Question from darknessry

How can I keep all of the gold bars in Dead Money?

I don't have any stealth boys but I have a skill of 50 and a magazine.

Accepted Answer

Jakerson11 answered:

Its possible. Disable the turrets. Pick up the 37 bars. Walk out of the vault and try and dodge Father Elijahs Gauss rifle. Drop the gold bars behind the force field and go out the door to the left. Run the circuit around the vault till you are on the other side of the force field. Pick them up and head through the doors. You should have enough time to get outta there and spend your 370000 caps.
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BigFist answered:

You cant i tried putting the gold bars in a dead body it did not work you see I only ended up taking one gold bar because the amount of stuff i all ready had and once you leave the vault there is no going back, but you can still roam the city and the casino so take as many gold bars as you can and get out before your head pops off!
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