Question from jerms15

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find Hand Grenades?

Is it possible to buy hand grenades? If so, where? Just started playing this game, and I'm stuck at a point where i need hand grenades, but i ran out. :(.

Accepted Answer

From: Rail2k4 4 years ago

Grenades can be acquired by the following methods:

1. Discovering them in treasure chests strewn throughout the world map. These chests are found while you clear the map.
2. In Eble City on Razzle Street, if you go to the shop and talk to the tinkerer you can create the basic grenade for 1 scrap iron, 1 powder gel, and 1 rookie grenade (rookie grenades can be purchased from the vendor next to the tinkerer).
3. The Arena contains a single grenade type, the "Smash Grenade" which focuses on HP breakage and knockback.
4. Once you proceed to chapter 5, you will need to start the first story quest, which will provide you with a pass to use the Core Lift 2. This will take you further down in the tower, and as you continue down you will come across a location called, "Cranktown". This city, just like Eble City has a shop with a Tinkerer, but in this shop you will finally be able to create all of the grenade types: "Hand grenades", "Molotov Cocktails", "Freezer Grenades", "Toxic Grenades", "Electro Grenades", etc...

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I'm on chapter 2 can't buy them yet and I'm beginning to think you can't unless another town later on carries them.

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There are some ways to get hand grenades: 1 being finding them as you open up the world map, 2 making them from the scraps you have gotten off from your enemies(which is the other green bar on the bottom) along with the rookie grenade, 3 treasure spots. Other than that those are the ones I can think of from when I played the JP ver. =P

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The only way to get a nice supplie of Grenades is to wait till Chapter 5, and than Tinkerer can make them for you.

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I've also just started Resonance of Fate, so I cannot say I've found a place to buy them.

However, you can "purchase" a type of grenade from the arena prize exchange counter (counter next to the arena gate). You get 5 grenades for 50 bronze coins and 5 silver coins. I cannot confirm if they are available in the Prologue but they are in Chapter 1.

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I gotta say you can not have silver coin before somewhere around chapter five so the solution is to wait until chapter 5, you will be able to make them. tada

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