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How do I defeat the anaconda in the game UP PS3 ?

Have been trying for 2 days now...I have tried using the cane to swing an electric eel onto the anaconda, and I just get shocked. I know I have to also get to the other platform how do I do that? The whole anaconda level is getting frustrating..can someone please help ?


mandkn answered:

OK, here goes......You need to lure the anaconda to strike by dangling the old guy (can't remember his name) by the rope. When you stop moving, the anaconda will strike where you stopped, so the trick is to stop very quickly and then move out of the way. What you need to do is watch the eels and get the anaconda to strike where the eel will be. If the anaconda strikes an eel, it's all over and you're through. This is about the best way to explain it. Hope it helps. If it's any consolation I found this incredibly frustrating as well!
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