Question from DuskKnight1990

Asked: 4 years ago

How do you find the Brotherhood of steel in hidden valley?

I've looked in all of the bunkers, and only find locked doors, two of which there is nothing behind, the third has a very hard lock, and my lockpick is only 75, that's including skill magazines +20. bonus. Is there some way to get without having to pick the lock?

Accepted Answer

From: catalyst637 4 years ago

Another alternative would be to simply have Veronica as your companion. You'll get in VIP style - they won't even take any of your stuff.

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The only other way of getting in is to find the password to the door via the intercom. The password can be found on dead B.O.S. troopers. I believe you can find 2 of them in the REAPCON headquarters on the second floor.

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