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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find a stash of med x?

all i need is one med x to help this guy out in the 2nd part of the restoring hope quest.
Help im going nuts crawling all over the map and i cant find any merchants dont seem to sell it.

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Here is the list of all merchant that deal in Healing items and drugs:

Followers Safehouse - Doctor Luria.
Red Rock Drug Lab - Jack
New Veags Medical Clinic - Doctor Usanagi
Camp McCarren - Doctor Kemp
Camp McCarren - Corporal William Farber
Aerotech Office Park - Bert Gunnarson
Freeside's North Gate - Julie Farks(FoA)
- Genaro's Fodder
- Tapper
Freeside's East Gate - Dixon
All bartenders in the casinos.
Nellis AFB - Doctor Argyll
Bitter Springs - Liutenant Markland
Follower's Outpost - Doctor Alvarez
Camp Golf - Doc Sawbones
The Fort - Siri
Boulder City - Ike
Goodsprings - Trudy
- Doc Mitchell
Sloan - Jas Wilkins
Hidden Valley - Senoir Scribe Schular
Novac - Doctor Ada Strauss
Camp Forlorn Hope - Doctor Richards

One of these will probably have Med-X on them. Hope this helps.

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