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How do you enable co-op mode?

I'm playing the demo, but there isn't an option, if i purchase the full game, will it allow me to play co-op mode?

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RyoxSinfar answered:

To enable co-op just enter the game like normal and when you are done with the tutorial (as in the part where you can only be 1 character and it shows you how to play as them) have someone activate a second controller and press the start button. they will be immediately placed in the game.

I have only done this at the start of levels, I don't know what will happen if you try and bring a player in part way through a level
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RyoxSinfar answered:

When in co-op only one person can be a character at a time on the PS3 version. So if one character dies and the person comes back to life, then neither character will be able to change characters and they will be stuck with who they have.
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