Question from deadnarwhal

Where can I find the key to get into the abandoned brotherhood of steel bunker?

I tried to make those guys like me and they didn't give it to me. Is it quest related and if so where do you pick it up?

deadnarwhal provided additional details:

Well he gives you the key to the Brotherhood of steel safehouse. I am speaking of the abandoned bunker that is located super close to the southeast of Camp Forlorn Hope.

Accepted Answer

stevebond1990 answered:

That key is for the safehouse near raul's shak. there is no key for the abandoned bunker as of yet, so get the skillbook from it before you apply the patch.
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Gannon_34 answered:

There is no key in the editor so the area is inaccessible without using the console on PC. There's nothing in there currently, perhaps it was part of a deleted quest, or will be used in future DLC
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pwner1991 answered:

I made hardin the elder in hidden valley and he gave it to me for thanks try that.
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glove_dog answered:

I have that key. I can't remember specifically how I got the Elder to give it to me but he's the one I got it from. *note - the original Elder - - not Hardin*
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