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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find gun mods?

Can anyone give a list of places I can find gun mods or link to site with a list? would like to add more mods to the weapons i have. gun runners have nearly nothing as for mods i would like a scope and silencer for the huning rifle the most, but really all mods locations would be awesome.

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From: Ph0en1xFlam3 4 years ago

Ok heres a complete list according to the strat guide

Great Khan Armorer-Red Rock Canyon-Guns
Blake-Crimson Caravan Company-Energy Weapons and Guns
Vendortron-Gun Runners-Energy Weapons Explosives and Guns
Gloria Van Graff-Silver Rush-Energy Weapons
Dale Barton-The Fort-Energy Weapons and Guns
Michelle-Trading Post-Guns
Knight Torres-Hidden Valley-Explosives and Guns
Old Lady Gibson-Gibson Scrap Yard-Energy Weapons
Cliff Briscoe-Novac-Energy Weapons and Guns

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Dont knoe if this will really help but there is a gun runner named alexander in a place called route 108 trading post. or simalar name to that on the way to freeside. he has quite the inventory and some cool mods. also in that same location is a NpC that you can find in a old bus with a bunch of beds at night with a ton of 10mm pistol mods. hope this helped.

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