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Where is motor runner?

Ive been through vault 3 and killed all the fiends but i havent found motor runner! And I dont know where the ncr guy is ive freed their captives but im not sure if he was one of them or if he was the dead guy on the floor. this i think is a free quest and im just trying to get my opinion up so i can get camp forlorns help to send troops to bitter springs

kennysea provided additional details:

Thanks bro i mustve killed motor runner without know it courtesy of my pal boone and yeah i freed the captives but i didnt see a ranger than when i went to mccracken anders was there!

Accepted Answer

catalyst637 answered:

Motor Runner in inside the Maintenance Wing. Just look for it on your Pipboy after exploring the area. You will also need a key which should be on a Fiend named Daniel, I belive. A high lockpick skill might help do it though.

As for the NCR captive, I cannot provide much help there. When I did the quest and went back to Camp McCarren however, the captive was freed. I don't know how or why. Perhaps he was on the prisoners.
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