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Can i quest further after the hoover dam mission?

As I said Im at the hoover dam mission and im with Yes Man so I was wondering if I can go through killing NCR and Legion and just freely play or do I have to load an earlier save

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Skjerven72 answered:

If you want to continue messing around in the Mojave, you will have to load a saved game before you start the Battle at Hoover. Otherwise the game will give you your ending and return you to the main menu screen.
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pwner1991 answered:

The battle of hoover dam is the last mission and when you complete it you get the ending so if you want to do it then go right before you start it and make a save. That way you can do the mission then reload and mess around and your still abe to do it again whenever you want.
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NFSruler answered:

At there is a mod that will really help, you can continue on :D
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