Question from Nexus89

Asked: 4 years ago

How do you properly hack computers?

I can never hack a computer. After I log in it it has all these numbers, characters, and some full words, but what do u do? Is the password one of the full words or is it just random numbers? Please help

Accepted Answer

From: nocturbulous 4 years ago

The password is one of the full words. You have four attempts to guess it.

If you get say 3/6, thus means your guess has three characters in the correct position.

Clicking on matching brackets (i.e. () [] {} or <>, even with other characters between) can remove a dud password or reset the number of remaining guesses to four.

You can always exit the hack and start again when you think you're going to lock out the terminal.

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Click on the before you start so you can try again if you get locked out.

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