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Asked: 4 years ago

Where do you get your house?

One of the first things I like to do in these games is secure a place of residence to store all my awesome stuff. Can you do it really early off in the game like in fallout 3? If so where are the places you can get houses/apartments?

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From: Mringasa 4 years ago

There are a bunch of "houses" you can acquire throughout the game, not including ones you can clear out and use for your own. 2 Safehouses from factions, the motel room as noted before, Mr House's penthouse in Vegas, another room at the Atomic Wrangler, and various scattered abandoned dwellings that are ripe for a new tenant.

Look around, do quests and get in good with the factions you want and you'll eventually get somewhere to call home (and store the 5000 tons of random garbage you will acquire by this point).

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i wasnt able to i had to make it into Freeside and preform a side quest before i was able to get my first one and its more like rooms at the casinos th first one i got was in the Atomic Casino

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you can buy a hotel room in Novac and use that as storage, it costs about 100 caps

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If I remember correctly, if you side with mister house, then he gives you a place in his casino.

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1. perform a side quest for the twins in the Atomic wrangler

2. Mr.House also gives you a pent house suite in Lucky 38

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in Goodsprings there is a trailer home with two boxes that i have been using as my makeshift house

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It seems as thogh you can use Victor's shack in GoodSprings, to store your stuff in the ammunition box, and be able to sleep there.

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Also the Gas Station in GoodSprings has been good so far

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At Good springs source, south of good springs, where the tutorial finishes at the beginning of the game.

There's a trailer/mobile home right in the area of the campfire, and there's a guy who owns it and he wants you to clear some geckos out of the hill. After you do that, return to him and then he wants to kill you because it was a trick.

So I suggest just kill this guy from the beginning (and he's by himself, so it's an easy kill), if you don't want to clear the hill of geckos (but there are dead bodies and some stuff at the top you can loot).

That trailer has a suitcase in it and two beds. Also a campfire near it and a pure source of water (no radiation) that replenishes health and cures dehydration.

It is found early on in the game and is very accessible but at the same time no one ever bothers it in the game. Every now and when you fast travel to it geckos will be near and chase you, but they are easy to kill and then you loot them for their meat.

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I'd say Novac. You can rent the room and get a key or wait until after Boone's quest and get the key (and keyring?) from the Gift shop guy.

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