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Asked: 4 years ago

How can I get Remnamts Telsa power armor?

I know Arcade wears it, but do i got to kill him to get it?

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i already found the remnents telsa power amor on my own.. You just tell Arcade to say with the followers

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i just found a remnants power armour helmet in the 'silver peak mine'.
which is number 12 on this map:

as for the rest im afraid i dont know.

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oh, even better:

tells you how to get them all and where, just scroll down to locations

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Well you can finish the quest For Auld Lang Syne to get a full remnant armor and possibly the Gannon family remnant power armor, or you vould go to Silver Peak Mine and pick up a remnant power helmet and then go to the Deathclaw Promotory to get a remnant power armor.

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Convince Arcade to stay behind and he'll give it to you.

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I found the remnants power armor. You want 2 go 2 cotton-what ever- at the south-east end of the map. swim a ways up towards hoover damn from the lake the settlement is based at, and you should find a dirt walk way up to your right. Beware! there are a LOT of death claws both young and full grown, where the power armor is, there is an alpha male and mother guarding both the bodies and their nest.

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