
give you Milk.

Go to Ehmead Hill and inspect the blastia. Go to Aspio (where you first snuck
in) and inspect the bookshelf for Hermes’ Notes. Sleep at the inn. Rita learns
Negaitve Gate.

In Dangrest, in the bar in the western part of town, you can now play a
waiter/waitress minigame. The easiest strategy for me was to always take one
order at a time, write down the easily remembered characters, go to the menu,
pause until I found it and then put down how many they wanted and give them
their order. You’ll get costumes for clearing all three levels. If you
haven’t done it already, register for the Bunny Guild. Also talk to the woman
in the back of the bar if you haven’t done that yet.

Now that we have control over Bauru, let’s get started on making that darn
S-Flag R! From Mantaiku, head north east, then adjust your camera slightly so
that you’re going directly north. Soon enough you should see a piece of land
in which there are two mountains on the side of it. Land and it should read
Yuruzorea Region on the top right of the menu. The enemies here give off about
1000 exp/b and nothing diminishes except for difficulty, so put your setting on
Easy (if you want to) and start looking for the mushroom guys that are hopping
around. These drop the mushroom skin material for the S-Flag R, and once you
have enough, you can finally go ahead and synth it.

Head over to Nodoporika now for a scene on one of the bridges leading up to the
coliseum. Speaking of which, you can now participate in the coliseum if you
want to. The 200 man melee will not be accessible until you clear the EX
dungeon, but I recommend looking into clearing the EX dungeon and the 200 man
melee with everyone because you get free cameo costumes. If you’re wondering
why you can’t access 100 man melee right off the bat, it’s because you need
to clear all the other levels first.

Let’s start the King of Adventure sidequest if you haven’t already. Hey, I’m
not your babysitter… Fly near Aspio and there’ll be something that appears to
be similar to Nova’s Caravan from Tales of Symphonia. Speak with the people
here until he keeps saying the same thing. Come back here whenever you can
after you defeat a Giganto for some stuff. Speaking of Gigantos, let’s go back
to Temuza Mountain. Remember that you can jump to a location by simply going to
your map and pressing R3 on the desired destination.


	Well, he’s big.

First of all, put something like Rock Break on one of your shortcuts so you
can have Rita spam this. Obviously, aerial artes a good choice here (e.g.
Kogahazan), but Ressaishouha is an excellent choice for its earth element.

This guy moves a moderate speed, but like most Gigantos, he hits hard and can
and will corner you. His huge wingspan spells trouble, so keep your
distance?gun and run is a good strategy. Being smart with your OVL is nice.
Make sure to attack from behind since going up in front of him and attacking is
a really dumb strategy, seeing as how he’ll just prevent you from chaining him
whatsoever and totally demolish you. Also, he has a mini Meteor Swarm as well,
so have fun with that.

That wraps everything up, so fly over the Kogoru Sands now and land at the rock
structure. After everything goes down, it’s time to head off to our next
dungeon, but first we’ve got to head down to Aspio. Synth the S-Flag if you
haven’t already and make your field character Judii once you’re there. Speak
with the Kritya man in the middle of the city. Stop by Rita’s place after the
scene. Everyone rejoins the party save for Patty, so head out and talk to her.
Now that we have Patty back, get on Bauru and sail around the lower half of the
middle continent until you see a beach with some red stuff on it. Pretty hard
to miss. You’ll need to dock there, so make sure to switch to your boat.

[ Reinsura ]

Go inside and go straight up the path for some equipment for Patty, then go
left for a scene. (All the graves belong to the crew of the guild Patty was
in.) Go directly left after the scene for some more equipment for Patty, then
go up the path closest to you. Go through the door Judii opened up for you and
examine the pedestal for a scene. Speak with Patty and Repede. The exit is to
your right; you’ll get a scene. Ah, poor Patty… She’ll get the Shinjitsu ni
Nayameru Shoujo title.

It’s time to depart to Egoso Forest now. Thankfully, it’s not far from where
you are, so just head northwestish until you find it. (It’s not the first
place you’ll see; Egoso Forest is at the tip of the continent.)

[ Egoso Forest ]

Man, world map monsters give off better EXP than you...

On your immediate right is a Panacea Bottle. Further up the path and to the
left is a weapon for either Yuri or Karol. Go left for a Magic Lens. Go up the
path here for a scene and a small battle. NPC healers, man. Don’t go up the
bridge closest to you and instead continue up the path for another bridge.
Cross this one and continue for a scene and more forced combat. Go back to the
bridge you saw earlier and continue along the path for a weapon for Rita, then
attempt to enter the passage. Go up to the fork and go left for 3000 gald, then
proceed down the right path for a save point. Instead of continuing to go up,
let’s take the right path for a new best friend!


	Did you change from my last playthrough or is it just me?

Feel free to go ahead and try this one later in the game. Your typical
Giganto, except he moves kinda super fast. Horses with wings and horns aren’t
things you should screw around with, especially not with that attack stat of
932 and a ridiculous amount of HP at 990k. I can guarantee you that if you are
not prepared, with at least two people with Item Thrower, your entire party
will die instantly. If you are level 33 or something around that area he will
kill you in one hit while you’re trying to run from him. 2k damage in one hit
just isn’t fair, man! But this is why we saved!

This guy is one tough cookie. It doesn’t really matter if you focus on
physical attacks or spells here, since his defense is balanced, which makes
this much easier. Close-combat?or rather, gun and run?would be ideal seeing as
how he will interrupt your casting like a bull to a red cape. Naturally, he
will rush forward and deal multiple hits, but the unique thing about him is
that he’ll rush forward, effectively knocking you down, then suddenly stop as
if he wasn’t trying to engage a combo at all, and then continue to knock you
down, giving you pretty much no chance to run until he walks off. Good luck.

Make sure to pick up the spare chests around here before heading back to the
save point and up the path. There’s also a Fake hiding here, so make sure to
find it. Man, these knights are even more persistent than they are in Abyss.
Anyway, after everything is over with, you’ll be able to enter your next
location. Make sure the text next to the X button at the bottom of the screen
isn’t おりる because you’ll just land in the water.

[ Myuruzo ]

If you haven’t done it already, take off any stuff you might wanna keep
that’s equipped to either Estelle or Raven (Sephiras, Dice, etc). Anything
else isn’t really necessary.

In the clearing before the huge door, inspect some stuff at the bottom for
Barrier, your 100% healing tent. You’ll be able to buy these later. Head into
the actual city now for a quick scene. Fumu. The shop is up the first set of
stairs to your right. The building next to it is a free inn thinger. Not much
else to do here besides a warehouse if you started that sidequest, so let’s go
up the stairs to the left of the inn and into the elder’s house. As the Child
of the Full Moon, Estelle is a messenger of the end of the world…!?

There’s not much we can do for her, so rest at the inn. Raven leaves the party
as well. Let’s head out the big door for a scene. Go back inside the town and
head down the steps which are kind of missable, but they’re to your right for
Wonder Chef. Speak to some people and then head back out the big doors. Raven
is a traitor? What’s going on here Bobby Hill explain yourself!!! …Ahem.
It’s time to head to Yomugen, so hop on Bauru, open up the world map, find it
and press R3 to arrive automatically. Flynn joins your party. Our princess is
in another castle, dude. It’s time to head to Bakution, so talk to Flynn for a
scene and access to our next dungeon. It isn’t too far from Egoso.

[ Bakution ]

Do you think it’s funny when you make a dungeon with rooms that all look the
same? C’MON, MAN!

Meet up with Flynn and Patty inside, which allows you to go to the world map
and save/what have you if need be. When you're ready, grab the Dark Bottle off
to the lower left hand corner, then head down the ladder to the upper right.
This is where stuff gets confusing, so make sure to follow the guide carefully.

Go left to get a scene and your very own map! Head left again; at the bottom of
the screen is a chest.  Go left once more and then up for a save point, then
proceed through the passage for another scene. The pedestal glows when you hit
it with the Ring, but don't worry about it for right now. Go straight ahead and
down the stairs. Going down grabs you 8000 gald; to proceed head left and down
twice. Inspect the statue here. Go down for a save point and proceed down the
hall, then right. Go up for two chests, then back to the room you were in
before and go right again for another scene and some forced combat. (Basically,
the barrier here is a lock, and Alexei was able to nullify it via Estelle's
power so he could proceed.)

Duke shows up and lends Yuri his sword to “see the resolve that moved Fero”.
Hi Ougi (Mystic Artes) will now start showing up (as in, it's appearing in the
next boss fight), and Dein Nomos has the Special (スペシャル) skill, so feel
free to go ahead and grind for that. To execute a Hi Ougi, be in Overlimit
Level 3 or above with the Special skill equipped, and hold the regular attack
(O) button after performing an arcane arte, altered arte, Burst Arte or
high-ranking spell (such as Ground Dasher). The Special skill is found under
the portion of your skills section with the red icon. Remember to get the
Special skill before the end of this chapter because once the third chapter
starts, you'll lose Dein Nomos.

Enough of that nonsense. Grab the chest in the upper left hand corner, then
through the previously blocked passage and left. There's a weapon for Patty in
this room. Go up and into the next room for a scene, then go up again and
right. If you head up, you can grab some armour. Go right, grab the weapon for
Flynn in the upper right hand corner, then down, then left; this gets you to
the stairs, so go up them to reach  B1F again. Go left and up. Because what's a
Team Symphonia game without pitch dark rooms that you can easily fall in? Fall
three times intentionally to get yourself a Magic Lantern.

This is where the pedestals that you saw earlier come in. Hit them with your
Sorcerer’s Ring to case them to shine; however, these are bigger, so they
illuminate more than the pedestals in the rooms before. Use these to navigate
yourself as you proceed. When in the next room, go down the stairs, and head
up. At the end of the hallway is a save point. In the next room are some
chests. Proceed to the next room when ready.


SECRET MISSION: Your window of opportunity is not very big here. One or two
times during the battle, Schwann will use an arte whilst in Overlimit that
impacts the entire area. Make SURE you have Recovering here or else you'll be
relying on pure luck to not be knocked down; while in air, mash your square
button to recover and land on your feet, then, while he's clutching his
chest/is bent over, use an arte like Genrouzan (幻狼斬) on him. This will knock
him down and you will earn the trophy.

I'm sorry did you want a funny comment? I'm all out, man, but I could try
improvising for a quarter.

Well, this is fun! Don't worry about taking off equipment for Flynn as he
doesn't leave you right now. Close combat is recommended here because it can
snab you the SM more easily, as well as not having to worry about being
interrupted during casting?and trust me, he will interrupt Rita a lot because
haha, just because I'm weaker to spells doesn't mean you're going to be able to
cast them! He'll also knock you down a lot, and pretty much prevent you from
comboing in general. Unfortunately, just because you're getting knocked down
doesn't mean you'll have a good window of opportunity to actually use
Recovering. Ressaishouha is useful here because he might be getting knocked
down a lot too. While although he can't actually rack up hits against you very
often because you're being knocked down so much, he compensates for it with his
ridiculous Phys Attack stat. He also uses his Hi Ougi, so please be careful of

Schwann was given the Hermes Blastia on his heart by Alexei when he died during
the Great War ten years ago, replacing his heart and giving him new life with
the new name of Schwann. He was the one who had captured Estellise and had been
working under Alexei this entire time in order to pay off his debt to him for
giving him another chance. Raven was an alter ego that he had created.

Now that we've watched one of the many depressing scenes in the game, let's
head to a town, get some rest and stock up on supplies before our next dungeon.
Drop by Deidon Hold as well for a meeting with Duke where you met him the first
time when it was just Yuri, Estelle and Repede.

To locate our next dungeon, head down to Zafiasu and you'll get a scene once
you move northwest a bit. Herakuresu is kind of hard to find since it's so...
tiny, but it's directly left of that land formation off the coast of Zafiasu;
you'll get a scene as soon as you're close enough. Poor Karol. By the way, you
won't be leaving until you clear the dungeon, which is why I told you to stock
up before departing. Use your Holy Bottles wisely.

[ Herakuresu ]

This scene always made me laugh, especially because Rita and Patty didn't want
to feel left out. You have Raven back now and he gets a title, too. If you have
him in your party with Flynn, you'll get an after battle quote about calling
Raven Schwann (“Good work, Captain Schwann.” “I'm not Schwann, I'm RAVEN.”
“Captain Raven...!” “Hohoho...?!”). Anyway, let's get moving.

You can talk to one of the knights to stock up if you haven't already. The path
right next to him leads to a weapon for Judii. Following the main path, go down
both sets of stairs. At the bottom, to your right, is a chest. Go left and down
the next set of stairs and then immediately right for a Limit Bottle. Go
through the door now. Proceed down the path until you get a scene. You get a
Sorcerer's Ring upgrade.

Continue all the way downstairs and take the leftmost ladder for a chest. The
rightmost ladder contains a chest as well. Near the leftmost ladder is a
device; activate it (first option). Go through the door near you for a scene.
Go all the way downstairs for a save point. Go (mostly) back upstairs and
examine the door on the second floor; hit it with your Ring. Inside, examine
the rightmost boxes for a weapon for Rita. On the top floor, take the path
going right and go through the door. You should be outside now. Go up the
stairs and right for equipment for Patty. Go up the next set of stairs and keep
going left for a chest. Go up the stairs here and enter the door to your far
right. Follow the path until you reach a ladder and a door. You need to open
some gates and the puzzle is rather tedious, so follow carefully.

Yellow: Take the door. At the bottom of the screen is a device that you need to
hit with your Ring to deactivate the Yellow Gate.

Red: At the top of the ladder (in the room you first entered) is a block that
you can push around. Move it to the left, onto the next screen. Right in front
of you is a fence that you can destroy with the Ring. Now that the path is
clear, push the block over the side, destroying the red device and successfully
deactivating the red gate.

Blue: From where you are go downstairs and take the ladder leading down (kind
of hard to spot). Proceed right for a scene where Patty and Flynn talk about
Yuri and his sins and what Flynn really thinks about Yuri. Go back to where the
ladder was and at the bottom of the screen on the right should be a retractable
ladder, so examine it to lower it. Back where you got the scene with Flynn and
Patty, climb up the ladder and go left for a weapon for Karol. You'll see the
boxes being carried around. This is kind of tricky since you can't see that
well here, but adjust the screen character so that you're aligned with the blue
device below you. You need to time yourself right so that you can hit a box
with your Ring and it will fall, destroying the blue device and thus
deactivating the blue gate.

White: Go back down the ladder to where you saw the scene with Flynn and Patty.
To the left is a ladder leading down; take it. If you go down the next ladder
you'll see a purple device. You'll need to drop one of the blocks with your
Ring again to destroy the device below. This deactivates the white gate.

Green: Go all the way back up to where you first entered this room. Go across
the bridge to examine the console which became accessible once you deactivated
the white gate. Now go all the way back down to the floor in which the purple
device was located. There's a device right next to the ladder. Select the first
option so it rises very far up, and meet it there. Push the block that's on the
lift and, assuming you left it in the default position, push it down once, then
all the way so that it's in the bottom left hand corner of the platform. Push
it over the edge to destroy the green device and effectively deactivating the
green gate.

Now you can go across the bridge and save. For the next SM, throw Karol in your
party. You can also do this later, at the end of the game?in Namco Isle you're
able to fight bosses again, and the SMs you execute there should count so you
can get the True Knight costume for Yuri without having to worry about doing
the SM right on the spot. Proceed through the door when ready.


SECRET MISSION: At some point during the battle, Zagi will poison himself in
order to poison the party members during the fight. Just switch to Karol, make
your default arte Kasshin Recover Stamp (活心リカバースタンプ), run up to him
and use it. This nabs you the trophy. Rather quick and easy.

Man, no. Just. No. Stop. Why are you so persistent? This is borderline
stalking, man!

He isn't any different than he usually is. He's a powerhouse that moves far
too fast for his own good and constantly switches targets. Casting will be
incredibly frustrating here, but you can pull it off. Feel free to Hi Ougi him
as you wish. Remember that he's weaker to spells than regular physical attacks.
Also, watch out for the (very annoying) poison.

That's our brilliant magical girl! Also, free panty shot from the twins!
Beautiful shot.

Examine the thing that the tubes filled with aer are on for some Magic Lenses.
Go up the stairs, through the door, save, down the ladder (leftmost of the door
where you first entered, in front of the left staircase), then down the
retractable ladder that you dropped earlier, exit (bottom of the screen; should
see a green device that you used earlier for the previous puzzle when you walk
into the next room). Go up the stairs and find the door that you can open with
your Ring and grab the chest. Go back downstairs and through the big doors and
keep going down until you get a scene. Flynn leaves the party.

Save and open the chest near the save point. Making sure to grab the chest
right before the doors, go through the doors that knights had been blocking
previously. Go through the next door for a scene. Examining the device gets you
back outside. To the left and right of you are chests (for the right chest you
have to go farther up). Go up to the platform for some scenes. After, go down
the right staircase, right, then outside. Three cheers for really great
animated cutscenes!

Once you gain control of Yuri again, head outside for another scene. Go back to
the inn room and speak with Rita. Once everyone rejoins the party, it's time to
take the other way around so we can access Zafiasu. Exit to the world map. Once
you reach Efumido Hill, notice the fork and go on the left path. Follow the ice
until you reach your destination.

[ Zofearu Blade Drifts ]

Judii, aren't you cold...?

Go up and left for a chest, then continue going forward. Grab the chest to the
left. Cross the path and grab the chest (the dude that's protecting the place
won't actually do anything but swim under you right now). Proceed and he'll
mess you up, so backtrack to where a new path was created after the scene,
grabbing the chest along the way. Ignore the fork when you reach it and keep
going straight. At the other fork, there's a Limit Bottle to your left; if you
continue he'll break the ice there and you will be able to access an alternate
path. Poor Raven, man.

Near the path he just created, you can take the path leading down for a chest.
When given the opportunity to go right, ignore it, and instead just keep going
forward, making sure to grab the weapons for Judii, Patty and Raven, as well as
the Cure Bottle. He'll break the ice again so go all the way back to the right
path that you ignored earlier. Grab the Life Bottle and proceed. Please make
sure to save here. There's armour for either Estelle or Raven at the bottom of
the screen, right path. Immediately take the left path leading up to get a
Tent. Now approach the aer krene.


SECRET MISSION: The boss will sometimes swim below the ice and stick out his
fin for an attack. Simply run up and hit it a few times to stop the attack from
below, earning you the trophy. Note that Thunder Blade works very well for this.


You'll start the fight out as Karol. Unless you want to start dealing some
damage already, simply guard and defend, healing yourself when necessary. You
need to Magic Lens him twice?when you're alone as Karol and when the rest of
the party joins you. When the party does rejoin you, you have to form a party
that includes Karol.

There's not much to say about this boss. You'll find yourself running a lot,
and it's good to keep your distance and only switch to close combat when needed
(namely for the SM). You can do this as a gun and run fight as well. He might
kill you in two hits if you're not careful/are underlevelled, unfortunately, so
watch out for his strong hits. Close combat is especially annoying because
he'll randomly cast Champagne that only covers the area around him. It's kind
of difficult to stagger him as well, and while although he moves somewhat slow,
he still moves around the battlefield a lot, mostly targeting either your
caster or 1P.

Bossu will be unable to participate in battle for a little while. He'll also
gain a title.

Grab the chest to your right via down then up. Keep following the path; when
first given the opportunity to go right, do so, then go up for a Limit Bottle.
Go back to the main path. There's a Magic Lens near the exit. After the scene,
Karol rejoins the party. Instead of exiting, take the path to the left for a
gel and a weapon for Rita which includes the Special skill. Because you bought
the PS3 version, not only will you be able to perform Ancient Catastrophe with
her, but you will also be able to perform Indignation given you complete the
requirements. You can keep following the path for various items.

Exit to the world map when you're ready.

Follow the general direction of south. You should eventually reach the beach
and find the ruins you explored with Rita at the beginning of the game. Go to
Haruru now and rest at the inn. Once you gain control again, head over to the
mayor's place. Yoderu shows up. Go back to your inn room now. Attempt to depart
to the world map for a scene with Yoderu. Once you gain control again, head out
to Kuoi Forest. Once inside, go to where the broken blastia is. Yuri you...

Repede gets a title. It's off to the capital now, so head towards Deidon Hold,
but first, let's fight our next Giganto. He spawns on the world map, but it's
pretty much impossible to mistake him for a common enemy.


Oh, c'mon, back ups? Really? And no matter how many times I kill them you just
send more? Real cute.

Well, as expected, he is a total powerhouse and he moves at you rather fast.
The reinforcements are INCREDIBLY annoying. Time your OVL right and make it
count. When he goes into OVL, he's even more dangerous, especially with the
fact that he can't be knocked down. It's best if you have one or two people on
“Attack Different From 1P” so you're not always having to kill the other guys
and not the actual boss. He'll kill your party members pretty easily. If you've
managed to get Tidal Wave at this point it's time to break it in and spam
OVL+Ika shoryaku! Tidaru Weibu!. Also note that you do not have to fight him
right now and can instead fight him after you get Estelle back.

Now that that's done, head back and travel through Kuoi Woods until you're at
the opposite side. G southeast, then southwest when you reach the trail for a
scene with the knights. Flynn offers to hold off the enemies so you can go save
Estellise from Arukesei, so get yourself in gear! After that motivating scene,
you'll get a good view of the current Zafiasu, as well a complementary
motivating skit. Ignore the dust and head to Zafiasu; doesn't matter which part
you come in from.

- Zafiasu Shiro 2 -

Wow guys, I really love what you did with the place!

After the scene, watch the skit, then proceed towards the castle. You're in the
middle section of Zafiasu, so it's not that long of a walk. Also, while
although the enemies look the same, they're actually different, so please make
sure to Magic Lens them to add them to your enemy book. As soon as you approach
the castle gates, you'll get a scene, and will now be able to access it
courtesy Karol. Enter the castle.

Go right and up after the scene. You'll get a scene; the people of the Lower
Quarter are safe. You can save, restore your HP and TP with the curry at the
rightmost side of the screen, and talk to the person in the upper left hand
corner to buy supplies. Note that you can get a weapon for Patty at the store
here that contains her Special skill. Let's leave now and get on to the
dungeon, shall we?

Go back to where you first entered and go left now. You'll be in the room with
the megami zou. Go up and immediately right. You'll be in a courtyard that
wasn't accessible previously because of the knights that were pursuing Yuri. Go
up into the next room; you'll see a blastia in the shape of a swword as well as
a save point. Inspect behind the blastia for a Lapus Lazuli. Go up to the very
top and open the big doors. You'll get a scene. After, grab the two chests
here. Examine the doors at the top. You need to find four tenshi zou which must
be done in the following order.

Go back to the previous room and immediately go right. Once in the angel room,
get the two chests and hit the statue with your Ring. One out of four done.

Let's go back to the megami zou now. Go left and activate the angel here. Two
out of four done.

Go back to where the second save point is. On the top floor there, go right
instead of left, open the chests, and hit the angel. Three out of four done.

Now go back to where you first entered the castle. Go left twice, down the
stairs, then up to reach the fourth and final angel. You get a complementary
puzzle solved sound to compensate for the fact that you are not a young boy and
you cannot become a legend because you have figured this puzzle out.

Go back to the room with the second save point and through the audience hall.
The doors will now be open once you hit it with your Ring, so go through them
and proceed upwards.


	Ready for the most heart wrenching boss in the game, kids?!

Estellise isn't too hard to fight. Prevent her from casting, obviously, as
she'll try to heal herself. Both casting and close combat works here, as she
won't really chain you, especially if you manage to stack up the hits first. If
you're like me and this battle tore you up inside, good luck on the second part.

SECRET MISSION: After the scene when you beat Estellise with the whole party,
you'll have to fight Estellise as Yuri alone. The SM here is very easy; all you
need to do is use the Mother's Memento item. If you did not make sure to do
that sidequest, you are not getting True Knight title this playthrough,

Estellise is obviously harder to fight when it's just Yuri fighting; she's
more likely to cast and chain you as you don't have multiple party members just
plain wailing on her. Free run is your friend here. Be smart about when and how
you use your OVL and Hi Ougi (the best combo for me has also been OVL3 (left on
D-Pad)+ougi/arcane arte such as 爪竜連牙斬+burst arte (hold down X while
executing ougi)+Hi Ougi (hold down O while executing burst arte). Limit Bottles
are also your friend. If you grinded, you'd be in a pretty good spot right now.
Also, don't be like me and assume that you have to die and you'll get a scene
after because... you won't. O-oops.

“Welcome home.” “I'm back.”

Firstly, let's save once you get control of Yuri again. From the save point, go
downstairs and into the courtyard. Speak with Judii. Exit the courtyard and
take the path leading down. Go left and up for Estelle and Rita. Exit the room
and go to the prison to speak with Raven; make sure to grab the equipment in
the upper right hand corner. Go to the castle entrance hall to speak with
Patty. Go to the dining hall to speak with Karol and Repede, and then go to the
right room right before the entry hall and speak with the man there to wrap up.

Meet with your party near the middle section's exit of the town. Poor Karol,
man. Flynn joins your party. Depart to the world map.

[ Misc III ]

* If you haven't done it already, go defeat the Giganto monster that spawns
outside Deidon Hold if you wish.
* You can still start the Dog Map sidequest. Mark territory via sleeping in the
* You might have gotten a skit about filling at least half of the monster book.
Go to Kapua Noru for a scene with Nan if you did. You can also meet Duke for a
final time on the bridge leading to where you first met Patty.
* In Capwa Torim, go inside the lighthouse and speak with the woman inside.
Follow Patty up the ladder. Attempt to leave via the door on the floor that
Patty is on. Outside, you can inspect the box for a Holy Bottle. Inside,
inspect the leftmost side of the cabinet, then the right shelf. Inspect the
right part of the cabinet. Go down the ladder; when Patty asks you if you want
to go back, choose the first option. She'll rejoin the party. Go to where the
palm tree is now and speak with the lady for a scene with Judith.
* In Nodoporika, the warehouse is now available.
* * REQUIREMENT FOR EX DUNGEON: Drop by Fero's place and examine the weird
thinger at the top. At the top of the hill, speak with the sage. Speak to him
one more time and choose to rest. Go back inside and speak with him again for a
scene with him, Judii and Estelle.
* Go to Dangrest. On the path leading to the center of the town, you'll get a
scene; Flynn gets a title (for being tortured by Raven OKAY I SEE HOW IT IS).
Head down to the Yunion now for a scene involving Raven. This MUST be done
before entering Zaude or else you can't get his super neat Schwann costume
after wrapping up Zaude. Feel free to talk to the Bunny Guild person if you've
gotten some more titles. Go stay at the inn for a title for Flynn.
* There are several new items you can find in Bakution.
* With your upgraded Ring, you can break down various objects that were in your
way of chests before, including a Judii doll attachment for Repede. This
becomes relevant as a minigame later in the game.
* There's a sidequest available in Heriod where you can get Repede's Special
* Go ahead and camp out somewhere for a scene. Flynn gets a title.
* Go to Haruru. By the stairs of the inn is a man in green, so speak with him.
He convinces Raven to count 90,000 petals on the ground. Raven learns an arte.
Go to Capwa Noru and speak with Sicily on the bridge leading to where you first
met Patty. Raven gets a skill and a title. Go to Torimu's docks and approach
the warehouse and you'll get your ship upgraded?you can now fish stuff out of
the sea.
* If you need to grind, throw your difficulty on Easy (doesn't affect your
LP/EXP count) and direct yourself towards Namco Isle. It's way at the upper
left hand corner on the map. From one two-monster encounter link, you get
around 3000 EXP/battle, as well as, at most, about 20 LP.

Depart to Zaude now. It's smack dab in the middle of the world map. It's not
too far from the ghost ship if you can't find it. Arrive via ship.

[ Zaude ]

If you haven't done it already, get Yuri his Special skill, because after this
dungeon, you'll lose Dein Nomos. By entering Zaude, you can no longer access
the EX Dungeon or obtain Raven's Schwann costume, unfortunately.

You can't go in from the front (which would actually save us a lot of time...),
so let's go right for a chest and a save point. Examine the vent for a scene.
Inside, ignore the pedestals for now and take the left path. To your right are
several chests, including a key item. Go back to the main room and examine the
blue pedestal that you passed and hit it with your Ring. The water will rise.
(Switch to Repede as the field character to see him doggy paddle; switch to
Karol to see him use his bag for support.) Swim around to find numerous chests.
You can also now go to the upper level of the room where you found that key
item for some more chests, including a weapon for Judii. Go up the left
staircase that you couldn't access before; you'll get a scene. Go up the stairs
now. Go up the stairs on both sides for a chest. Enter the door at the very
bottom, save, and go through the next door.


SECRET MISSION: Our infamous secret mission 18. I have personally never done
this secret mission, or attempted to, until I wrote this guide because I really
wanted to avoid pain. At one point in the battle Iegaa will reveal the blastia
on his heart; this is considered his second form. Break his guard to encounter
a certain animation and use Shigure to destroy his blastia. Follow
Policrama_Sol's method. Throw Repede in your party. On his semiauto settings,
make his default arte Shunjiken (first arte) and on the right stick put Raven's
Shigure (first arte). You don't have to play as him until the second part, so
don't sweat about having to play as him the entire battle unless you don't have
Moon Selector or you're a Repede main/like playing as Repede. Now, during the
second part of the battle, mash triangle and immediately switch to your Secret
Mission strategy (go back up to Zagi 2 to see the strategy I explained; the
only difference here is that I put Raven on artes only and turned off every
single arte but Shigure just in case his AI got the hit in). Switch to Repede,
throw out the Magic Lens, then, when he guards, proceed to use Shunjinken and
only Shunjinken. However, you CANNOT go into OVL and you cannot spam this over
and over. You need to give him about one or two seconds, and THEN use
Shunjinken again if you did not break his guard/did not get the animation. In
the animation you're looking for, Iegaa staggers, but looks rather tired and is
slouching (the best thing you can do for yourself is look it up on YouTube and
see what animation you're looking for). As soon as you see that animation,
abuse your right stick. This is the easiest way to get the SM, though it may
take you a few tries. Literally no other method worked for me. (For healing
during this part, just manually go to Estelle's artes menu and have her use


PS3 exclusive boss theme ahoy! Iegaa is no different from last time other than
the fact that he's stronger and he doesn't have any dumb reinforcements. Also,
he has a Hi Ougi now, and it's pretty powerful and he spams it (only uses it in
his second form), but at least you get a sick cut-in. It's no place to cast
here so switch to someone like Flynn and gang up on him, with a First Aid in
your Artes Orb L1/R1 slots or something so you can heal if you wish, as well as
Shugohojin (damage+healing at the same time YEAH!). As always, be careful
around him, with an onslaught of TIDARU WEIBU/MAJINKEN RAGZOU. He will knock
you down ALL THE TIME and at least one person in your party will keep on dying
over and over, most likely?namely, Rita, so turn off all her Phys Artes and
instead reform your strategy so that she hardly goes up and attacks, that is,
if she's in your party at all. Casting is absolutely not necessary here, so you
can throw in a free Judii/Karol/whoever you might not use all that often
instead of her. He also has a habit of reflecting attacks (well, not
necessarily reflecting as much as it is higher defense against them).

After the fight proceed to the next room and you'll find your next Giganto.


He can OHKO one of your party members if you're not careful and can actually do
up around 1k damage in one hit. He keeps his distance, allowing you to cast
easy and efficiently. Spam that Violent Pain/Negative Gate/Photon/Angel
Ring/Holy Lance, man! OVL is your best friend. Obviously avoid any attacks that
are elemental and not of Light or Dark element. His Magic Def is WAY lower than
his Phys Def, so it's definitely the way to go here.

Behind the Giganto includes a Rod which has Estellise's Special skill.

Go up the stairs and you'll get a scene in which you obtain the Maris Stella.

Back downstairs go through the right door. Up the stairs and to your far right
is a weapon for Patty. Drag the pedestal there so that it falls to the first
floor, directly from its default position. Drag it so that it is position right
in front of the other pedestal, then raise the water via the blue device on the
second floor. Once the water has risen, go up to the rightmost stairs and cross
the path you made for yourself via dragging the pedestal. Go all the way down
to the pink device and position yourself so that you are on the left side of
it; otherwise this will mess up once you hit the device with your Ring and
reset the pedestal's location, forcing you to redo it. Get the chest and then
go through the door, following the halls as necessary. (Ignore the thing you
come across in the middle of the way to your next room.) Go downstairs to the
upper right pedestal and drag it down into the water to make a path for
yourself, allowing you to access a door that leads back to the place right
after you fought Iegaa and get two chests. Go back to the main downstairs area
and in the bottom left corner, there's a pedestal, so push it all the way to
right then into the water. Move your blue pedestal to the bottom left corner of
its platform. Now position yourself on the pedestal so that you can hit the
blue pedestal whilst standing on it. Grab the two chests there, one of which
includes a key item, then hit the pink device with your ring, successfully
destroying the barrier in the process. Go through the right door on this floor
and examine the object you passed by earlier, then hit it with your Ring. Take
the small shortcut from earlier downstairs so you can access the door you just
unlocked, making sure to grab the chests before proceeding through the door at
the very bottom.


SECRET MISSION: Basically the same as Schwann's. After he uses his Hi Ougi
he'll have to recover, so go up and wail on him when the opportunity strikes.
It may take you a few tries, but at least it's not going to make you pull all
your hair out like Iegaa did.


As expected Alexei is, well, a bit of a challenge. You can either cast or go
all out with melee attacks here as it doesn't really matter. He has Shugohojin
which is INCREDIBLY annoying and he can cast a few spells here and there. At
one point in the fight he'll start spamming his Hi Ougi and that's what makes
the SM so difficult?it's insanely powerful and pretty much kills everyone. He
has area-effective attacks and long-range attacks. As any human boss his hits
are incredibly effective and can drain HP fast and moves rather quickly. He
won't exactly constantly switch targets all the time if you have one or two
people ganging up on him all the time. Cast whichever spells you fancy and
execute whichever elemental-based arte you want because he doesn't have any
resistances or weaknesses here. Unfortunately this is one of the SMs that
doesn't assist you too much during the actual fight. Remember that right D-Pad
is only one bar of OVL and left D-Pad is three bars, so execute your OVL, burst
artes, and Hi Ougi appropriately and wisely. Be extra careful when he casts
Tidal Wave because if you're not in OVL it'll screw you all up.

Please enjoy that weird dance that he does. Also, no shame for Zodia haters!
She gets better at the very end of the game. You'll be prompted to save.
Congratulations on stopping Alexei's ambitions once and for all!

Duke shows up and you lose Dein Nomos. Go outside and downstairs. Yuri obtains
a title. In the morning head towards the center of the town for a scene. Patty
shows up along with Judii. Go to Aspio and go to Rita's house; she joins the
party. Go to Dangrest. Meet Karol in the center of town and go to the Union.
Raven joins, so let's do some sidequests.

[ Misc IV ]

Dangrest ? Go into the shop and talk to the guard. You'll finally be able to
access that chest that has been sitting there forever. There's also a Piyohan
in the corner there. You can go to the bar that you play the waitress/waiter
mini-game at and talk to the right bartender for a basement key to Gasufarosuto
which enables you to access multiple treasures there (via your Ring, mostly).

Zafiasu ? If you started this sidequest, go ahead and enter the middle part of
the town. There's a dog near the shop, so talk to it for a scene. If he's
there, talk to LeBlanc on the bench to earn Raven's Schwann costume. Go to the
royal quarter and proceed towards the Mordio manor for a scene.

Gauche and Droite ? Head to Ehmead Hill via the side closest to capwa Nor. Go
on the path available there and immediately turn right and then go up for a
scene. Go to Temuza Mountain now for another scene. Go to capwa Torim and find
the twins; they'll challenge you, so head to the room in Zaude in which you
fought Iegaa.


GAUCHE AND DROITE SWORD: Spam ローバーアイテム with Repede with a
シーフズタトウー equipped to acquire these. They've got some great skills for
Estelle so make sure to get them.

You'll probably be spamming Life Bottles here. One strategy is to have two
people to attack Gauche and the other two to attack Droite. They're both
equally annoying, and tend to heal, but Droite tends to cast First Aid a little
more so go for her first. They constantly switch targets, move fast, and have
extremely flexible battle styles that allow them to push you into a corner,
heal, and cast within a time period of fifty seconds, and it doesn't help that
they are absolute powerhouses. Gauche is easier to kill, so you can also aim
for her first. You'll get a Letter of Challenge from Leviathan’s Claw.

Heriod ? In the area you fought Iegaa for the first time, you'll be able to
talk to Sicily. Beat up some dudes on the world map, go back to Sicily, and go
near the tent by the exit to find his robot buddy, who gets a new name. Go to
the shop and talk with the guy who gave you the costume for the decoy you
picked way earlier in the game to receive the costume as a title. You can get
the two you didn't receive at the end of the game.

Maintaiku ? Talk to the Kowz, if you started that sidequest. He wants an All
Divide and an Hourglass
and he'll throw you some gels.

Yumanju ? Now available, but we're not going to hitch a ride on this sidequest
until the veeeery end of the game.

[ Zofearu Blade Drifts II ]

Follow the only available path?the one right in front of you; you'll get one or
two scenes along the way. Examine the aer krene when you get there, noja!
You'll now get (the most annoying) mini game ever in which you have to press a
bunch of buttons in time according to how they show up on the screen. The first
option is an explanation which you can skip if you'd like via the bottom option.

You have now (accidentally) given rise to Undine! You'll also get some stuff
from her. Rita gets a title. There's a scene near the exit. Let's do a few
things before heading out to Nordoporika.

- You now have control over the weather and the time of day. Camp out to change

Zafiasu ? Enter the royal quarter and, if you did that sidequest, you'll
(finally) get Yuri's Dark Enforcer title.

Haruru ? Speak with the man at the tree. Re-enter the town and speak with the
children at the tree for an item. Exit and re-enter the town again and speak
with the children; Estelle gets a title. Sleep at the inn then go back to the
tree once more. Estelle learns Force Field.

Myuruzo ? There's a mini game available here if you talk to the kid at the very
bottom right of town. Completing all five levels gets Judii a title.

Now we can depart to Nodoporika.


Well, I certainly haven't heard that music in a while!

They're pretty much Outbreaker's day and night forms as separate monsters, so
it's nothing special. If you're fighting melee, use stuff like Kogahazan so
that you can hit them with how high up they are.

Depart from Nodoporika once you're able to to finish up some more sidequests.

Aspio ? Rita leaves the party. Go to the center of town for a scene with her
arguing with some other mages. Sleep at the inn a few times and then go back
down to the center of the town and she'll learn Meteor Swarm.

Dangrest ? Check in with the Bunny Guild guy if you've gotten any more titles.
Sleep at the inn for a scene with Raven.

Myuruzo ? Talk to the elder for a scene.

- Fly over Fero's place and you'll receive Efreet.

Let's go to the Crystallands first. It's at the very top of the map, more on
the right side.

[ Erearuumin Crystallands ]

Go up and take a right once you get control for a Limit Bottle, then go back to
the main path and keep going forward until you reach a small clearing; to the
left, hit the crystal with your Ring and get the Sefira. At the end of the main
path is a crystal that you can hit with the Ring to get a gel. Destroy the
crystals along the next path. There's a big crystal to destroy here to proceed
which contains a monster. Lower the big crystal in front of you with your Ring
to create a path to the other side. Go left to destroy the crystal there;
there's a chest. Keep going until you get a scene in which you learn that
Magari no Tsurugi is here as well, but Nan is injured; she'll be accompanying
you now.

Save. Take the path leading down for a weapon for Repede. Destroy the crystal
in front of you for a weapon for Estelle. Take the path leading up and keep
going left until you reach a crystal that you can destroy that contains a
monster. Grab the weapon for Patty and proceed, breaking the crystal there to
create another path leading to the other side.


He's resistant to literally everything but fire, so spam whatever spells/artes
you have that have that element. One good strategy for this guy is to just pin
him into a corner and chain him away. He's definitely one of the easier
Gigantos you've faced thus far as he is very easy to knock down and mostly
tends to stay in the same place.

Break the crystal behind it for two chests.

On your way to the Giganto you probably noticed a location that you passed that
had a lot of red; go over there now but take the path leading right for two
chests, a weapon for Repede and one for Judii. Now go back, save, grab the
chest and watch the scene.


SECRET MISSION: At one point or another during the battle he'll get up on his
hind legs and start pounding his chest. Wail on his hind legs to knock him down
and grab you the trophy for this Secret Mission. Your window of opportunity is
rather limited here, so it makes it kind of difficult, but he'll do it often.

Man, why you white people always gotta go off and try to do stuff on your own?
It never works and y'all just end up in E.R.!

Obviously you want to disable Rita's water-based spells because he'll actually
absorb it instead of simply resisting it. This is a place for melee fighters.
Bakusaijin is useful here for two reasons: It's of the fire element and it can
hit knocked down enemies. Genrouzan is also nice here because it's so efficient
when you're trying to get the SM. Gushios isn't a pushover whatsoever. He'll
constantly try to literally smash you and that's what makes him rather
dangerous. It's a gun and run fight if you want it to be. Have Estelle healing
the majority of time and make sure that she won't just go up and randomly
attack instead of healing. Keep everyone alive. Raven is nice here because
while Estelle does heavy duty healing, he can simply healing while she's
casting and get the job done well. He'll also cast at some points during the
battle, namely Tidal Wave which is INCREDIBLY annoying, so make sure nobody's
weak to water. You'll be getting knocked down a lot, so make sure to have
Recovering here. Thunder Blade is wonderful if you have it as it exploits both
his weaknesses in one spell.

Unfortunately you'll have to leave the dungeon manually, but you've got Gnome
now! Once on the world map, pull up your map and locate the continent that
Maintaiku is on. Keep going left until you see a place that has a lot of
squiggles. Land on the right side in the middle until you find your
destination, or simply fly around until you see a huge rock formation. If you
haven't done it yet, pick up Efreet on your way there.

[ Rerewiize Hallow ]

I didn't realize this before, but I believe this is the place Yuri and Repede
are at in the beginning of the opening. Huh.

While you're here, you're probably going to notice that there are a lot of
bushes and whatnot that look like you can take them down with your Ring, but
can't. This is because you need the upgrade; we'll be coming back here later
with our LV4 Ring.

Go down the path and the first chest you'll come across is a Fake, which also
allows you access to a weapon for Judii. When given the opportunity, go right
and get the chest, then go back up and continue to the left path. Take the
rightmost path and continue along it. Go back and take the other path this
time. Go up first for a weapon for Raven, then follow the path leading down.
When you reach that point, go right first for some chests. Go back  now and
take the other path for a scene in which Duke initiates the “don't mess with
me and I don't mess with you” rule after the party explains that they plan to
turn the Eneterekeia into Spirits and convert aer into mana.

In the chest is a weapon for Repede. The save point heals. Again, follow the
path leading down and feel free to wander around for some chests; there's also
chests on the left path. Ultimately, via the right path, just keep on heading
down until you reach a save point and a cave.


SECRET MISSION: Kurom has an attack in which she flies up in the air and then
slams down. The moment she hits the ground, run up and start wailing on her,
namely with knockdown enabled artes, to knock her down. This gets you the
trophy. (One method is to have Judii in your party/play as her here since she
specializes in aerial combat. Tractor Beam works as well, so make sure that's

It's kind of difficult to cast here, so let's leave the casting up to the AIs
for the time being. For most efficiency, disable pretty much all of Rita's
spells except for dark and ground elemental spells.  This boss is a total
powerhouse and will wreck your entire team if you're not careful about it. Have
Estelle lay out some buffs for you and make sure she's on a heal-only strategy.
Guard often and make sure you have Recovering because once more, you'll be
getting knocked down a LOT. There's a high chance of being stunned here, so you
may be spamming Recover/etc unless you equip stun resistant stuff. Her cyclone
attack is just awful and will mess you all up. Raven is ideal for this fight
because, again, while Estelle is trying to cast stuff like Nurse, he can just
dish out Love Shot over and over again. On that note, make sure to disable his
spells as well. Also, keep in mind that it may get a little hard to see when
Rita casts Meteor Swarm.

The final spirit has been born! There's items hanging around in the cave, so be
sure to pick them up before heading outside. Just backtrack until you
eventually get a scene in which you name the new spirit Sylph. You can hitch a
ride on Bauru, though if you decline on accident, just go back down to the cave
for an alternative shortcut.

The following section includes both sidequests and plotline events, so the
plotline events will have [STORY] next to them.

[ Misc V ]

* If you've been flying around you may have noticed strange, darkly-coloured
rock formations throughout the world map. If you got Abyssion from the Elder in
Myuruzo, let's go visit one now?for reference, there's one near Nodoporika.
After the scene, approach the rock formation there for another scene, then go
inside. You may notice a dungeon that's in the middle of a volcano, accessible
from the back; don't worry about this now. We'll be coming back later once
we've got Flynn. Go to the left path and go to the path leading down. Your Ring
is now upgraded, allowing you access to certain areas/treasures, including that
one Giganto that's been sitting in Kuoi Forest since the beginning of the game.
Let's go take care of him. Enter Kuoi Forest from the Haruru side and locate
the weird branch stuff you couldn't destroy before. It's now wreckable, so
wreck it all up, man.


Well, he's certainly colourful! C'mon, man, just because the world is all
messed up, don't be so down, turn it around, had a bad day...

Unfortunately Thunder Blade is kind of questionable here, so preferably spam
Bakusaijin/Eruption/Fireball/what have you. He's honestly not that hard at all
and definitely one of the easier Gigantos that you've fought. It knocks down
easy and doesn't hit insanely hard or move ridiculously fast, and you're able
to easily block its attacks, so have at it, man. Just wail on that thing and
you're good.

* Pick up the items here, including Karol's Overdrive doll. If you've been
wondering where to pick up roses, the rose monsters here are indeed the place
to get them. There are various treasures (including Estelle's Overdrive doll)
now available at the place where you picked up Sylph, as well as Keiv Moc (has
Raven's Overdrive doll and Blue Dice, notably).
* Go to Yuumanju. Go east until you find a clearing with some surrounding
mountains; land and wander around the field until your next Giganto shows up.


Magic is going to be my recommendation here after looking at his stats. He's
not resistant or weak to anything, so have at it. He moves slow and it's
incredibly easy to rack up a good chain here with one or two melee fighters
just wailing on him while casters just attack and maybe even finish casting
simultaneously. He also knocks down very easy. However, he does hit very hard,
goes into OVL often and will cast the most annoying spell ever, so have
resistance to wind, or at least, don't be weak to it.

* [STORY] [Don't proceed if you need to do stuff in Aspio!] Go to Capwa Noru.
Estelle and Rita leave the party, so go ahead and sleep at the inn. Once you
gain control after Patty leaves in the middle of the night, go down to the
port?where you fought Zagi 2. You'll find Patty trying to use the Maris Stella.
Patty rejoins, so pop out a Holy Bottle and get on the boat. You'll be back on
Aaserumu. You need to get to where you saw the dude you killed WAY earlier in
the game, so take the ladder right in front of you, as it's the easiest way to
get up there. Go down the broken thinger here and down the ladder at the end of
the path and go through the door and keep going down the hall until you reach a
save point and stairs leading up. Go up them and go outside via the ladder.


SECRET MISSION: Just whip out your Maris Stella that's been sitting in your
inventory for quite some time now. Nabs you the trophy and the Great! message.

Man, first Estelle, and now this? You really gotta do this to me? Screw
emotional boss fights and their corresponding scenes. Just screw em. I don't
care if they have great boss themes!

If you don't have her in your party already, you'll be prompted to throw Patty
into your formation. Obviously don't use any water or dark-based spells; have
Estelle spam Holy Lance if she has it. Angel Ring is also pretty much her most
useful offensive arte as it drags the enemy into the center of the area it's
effecting, so if he's ganging up on you you'll get away from it. He is
essentially the same as before, just stronger?especially at lv60, yeesh. As
always, this guy is a powerhouse and will chain you until you're on the floor
crying and trying to pop out Life Bottles every five seconds. Keep your
distance and cast if you can. This time he has this horrible arte that involves
driving his sword into the earth in order to summon forth a force from the
ground to effect everyone, and while although it barely does any damage, unless
you're on the other side of the field, it's going to knock you down and daze
you, as well as everyone else within the radius of the attack. He moves around
a lot, making it hard to target him, so your spells will often miss?as such,
spam Angel Ring?which follows the target and freezes them unless in OVL?and
Meteor Swarm, which effects the entire area, so it doesn't matter how much he
moves. He may just keep wailing on Patty, so be careful if she doesn't have
much HP and make sure she doesn't get her artes sealed?a status which he will
inflict often?especially if she has her high tier version of her Risky Cast.

Now you get even more depressing scenes! Yay! (SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS ? if
you didn't understand, Patty is Aifread. Her entire crew was wiped out due to a
strange disease that turned them all into monsters, including Seifer, but
Seifer sacrificed himself and gave her the antidote to the disease so she could
live on. Because Seifer would simply continue his afterlife as a wandering
monster that attacks people and haunt the ship forever, Patty is forced to kill

In the following scenes, Aspio is destroyed to make way for our final dungeon
which the spirits reveal as the Tarukaron. Go back into the inn once you regain
control and enter the left door for another scene. Go towards the exit for yet
another scene. Before doing more sidequests, let's pick up Flynn first.

* [STORY] Jump to Zafias. Go south/southwestish until you see a bunch of dust
over a certain area. You can just throw out a Holy Bottle once you regain
control as it doesn't really matter. Simply proceed forth until you get a
scene. You'll be left with Yuri, Repede and Flynn for the following battle.
Have Flynn's strategy set to healing priority if you keep mysteriously dying.
Flynn will leave and everyone else will rejoin the party. Those Who Lost Their
Protection is such a nice song, isn't it? Go ahead and save and take the path
leading down for a scene. Let's head out to Nodoporika now. After the scene, go
to Dangrest and enter the room at the end of the hall of the HQ for another
scene. You can head back to that place that Flynn and the crew were at before,
but make sure you're fully healed?or at least, Yuri is?for this. Also, if he
doesn't have Special skill/you don't have OVL3 at least, get those now.

[ Orunion ]

Man, stuff like this doesn't just happen overnight! Once you've got control
again, only Repede will be with you. Go talk to Flynn. Go ahead and save; the
point's right to your right. Once you're ready, speak with Flynn by the town


SECRET MISSION: Get him to use every single arte that he has. The full list:
魔神剣 Majinken
虎牙破斬 Kogahazan
瞬迅剣 Shujinken
光翔翼 Koushouyoku
飛天翔駆 Hitenshouku
魔神連牙斬 Majin Rengazan
獅子戦吼 Shishisenkou
爪竜連牙斬 Souryuu Rengazan
守護方陣 Shugohoujin
魔皇刃 Makoujin
断空剣 Dankuuken
紅蓮剣 Gurenken
ホーリィランス Holy Lance
ルミナンサイス Luminant Scythe
ファーストエイド First Aid
秘奥義: 光竜滅牙槍 Hi Ougi: Kouryuu Metsugasou
HOW TO ACTIVATE HIS HI OUGI: Go into OVL3 and try to use yours. He interrupts
you right as you begin to execute it.

Everyone saw it coming from a mile away. They just didn't know how fast it was

FREE RUN IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. Gun and run. He's no Estelle; he moves fast and
will rack up a chain that will leave you wondering what in the world just
happened when you die. Speaking of chaining, make sure to use your OVL wisely,
as well as your Limit Bottles?if you don't have any, good luck. Obviously don't
use light or wind artes if you even have any because he'll resist it right
away. When you see him casting, STOP HIM right away UNLESS he has not used Holy
Lance, First Aid, Luminant Scythe and you're going for the SM. It doesn't
matter if you die, but if you manage to get the SM (which can be rather a pain
to get) it'll put all your hard work to waste.

After the fight, go back to the center of the town. Go inside the house Estelle
is in front of and inspect the nightstand in the back for a Limit Bottle. Go
inside the inn and inspect the nightstand for a Treat. The boxes to the far
right have a Specific. Go rightish from the inn for Wonder Chef. Save and rest
at the inn; you'll get some scenes. Rita gives you Vesperia 2nd, one of the
best swords in the game and only available for Yuri. Zodia, as compensation for
stabbing Yuri in Zaude, makes Flynn accompany you?so he is now a permanent
member in your party, congratulations!

NOW let's do some sidequests.

[ Namcot Island ]

Take a look at your map; you need to travel to the very upper left hand corner.
This is Namcot Island, Nam Cobanda Isle, what have you. For vision purposes,
camp out if it's night so it'll be day instead. There's several things to do
here, so let's get started. Once inside, select the first option during the
scene and you'll get the entry ticket. Enter the door to your left as soon as
you see it; it's kind of hidden because of the thing covering it, though.
You'll meet Kaufuman here. After the scene, talk to the Kowz kid for five
chips, free. To your right is a poker minigame, so go ahead and play a round.
The game isn't too hard; on my first try I got around 6k chips, but it's okay
if you don't get as many. Play enough poker and you'll be able to buy a bunch
of Treats/etc and sell them at Yuumanju for ridiculous prices so you'll be able
to pay for the swimsuits easily. Go outside the gym and re-enter for another
scene with Kaufman; she wants you to get rid of a pro gambler. The result you
get doesn't matter, so don't worry about it. You get a new costume for Judii
and payment from Kaufman.

If you talk to the Kowz boy, you can exchange either grade or gald for chips;
this is the way you're gonna want to check how much grade you have.

Talk to the dancing kid next to place where you exchange for chips and prizes.
Talk to the kid in the cow suit at the end of the lockers there. At least view
the screen of Tales of Draspi here 30+ for a title for Raven. After that, talk
to the kid by the doors here for infinite loop music you've heard from the game
up to this point. There's another kid sort of dancing in front of a table at
the front of the screen; talk to him. You're now able to view any skits that
you have seen again by talking to him. (If you haven't gotten the Hourglass
skit, I recommend you do so, as it's one of my favourite skits?just finish a
battle using an Hourglass.) Go down a little bit and you can change the BGM
music here. Go to the very back of the gymnasium now and speak with the guy in
front of the stage. You get some costume titles as well as equipment. Talk to
the boy in the cow costume; you can now rewatch animated cutscenes. Before
leaving the gym, let's talk to the boy in the cow costume sitting behind a
table that's near the poker table. You'll need to collect some books for him.
The locations are:

* Haruru, mayor's place.
* Capwa Torimu, Fortune's Market HQ.
* Heriod, HQ, back room.
* Maintaiku, bookshelf at the inn.
* Orunion, HQ.

Go inspect the weird thing behind the exchange tables for Wonder Chef. (Cook
this with Estelle until you get another recipe. Cook this recipe with Yuri for
another one.) Now we can head outside.

Go up; feel free to check out the place that you can enter via the doors to
your right as there's a Magic Lens and All Divide there. Outside, go a little
further upwards until you come to a hallway sort of thing, and talk to the kid
by the right wall. Missed a Secret Mission, but still want either the trophy or
the True Knight title and costume? Have a favourite boss fight and want to try
it again? Really like a certain boss theme? Want to try the Flynn fight as
Flynn, or with your full party? Never fear, for Namcot is here! For a few
hundred chips, you can refight old bosses, and if you complete the Secret
Mission you get the trophy that you may have missed AND it counts towards
getting True Knight! It's quite a wonderful thing. Now you have two reasons to
play poker.

Let's get on to other sidequests now.

[ Misc VI ]

* Enter Haruru. Rita leaves the party, so go up to the tree and watch the
scene. She'll rejoin.
* Enter Zafiasu, middle sector. Flynn leaves. Go to the royal quarter and walk
up the castle steps for a few scenes. Flynn rejoins.
* Instead of exiting Zafiasu, let's go inside the castle and head to Estelle's
room for a scene. You've unlocked the Telescopic Graveyard. The first two
floors are now available; access the dungeon via the room you fought Iegaa in
in Zaude. The rest of the floors will be available post-game. It's better if
you hold off for now and instead visit it post-game.
* Examine the fountain, then stay a night in Yuri's room for Flynn's letter of
* Go to Capwa Torimu for a scene with Nan and Karol. He'll get a title. Depart
to Keibu Mokku. You'll get a scene when you walk it. Karol gets another title.
For our next optional boss, let's go to Karu Bokuramu. Go to where Karol
discovered that one hole in the ground that led downstairs (left side of Karu
Bokuramu, if you're having trouble).


Ah, wonderful PS3 only bosses.

Not really. He's quite the pain, and is definitely no pushover?though I suppose
he is the leader of Magari no Tsurugi for a reason. He moves kind of fast, but
the moment he strikes you he'll take away a huge chunk of HP. He mostly targets
one person until they die, which is somewhat convenient as you can
cast/heal/etc while he's trying to take that one person out. If you know what's
good for you, you won't even bother with physical attacks and instead just
stick to magic?his Phys Def is nearly as high as his Phys Atk. This makes it
more difficult, however, as this is the sort of battle where you're going to
want to run up and hit him and just try to chain him a whole bunch so he won't
be moving around so much. He has the Magari no Tsurugi required REALLY annoying
attacks, similar to which Tison had but they're not long distance. He's easy to
guard break you, but honestly, if you manage to rack up a good set of hits on
him and pretty much corner him?with one AI helping you?he won't be as dangerous
as he normally would be. You'll also be targets of Fatal Strikes, which
activates his Hi Ougi if he chooses to execute one. You'll now have both
documents from Magari no Tsurugi, so you can now access the next level of the
team challenge in Nodoporika if you've finished the first rank.

* Speaking of the coliseum, go ahead and try out one of the melees, now that
you have everyone. If you do 100 man melee with Flynn, you fight Yuri at the
end. In the second rank of the party match, if Karol and Raven aren't in the
party, you'll fight them at the end.
* If you have a lot of money on your hands and you're willing to blow it, let's
go to Yuumanju; it's not too far from Namcot. Sell stuff if you need to (you
get outrageous amounts of gald if you sell the right things) and talk to the
receptionist. Talk to the guy in the corner. You accept a guild job and he
gives you the Tiara attachment as payment in advance. The inn here is about 10k
per night, so don't bother staying here; instead, go somewhere like Haruru and
sleep at the inn a few times to be able to access the next part of this
sidequest (if it doesn't work, try sleeping at the inn more/messing around with
some sidequests). Talk to the receptionist again, pay the 300k. Sleep at an inn
some more, come back and pay 600k, sleep at an inn even more, then come back
and get the titles.
* Go down to Deidon Hold. Speak to the dude in the lower section of the place
with a bunch of dogs. The Repede minigame is now available. You get a trophy
for finishing it under 40s, which is MUCH harder than it sounds. To get the
Christmas costumes, you must have the corresponding Overdrive Doll and have
Repede's Christmas costume equipped, which you can get once you clear it under
a minute. This game has always been pretty tricky for me (and also a source of
great rage).

Times for Christmas costumes (you need to be under this time):
Rita ? 2:45
Estelle ? 1:00
Flynn ? 3:10
Raven ? 1:15
Karol ? 3:10
Yuri ? 3:11
Judi ? 1:10
Patty ? 1:00

* The clocks reduce your time count. Practice using the snowboard; it's really
hard at first, but you'll get the hang of it. The green meat messes your sense
of direction up whereas the red meat increases your performance.
* Go to Manor of the Wicked and go westish to find a search point. You'll get
another Fell Arm.
* In Kapua Torim, talk to the sailor sitting near the slide. Patty learns an
* Your chance to break out the famous “ika shoryaku, TIDARU WEIBU!”--grade
grinding?has come. I'll explain you how I do it.
*  First, make Rita your main character. Equip either a Faerie Ring or a Risky
Ring and make sure you have one or two bars of OVL. Make your difficulty hard,
equip Appeal skills on anyone who has it and make sure at least one of those
people have the skill Item Throw, and equip one person with Dice and the other
with Blue Dice. Either put Tidal Wave on L1+X, all directions of the right
stick, or default arte for X. Equip the skills 1 Damage, Light Magic (unless
you're using a Risky Ring), Limiter, Spirits 1, 2 and 3, and TP Recover. Buy a
few Dark Bottles and one or two Limit Bottles from Namcot. Now make a strategy
titled “Grade” or something of the like and make it one of your shortcuts.
Set the following for the strategy:
First row: Doesn't matter
Second row: Bottom
Third row: Bottom
Fourth row: Bottom
Fifth row: Second
Sixth row: Second
Seventh row: Bottom
Eighth row: Bottom
Go out to an area on the world map with weaker enemies during the day?for
example, Haruru?and round up an Encount Link of one or two. If you get Enemy
Advantage, run immediately as it won't do any good. As soon as you get the
glass breaking on your screen, MASH the triangle button and switch to your
strategy which you titled something along the lines of Grade. Exit the menu, go
into OVL 1 (right on D-PAD) right away, and start spamming Tidal Wave. As soon
as you finish your current bar of OVL, go into OVL again and continue spamming
Tidal Wave?rinse and repeat. Your OVL will constantly be filled by the other
party members spamming Appeal and the plethora of Fatal Strike opportunities.
About 18 minutes doing this earns you around 1000+ hits which nets you an easy
1000+ grade and even around 300+ LP.
* Go to Kapua Nor for a blast from the past. They'll tell you about a stolen
sword, thus starting the Sword Dancer sidequest. Head to the aer krene
southeast of Kadosu. There's a firey dungeon place in the back, so enter for a
scene if you haven't entered it before. This dungeon is mostly based on
wandering around and finding stuff, but at the end you'll meet the Sword Dancer.


This Sword Dancer is INCREDIBLY different from any other Sword Dancer you've
fought before. He literally sprints and doesn't totally murder your entire
party like in Symphonia and Abyss, and he doesn't cast either, instead relying
purely on physical offense. He constantly switches targets, but that doesn't
mean you can't cast here?though I do recommend getting up close and personal. A
good Meteor Swarm will always put him in his place, though. There's not much to
say about him other than this as it isn't too hard.

* Fly to Zafiasu but don't enter. There's an aer krene to the south, but first
get near the center of the aer for Sorcerer's Ring Level 5. Once again, go all
the way to the end to meet Sword Dancer 2.


Not just his appearance has changed?he's stronger by about five levels, and his
attack stat has gone up to 900 now. If you have a Force Ring, equip it
(preferably to the person who dies the easiest), as it reduces Phys Damage by
20%. Your Hi Ougi will definitely come in use here. If you have Burst Keep, use
the combo of arcane/high tier spell->burst arte->Hi Ougi. His Majinken-like
attack has definitely increased in power but hasn't decreased from its previous
range unfortunately. You'll be getting knocked down ever more than before. When
your healers say to cover them while they're casting, RUN OVER and cover them.

Go to the aer krene north of Keru Bokuramu (not far from Gasafurosuto). Same as
usual except you don't fight Sword Dancer 3. There's an aer krene southeast of
Yuumanju, so head there. Same deal as always?proceed until you meet your final
fight with the Sword Dancer.


INSANE STATS AHOY! Your complementary party of Estelle, Flynn and Raven along
with some other dude would be nice here because they all heal. He's pretty much
the same as last time except for the increase in stats and (really sick)
design. Also, his Majinken got bigger (again). Strangely his Phys Def is way
weaker than his Magic Def.

Now that you've finished all three forms of Sword Dancer, the girls will meet
you outside the aer krene and give the sword to Flynn.

* Not available if you already entered the final dungeon. Go to Orunion for a
scene. Yuri gets a title. Sleep at the inn for a scene. Talk to the guy hanging
outside the HQ. This starts the Orunion Rebuilding sidequest. For the first
time, you need Dezue Gold Dust (Sand Thief, Kados Mountains), Hipionia Tree
Bark (Erdas, Hipionia), and Yuruzo Fruit (Balloons, Namcot). You'll need three
of each. Once you have those, report back to him. You'll need to collect Might
Orb (Warrior, Temuza Mountain), Treant Flower (Blooms, island directly west of
Yuumanju, night), Mystic Orb (Fancy Parasol, Karu Bokuramu, night), Leo Fang
(Schwert, Tarukaron), and Crystal (Cornus, Crystallands). Again, three of each.
Talk to him to drop these off and receive your next list. You need a Green
Light (Gaina Hotaru, outside Nodoporika, night), Pitch-black Ink (Aquicia,
Beldeabou Bay, snowing), Rare Metal (Giganto Poseidon, Zaude), and 500k. If
you've done 8mil+ damage with or without Rita, go to Haruru. There'll be a mage
hanging around the inn. He gives you the Seeker title and costume for Rita.
* I barely shed any light on the sidequests that are now available, so if you
would like to do every single sidequest you can do at this point, please refer
to this guide in the section <After Orunion>:

- Tarukaron -

Well, before getting on with this place, let's hunt down the Fell Arms.
YURI ? Received when you started the sidequest.
ESTELLISE ? Rerewiize Hollow. Obtainable via Sorcerer's Ring LV4 only.
JUDITH ? After you receive all four spirits, travel to the aer krene near
RAVEN ? Found in Keiv Moc once you have the LV4 Ring.
KAROL ? Kuoi Woods, where you fought the Giganto.
REPEDE ? Tarukaron, area accessible via ladder puzzle.
RITA ? Tarukaron, area accessible via ladder puzzle.
FLYNN ? Telescopic Graveyard, first layer, 8F, NW
PATTY ? Telescopic Graveyard, second layer, 9F, SE

Once you have all of them, you should get a scene on Bauru. The scene in
Orunion is not available in the PS3 version because you have Flynn in your
party, so don't stress it.

Kudos to Tales_of_101 for posting the exact location of Flynn and Patty's Fell

Enter?it's where what used to be Aspio. Grab the Dark and Holy Bottles to your
right and left, respectively, after the scene, then head through the passage
for another scene. Naturally, there's a bunch of chests scattered about, but
I'm only going to tell you how to get through here.

Go up the stairs to your very far right. Go all the way down the stairs until
you reach the next area. Climb all the stairs up. Hit the crystals here a few
times so you can proceed. Go up the stairs and go left. Break the crystal here
and proceed along the path. When you're given a decision to go either left or
right, go right, then go left and continue up, then take the left stairs. When
you come into the next area, take the path to your left for a entrance into the

Go to the ball that's to your left and hit it with your Ring. Now go right and
hit the ball here. Proceed downish and hit the third ball with your Ring. Go up
and hit the ball to your left. Go down then up to the next ball and hit it from
the side, then go back down and hit it from the right for it to drop down into
the hole. Go ahead and take the path you just opened up for yourself. Don't
bother with the blue device; if you go left a bit you'll see a path leading
down, so take it. Make sure to save here.

Go up the stairs to your left here. Keep going up and when you're given a
choice, go to your left.


SECRET MISSION: At some point during the battle Zagi will use an arte known as
Blastia Bane in the English version?you can identify this arte by the purple
stuff gathering around him in a sphere shape. After executing this arte a few
times he may look down almost as if exhausted after the arte is over. Just run
up and hit him and he'll be knocked down, getting you the SM and the trophy.

I'm baaaack!

Zagi is pretty much the same as ever, except less target switching. For best
results, just go melee this entire fight. He'll still knock you down a lot and
the like, but you'll be stunned more often. You might be a bit rusty after not
facing him for so long, but don't worry about it. He has a Hi Ougi now that he
may be prone to spamming and it's very powerful which is INCREDIBLY annoying,
so equip some Force Rings if you have some.

Rest easy, Zagi. You were a cool antagonist. You killed dudes just to kill

Head left and up. There's a sword for Yuri to your right. Go down the stairs,
then go up the one opposite to you and go up the stairs that the chest was
under. Continue following the path up and take the door to your right once you
reach it. The area you've reached is, in my opinion, one of the more harder
puzzles in the game because it all looks the same. Hit the pedestal to your
right with your Ring. Go across the path that you lowered and keep going up and
then left for another pedestal that allows you access to a chest. Keep going
right until you reach the next pedestal. Take the path that you just created
and hit the pedestal. Go all the way back to where you started and hit the
pedestal to the left. Take the path here and hit the right pedestal first. Go
back and hit the left pedestal. Go left-up and hit the pedestal. Go back down
and hit the other pedestal that you first saw. Go back and keep going right and
hit the pedestal here. Go left until you see an area you couldn't access
before. Hit the two pedestals here to reveal a staircase. Proceed towards it
for a scene. Save, then go up. (For the ladder puzzle:

[ BOSS: DUKE (1) ]

Not much to say here as Duke 1 is more of a warm-up. Magic Lens him right as
the fight starts. He casts, so try to avoid the spells. Duke mostly keeps his
distance and doesn't really teleport, so just rack up the hits until he goes
down. He'll inflict a lot of status effects, however, so have various
status-curing bottles ready.

[ BOSS: DUKE (2) ]

SECRET MISSION: The final Secret Mission. Kill Duke with a Hi Ougi. Bonus: you
get an unnamed extension and animated cut-in if you kill him with Yuri's Hi
Ougi. It's better to calculate the average damage of your character's Hi Ougi
outside of this battle and then go into battle, have everyone defend, and use
your Hi Ougi when it's time. If it fails, throw out a bunch of Limit Bottles.
If you bothered to get all Secret Missions in one single playthrough,
congratulations! You will be able to receive Yuri's famous True Knight costume
title after you beat the game.

He's gotten serious this time. His Magic Def is noticeably lower than his Phys
Def this time, so you may wanna stick to that, but at the same time he'll
interrupt your casting often. If you didn't get Milky Way for Rita, it's a
double-headed sword here, in a sense. He teleports more often which calls for
Tidal Wave and Meteor Swarm, unless you don't mind your spells missing often.
He still runs around a lot, putting melee attackers on the move often, and
still inflicts various status effects. Since he's stepped up his game, it's
time you do, too?use OVL and burst artes whenever you feel necessary. Be sure
to be careful with how you use your Hi Ougi and when, though; you'll run out of
Limit Bottles eventually and I doubt you'd want to spam Appeal. A well-timed
Angel Ring is always the solution, folks. Naturally, he has a Hi Ougi this time
around, and be careful of his Holy Rain (if he still uses it; I could only get
him to use it first form, which is odd). If your spell is drifting, it may be
harder to catch because of the field colours, so be careful. Do your best.


If you collected all the Fell Arms and saw the scene on Bauru, this boss will
be available. When I tried facing him I ended up dying but got a cutscene
instead, but when you go into the third battle you'll automatically be dead, so
you do have to kill the second form.


For XBOX players, Radiant Winged One is the hardest boss in the game. He's not
going down without a fight. Personally I didn't do this until post-game, and I
found Ultimate Elements and Indignation to be my best friends here. While
although his battle style is relatively similar to his previous form, he uses
his Hi Ougi more often and it does twice the damage, and also has another Hi
Ougi: Brave Vesperia. Good luck surviving that. It also heals him a bunch too.
If you didn't grind to get your HP and TP to anywhere from the 7.5k-9k/999
range, get Life Rebirth and Recall, it's going to be rather difficult as he's
doing massive damage now. I was highly leveled and I still had a very rough
time trying to beat this guy. Make sure you have All Divides, Treats and
Specifics here. They'll help immensely. Use FS whenever the opportunity
presents itself; the Fatal Exceed skill (I believe it is) would be lovely here
as it increases damage dealt when executing FS but the target doesn't die.
Overall, do your best. After the fight, the Fell Arms will be in their true
form. Now, their power is estimated by how many enemies you have killed!

Enjoy the following scenes and watch the credits roll.

Congratulations! You've beaten the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia. You will
receive a trophy for your efforts. But it's not over yet. If you completed the
requirements, there's two more dungeons and several sidequests awaiting you!

You'll be prompted to save. You can either overwrite your current file or
create a new one; it doesn't really matter because when you load it it brings
you straight to post-game.

[ Walkthrough, post-game ]

First things first, if you did all the Secret Missions over this playthrough,
go ahead and sleep at the inn in Orunion. You'll receive Yuri's True Knight
title?well deserved after so much hard work! If you didn't but still want True
Knight, dish out some poker skills and fight the bosses whose Secret Missions
you missed at Namcot.

If you did the sidequest at Fero's place after rescuing Estelle, go to Yomugen
via the portal again. Speak with the elder. You'll receive a key item. Go to
Dangrest for a scene. After, exit the city and keep flying west (it's gonna
take a bit) until you get another scene. Land and enter the portal that's
appeared?it's near Yuumanju. Select the first option when given the choice.

[ EX Dungeon, Labyrinth of Memories ]

Choose the left portal for a scene. You'll need to collect 15 Imitation Gald,
and honestly, it isn't as easy as it sounds. You get your Imitation Gald
randomly as either boss drops or from chests and you'll have to run through the
place quite a bit until you actually have all 15. You need to “clear” a room
before you can open the chests. Your results of where you end up are not
exactly random, but it's best if you follow a map for this. You will have to
revisit nearly every dungeon and refight nearly every boss, including Duke
2?THEY ARE DIFFERENT ENEMIES, so please Magic Lens them for your Book! The
monsters here will give you great amounts of EXP, allowing you to level fast
and easily, making you more fit for the Telescopic Graveyard and completing
this dungeon. At the end, you get a cameo boss battle.


I can't face this boss without thinking of this story, so I figured I might as
well tell you guys it. My friends run a group called Tales of Charity in which
they play Tales games for charity. They were playing on Unknown on max level
and literally killed the Traitor in under five minutes and we were all really
confused and didn't know what to do because we had been so pumped for it.


Kratos is not that difficult whatsoever. In fact, I was actually really
disappointed at the low difficulty. It'd be useful to have any form of Appeal
here, and Limit Bottles as well. Estelle won't even be healing the whole fight
and just let her go up and attack if you don't mind her doing so. If you have
Grace, it's easier to cast here, especially if you have one or two people
ganging up on him and you keep your distance at the very back (Flynn+Yuri in
party = ultimate distance keeping). His Hi Ougi is something you need to watch
out for because it'll totally mess you all up, but equipping Force Rings should
save the day. The thing that would put the difficulty up is if you don't have
Rebirth 1 / 2. When he goes into OVL, he definitely gets serious, so absolutely
stay away here, or just gun and run. FS whenever you get the chance. It's going
to be rather inconvienent if you don't have Burst Keep+Limiter for your main?or
anyone else, for that matter?here, because you can keep dishing out attacks
until your OVL is running out and then do a Burst Arte and Hi Ougi.

You will receive the final letter of challenge. Open the chests and depart.
After the scene, you should receive a trophy. Congratulations on clearing the
Labyrinth of Memories!

Now that you have the last letter of challenge, set off to Nodoporika. Go ahead
and clear all three team challenges at the coliseum. You face Schwann Brigade,
Magari no Tsuguri, various other enemies, and in the last battle you face
several cameos. Yes, several antagonists from other Tales games, all in one

[ BOSS: CAMEO x4 ]

Barbatos MUST GO FIRST. Make absolute SURE that you set your strategy so that
no one in your party uses items until he's gone because as soon as one is used,
he will take all his massive strength (he is a total powerhouse) and
immediately Hi Ougi you (AITEMU!!!!! NAZO!!!! TSUKATTEN JA
NEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Magic Lens all of these guys as they're
valuable entries to your book. Either Dhaos or Kratos should go second, but
either way the Missus should be saved for last. Rita's OVL spam will work
wonderfully here (not like I used it for the entire fight or anything BUT...).
That's seriously all I can recommend for this fight because that's the only
strategy I have ever used.

You will now fight your non-active party members. Have fun, kids!

You'll receive an insane amount of EXP and LP after. You get some gald, an
attachment for Raven, and the Limits Octet, which allows you a whole eight bars
of OVL.

Go ahead and save now that you've done that. The following is 200 man melee
stuff, so skip if you wish. Clear the 100 man melee with at least three
characters (you also receive titles when you clear the 100 man melee for the
first time with a character you haven't used yet; you may also unlock some
skits). After you do this, you'll notice that if you talk to the girl you'll be
able to unlock the 200 man melee. There are various rewards to receive here.
Clear the melee with someone and they'll receive a skill that allows them to
fight alone in battle. You can also receive cameo costumes which alter certain
artes when used. Here's a list:

	Yuri ? Judas (Tales of Destiny 2); Garougeki → Marian
	Estellise ? Chloe Valens (Tales of Legendia); Marche Waltz → Genshouken
	Repede ? Caius Qualls (Tales of the Tempest); Senkuureppa → Beast Blow
	Rita ? Mao (Tales of Rebirth); Negative Gate → Burn Strike
	Karol ? Lloyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia); Gougou Revolution → Kaenrekkuu
	Flynn ? Cress Albane (Tales of Phantasia); Dankuuken → Jigenzan
Raven ? Ricardo Soldato (Tales of Innocence); Kuro no Tsuiseki → Elemental
Judith ? Rutee Katrea (Tales of Destiny); Gekka Tenshoujin (Getsueijin +
Tengetsusen each used x30) → Bloody Rose
	Patty ? Anise Tatlin (Tales of the Abyss); Fancy Elements → Happy Light


* Equip Vitality 1-3 and Spirits 1-3. Go screw around for a bit out in the
field with Mental Up and Life Up equipped to get your HP and TP way up; get
them both to their max, or near it.
* Have stuff like Stone Charms. Equip Immunity and Condition Guard. Survive is
also incredibly useful because if you're guarding, your HP won't drop below 1.
* Have Life Rebirth and Life Rebirth 2. Go ahead and equip both of them if you
want. Have Defend, Resist, etc.
* OVL Concentrate is very nice. Does not allow you to die while in OVL.
* Have stuff like Combo Plus. It helps a lot.
* For Estelle, have Pikohan Revenge and Combo An, Du, and Torwa equipped (combo
variations are from Dark Avenger +1). Also, make sure you have her second Hi
Ougi because it suddenly becomes incredibly useful here.
* Always have Limiter. Always.
* HP and TP Recover are nice but not necessary.
* Have Recall and Burst Keep.

You should've gotten a bunch of titles from all that, so go ahead and check in
with the Bunny Guild. Once you're able to, equip the bunny ears attachments to
Rita, Estelle, Judith, and Yuri. Put them in your active party (don't go ahead
and do melees or something because it'll mess it all up). Go out onto the field
and call Bauru. Take a rubber band or just tape your left stick and leave your
PS3 running until you get a trophy (if you get two, you got the 50,000km one as
well) for wearing the bunny ears for five hours straight.

Let's go into second Hi Ougis now.

RITA'S INDIGNATION: Have 200+ uses on Thunder Blade. Go into 200 man melee with
her. When Dhaos' HP is below 50%, go into OVL4 and use Thunder Blade. The Hi
Ougi will be activated automatically. In regular battle, Rita must be in OVL4
and hold down X and O during any high-tier spell. This will also carry into
your NG+ (kudos to Majutsuko for letting me know that it does carry over).
YURI'S TENSHOU KOUYOKUKEN: (Second+ playthrough) Equip the weapon 明星弐号 that
you should've received at Ournion near the end of the game and go into OVL4.
During an altered, arcane or burst arte, hold down X and O.
YURI AND FLYNN'S BUSHIN SOUTENHA: Once you reach the top of the final dungeon,
go all the way back to lower city, Zafias, and talk to Ted to receive the Hope
of the Town ? titles for Flynn and Yuri. Yuri's usage count for Souhajin and
Shugohojin must be at 100+, and Flynn's count for Majinken and Shugohojin must
be at 100+. Have both Yuri and Flynn go into OVL4. During an arcane, altered,
or burst arte, hold down square, X and O.
ESTELLE'S ULTIMATE ELEMENTS: After you have gathered all four spirits and you
have used all of her burst artes 20+ times, go into OVL4 as Estelle.  Hold down
X and O during an arcane, altered or burst arte.
REPEDE'S LIGHTNING MOMENT: Have Repede's agility be 800+. Mueirouga, Gen'ei
Saiga, and Gen'ei Hyouga have to have a usage count of 100+ each. Go into OVL4
and hold down X and O during any arcane, altered or burst arte.
KAROL'S GOUSEN BAKUSATSU ULTRA X BOMBER: Shinrabanshou Bag needs to have a
usage count of 200+, and Karolow X needs to have been upgraded in Orunion. Go
into OVL4 and hold down X and O during any arcane, altered or burst arte. For
the extended animation, hold down square, X and O whilst the Hi Ougi is being
RAVEN'S CRISIS RAIN: Equip Change Style and Change Style 2. Shion no Hebi,
Chiruyouni, Tsumi to Batsu: Tsumi, and Kaze no Takeri must have all been used
100+ times. Go into OVL4 and hold down X and O during an altered, arcane or
burst arte.
JUDITH'S HAOU ROUGETSUSOU: Use Gessenkou and Gekkou 100+ times. Go into OVL4
and during a burst arte, hold down X and O.
FLYNN'S ENHA HOUYOKUSHOU: Gurenken and Gou Gurenken need to have a usage count
of 100+. Go into OVL4 and hold down X and O during Gurenken or Gou Gurenken.

Method for activating Flynn and Yuri's dual Hi Ougi: There's a skill for Flynn
called Rival Energy 2 which sometimes allows him to enter the same level of OVL
as Yuri. Of course, it's not guaranteed, but you can still go for it. Another
method is to simply have eight bars of OVL and go into OVL4, then switch
characters/mess with the strategy so that the other goes into OVL4 as well.

Now that we've done that, let's go ahead and do the next EX dungeon!

[ EX Dungeon, Telescopic Graveyard ]

If you activated the event in Estellise's room before entering the final
dungeon, go to Zaude and enter the room in which you fought Alexei. You'll get
a few scenes. Once you have control, go through the door for another scene. Go
right until you find another path leading down and go through the door for a
scene. Credit to sonic_ver2 and castrejon04 for most of the following

The thing that you see Raven standing on is a map of the battle in this area.



Take the elevator for a battle, but a scene plays before the fight actually
starts. After you defeat the enemies there, free run a little bit until you get
a scene. You have a timer after you finish killing the monsters; running allows
you no progress and brings you back to the floor you were at before, so if you
wish to continue, free run up for now.  You can pause while making your
decision, and how you decide to make your way through this dungeon is entirely
up to you, so have at it.

Notes: The exit and chests locations are marked on the map. Some chests require
a certain element. Also, you can get Flynn's Overdrive doll here (his Christmas
costume is way worth getting, js). If you want to leave the dungeon, there's
pretty much always a portal hangin' around in the interior part of the place.
The way you open the chests is by actually targeting them and attacking. There
are 10 floors for each section.

Just spam stuff like Splash/Tidal Wave and Holy Lance. Not that hard at all.
Proceed when ready to enter the Garden of Izayoi.


Persona Persona Persona Persona Persona Persona

Definitely a step up in difficulty this time. Make sure Flynn and Estelle have
their Light spells enabled, because it'll definitely help here; obviously don't
use stuff like Violent Pain. He eats Grand Chariot and Holy Rain. His laser
attack is INCREDIBLY annoying and makes it harder to melee here, though his
Phys Def is somewhat lower than his Magic Def. Don't go near the weird Negative
Gate-esque thing he throws out as it lowers your attack stats, both Phys and
Magic. Not much else to say here, mostly just try to wail on him?he knocks down
easy and it's just as easy to FS Chain him. NOTE: The difficulty goes WAY up
after these first two sections because the first two were available before you
beat the game, but the rest aren't. The monsters are all around Lv100, so go
and level up in the Labyrinth of Memories if you're too weak. It's the entire
reason why I recommended the Labyrinth first.



This walkthrough for Tales of Vesperia on the Playstation 3 console was written
by tokunagas (Bayli V.), started in 2012 and ongoing into 2015.
Tales of Vesperia (PS3, XBOX) is copyright to Namco Bandai and Team Symphonia.
I claim no rights whatsoever to Tales of Vesperia.
Please do not distribute this guide elsewhere unless you have my written


I would like to thank the following persons:
Numerous people on the boards for supplying information.
The creators of Labyrinth of Memories and Telescopic Graveyard maps.
Aselia, for providing such great information on weapons, artes, etc and how to
obtain them.
Tales of Vesperia Japanese wiki for providing Japanese information.
My friends at Tales of Charity for making me want to get Vesperia in the first
Team Symphonia, for creating my favourite game.
And you, for reading this guide.