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How do I beat Mother deathclaw?

lol in fallout New Vagas im no pushover i got out in my undies with a 9 mm pistol 2000 ammo and killl deathclaws every day butt when i stubled upon a alpha deathcla i knew something was up. so i killed him and ever deathclaw went in one direction so i was like hey get back here and i chased them. well finnaly they stioped and i killed them and the i saw this crane then i looked down my scope and saw a fatman i went to grab it and then i looked around and found a assault rifle then just as i was getting bord i saw some thing green and moveing in the distance i go closer and i saved then i hadnt went to feetwhen it charge at me i was at least 56 to70 feet away and it jumped to me leaping at least 30 feet at a time and i cant kill it with any ammount of bullets what do i do?

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ChildeRoland108 answered:

I killed her by sniping her from the other side of the quarry, she can/will die if you keep shooting her. I think it took 3 headshots with the standard sniper rifle(not the anti matter one), and my guns was in the 60s. Also if you kill any of her babies she will become enraged, so that may be a bad idea. I also suggest using your best companions(more for cannon fodder if you aren't on Hardcore mode) and weapons and crippling her legs with VATs and a hunting pistol or something so she can't jump if you want a more up close fight. Her babies are pathetic so don't really need to worry about them, but I thunk there are probably a few more deathclaws on the higher parts of the quarry to look out for.
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Kuhn_Apollo answered:

Go get the alien blaster if you have wild wasteland
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trienta answered:

Stay up on the ridges near the Great Khans encampment use a sniper rifle and rocket launcher(fully modded if possible) fire off afew high explosive rockets at her legs to slow her down (this will also take out the babies who stick close to her) then finish her off with the rifle, but beware there are more deathclaws around the abandoned trucks in the center off the quarry and some high up to the left of these
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325hpls1 answered:

staying up on a ridge always helps but to be honest with you placing landmines and having a good laser or plasma gun will do the trick.Crippling them helps cuz there fast as hell.
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Chris_Tucka answered:

Get Anti-Material Rifle and buy the fire bullets and use vats and aim for the head.
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brazzak666 answered:

My favorite tactic was laying down a line of frag mines 4+ with enough space between not 2 get them all 2 blow at once. creep up a lil bit until you can see her or her babies down the sight, either snipe the baby 2 get her 2 start lookin for your ass, then pop her in the head 2 get her 2 charge you-behind the line of mines- and continue 2 pelt her face with 308 rounds till she dead!
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Jubei1976 answered:

Modified Sniper rifle. ARMOR PIERCING AMMO. -Manually- aim at her head using some steady for a better shot. I can hit her from as far back as 1/2 mile. Not bragging. But this is a sure fire way to take her out. Reduce the difficulty as well if you want. No shame, only ammo. Take the Anti-Material rifle with you as well as some of the AP 50. CAL ammo. Use this if she or the alpha somehow manage to get to you. You'd better hope they don't. Stay up high and bring the fight to them. Toe to toe with a DC is a no-no.
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mikewmars answered:

Get the Alien Blaster and you can you usually kill Deathclaws of any kind in 1 to 4 hits (depending on your level, skill, chems, etc.). Aim for their heads.
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darc69saunders answered:

I stood on the side of a crane and blasted her with a plasma rifle. There is a crane or arm of crane sticking out of the ground. The other deathclaws could not get me when I jumped on top of it, including the mother. After I killed them I took the eggs and gave one of them to the lady in sloan who gives you a recipe for the wild wasteland omelette.
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Kyuubi_Youko answered:

I used a fully modded Varmint rifle and walked up one of the littleslopes that go up on the quary to the big machinary buildings (theres always a cart on one half at the bottom) I get there walk up I can hit every deathclaw and the cant touch me cause htey cant jump the 30+ feet attacks on those due to the slope.
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BigFist answered:

my way of killing them was useing the Avenger a very special yet powerful minigun i wwas wareing combat armor reinforced mark 2 same with helmet i brought over 100 stimpacks, med-x, and phyisico to kill them fast due to the guns fireing speed. That day the weather was red rain with a good chance of flesh chunks!
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tmaclabi answered:

The first thing you need to do is get a Sniper Rifle, after that, get to the top of the conveyor belts of it. The next thing to do is you just need to snipe and aim at Death Mother Claw and Alpha Male together and they will all be dead.
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curtyfgriff answered:

Simply put.... Sneak and Snipe. Works every time if your sneak skill is high enough and especially if you have the anti-material rifle.
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sagameister3 answered:

It helps to get Boone(ranger armor) and Ed-e(upgraded), then get yourself an anti-material rifle with inc. rounds. Then get 100 gun skill, sneak and snipe after. Most deathclaws will die in about 2-3 shots or even sooner with Boone's and Ed-e's help, except of course the alpha which would take 3-6 headshots. The mother deathclaw is a bit strong than a regular deathclaw but not by much, it's possible to 1-hit her.
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Denji answered:

The way I did it, I sniped out the other Deathclaws by climbing on the rocks at Quarry Junction so they couldn't reach me. I made sure I had an Incinerator, I snuck up one of the conveyor loader belts to the right of the irradiated pond where the Alpha was hanging out, jumped to the upper part of it (a little tricky, just keep pushing towards it and keep pressing the jump button). On the actual upper belt (where you see the cart on), I start firing away with my Incinerator once I catch sight of the Mother Deathclaw. She usually runs around aimlessly, but is rarely smart enough to come up after you up on the conveyor belt. The babies might, so make sure you give them a "flame" or two. Note (however), if there are still Deathclaws in the immediate area, they WILL come up to the lower part of the belt and start swatting you. But if it's just the mother and the babies, the mother doesn't get close enough to hit you. I've done this in four playthroughs, ALL ON A LOWER LEVEL. This can be done on any level in fact, you just have to take your time and make sure you have an Incinerator. Burn that beast alive!
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Llama345 answered:

Get good heavy armor, 100 melee weapons and super sledge. Good luck
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