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Where can I find?

Where can i find all the extra guns.
i got the one in dakoto vein and 1 at ebel shop were can i get the rest ?


Alltra answered:

The optional guns are located in the following places:

-1191.45 Golden = Neverland: Secondary Central Park
-B-N84 = Neverland: Primary Gate
-LP-09 = Buy at Albona Shop
-MI50A = Arena Coin Exchange (500 Copper + 200 Silver + 50 Gold)
-SG-B226 = Buy at Ebel City Shop
-Z-40 = Mission Reward (This Gun's For You during CH. 15)

-NP.05 Golden = Neverland: Secondary East Park
-NP.05C = Buy at Ebel City starting in CH. 12
-PDW-XN.V2 = Dakata Vein Chest
-PDW-XN.V3 = Aetersyl Chest
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