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Whats the point of no return on the main quest?

Please could someone tell at what point can you no longer go back into the wastelands exploring and doing other missions. Thanks.

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Griffins909 answered:

It's right before the final battle, before you head to Hoover Dam. The game tells you that you are at the point off no return and gives you there option to continue to explore our head to the final battle. Mine was after I put Yes Man in and todd him which factions I wanted to get rid of or keep around.
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slayersfan01 answered:

Its not a point of no return but I just wanted to point out that it is a lot easier to travel around to the different factions if you do so before heading into vegas to kill benny. Before I did none of the NPCs recognize me and so are neutral unless I antagonize/help them. After benny it seems like at least some of the factions know me, especially NCR and the Legion. It doesn't really affect rep more like they pressure you to join them if you had killed Benny but beforehand you are a nobody hence not worthy of attention hostile or otherwise.
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Ph0en1xFlam3 answered:

im with Griffin on this one i completed the game on the Wild Card Track and now the only save i have is right before you talk to Gen. Lee Oliver and i cant fast travel out of the Legates camp so im screwed until the DLC :P
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