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Where can I find a place to sell stolen items?

Is there a place i can sell stolen items?

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kikaoceanic815 answered:

Any trader works it doesn't matter if its stolen
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krashnss answered:

I havent tried it yet, but if its anything like FO3 you wont be able to sell it to the same person you stole it from. ie: if you stole from the general store, you wouldnt be able to sell it to the general store owner but you should be able to go sell it to trudy next door or anyone else for that matter.
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Abaddon101 answered:

Just go to a different town. Like in Fallout 3 if they know it's stolen they won't buy it from you, but since there's no real form of law in-game any other vendors will still buy it off you.
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moscow_mule answered:

I can confirm that you can not sell stolen goods to the trader you stole it from.
I stole a load of fruit from Chet in Goodsprings and when i tried to sell it back to him it wasnt there and i was like "wtf".
But i just went next door and sold it to Trudy.
Ching Ching
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