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Big red exclamation point???

Modded my weathered 10mm pistol with a laser sight. when i equip it the screen goes orange. if i go to 3rd person theres a big red diamond with a big orange exclamation point in it surrounding my guy. i can still shoot, cant hear it or see it though. any ideas? thanks.

Accepted Answer

Artinnia answered:

I've had the same problem, I think it's a bug with the game itself.... the best advice I can offer is to put the weather 10mm into a storage bin where you keep your other supplies and wait for an update. I can't seem to figure out a way to get it to work either.
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TheGozerian answered:

I have also encountered this glitch. I added an extended mag to the Weathered 10mm and I got a big red diamond with a light blue exclamation mark. If you switch to third person you can see better, but my screen turns light blue in 1st person. This is particularly annoying 'cause the Weathered 10mm is still my best overall pistol!
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