Question from moscow_mule

How many companions can i have at once?

I currently have Boone as my companion and im thinking of going to get Rex shortly. How many companions can i have at once?
Also if i decide to send Boone off where can i find him again if i want him back?


Jcdab123 answered:

You can only have one Human/Super Mutant companion with you along with Rex since he does not count as "Human"
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Yaroxx answered:

Max you can have 4, and with you it would be a killing party of 5 !!!!!
The first 2 will be your normal companions.
Number 3 : If you have reputation = LIKED with NCR you can call upon either a trooper or ranger to help fight. (if the die in battle just call again for a new trooper/ranger)
Number 4: in FREESIDE you can hire a bodyguard for 100 caps at the north or east gate.

So 2 main followers, NCR trooper/ranger, Freeside bodyguard and YOU makes for an incredible FIVESOME.
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Snitch101 answered:

Whati thinkhe mustve ment can u recruit all the companions in one game without them dying and switch between them at anytime at lucky 38.
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