Question from miggiddymike

Asked: 5 years ago

Missing Trophy?

In the cheats section there is a list of 32 trophies but there are actually 33 trophies. Does anybody know what the 33rd trophy is? All i know is that it is one of the hidden trophies.

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From: TwofoldGodhead 5 years ago

The missing trophy is Flower Power, which you get by completing a level without letting any enemies die.

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Too bad it's impossible.
The only level in which it is possible is the tutorial at the very beginning because there are no enemies. I finished that one without killing any enemy because there are none, but I still didn't get it.
In the other levels, it is impossible (unless there is a hack to give enemies infinite HP).
God couldn't get this trophy in a hundred billion years.
So yeah, what's the hack the developers want us to use for this one?

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You can get the Flower Power by beating the Crystal Cavern level since you don't have to kill any enemy there to progress in the level.

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