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What/where is the best rifle for sniping in the game?

I like the Rat Rifle, but I'm fairly certain there is a better sniper rifle in New Vegas. IF it's Boone's sniper rifle, how can I obtain it? (No console cheats please, because I'm playing the PS3 version).

Shibbie68 provided additional details:

sorry, but i have a couple more questions regarding some of the answers you all gave me. how do you "befriend" Boone? I finished the quest involving his wife, and he is now a companion. also, i think i have exhausted all of the speech options with him (he ended up telling me how he knows that his wife is dead...which i won't spoil!). so....i have no idea how to get his rifle. and when does the anti-material rifle become available from Gun Runners? they don't seem to be selling much at that shop, and im at level 18.

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thewopper84 answered:

The Sniper Rifle does more damage than the Gobi. The mods for the Sniper Rifle add to it by making it weigh less than the Gobi and reducing gunshot noise making your sniping even more sneaky. Sure the Gobi does more dps, but if you're sniping the right way, you won't need more than one bullet. The only thing the Gobi has going for it imo is that it falls apart slower. But that's easily fixed with the Jury Rigger perk making finding guns to repair your Sniper Rifle with easier to come by.
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Pyroide answered:

Well, you can befriend him and get it, and you could just buy the sniper rifle from the vendertron it has good stats.
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gringlebopper answered:

You can get the anti material rifle which is the strongest, at Gun Runner's. Also you can get the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle to the northwest of cottonwood cove at the sniper's nest. You need a lot of lockpick though. P.S the gobi is my favorite cuz it's golden.
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cryptic47 answered:

Yeah you need a Lockpick of 100 to access the Gobi Rifle, but it's well worth it. My only trouble is finding enough .308 rounds to keep me firing
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nocturbulous answered:

Not sure if it's the best, haven't completed the game yet. But early on in the game, go to the *Broc Flower Cave* located northwest of Camp Searchlight.
There are vicious rats there, so when you enter the cave, go right at the first fork and make your way along a ledge till you get to a dead prospectors hang out. In there is the *RATSLAYER* and has a great scope and is easily replenished with the ammo you need.
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Reaver1990 answered:

Lvl 22, you find AMR's 12.73592% of the time.
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