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I need help finding the second Vault 34 key?

Hey, I'm inside Vault 34 trying to do that mission for Veronica. I've looted one of the technitions and drained the water. However, it says that there is another key I'm supposed to find hidden on one of the bodies of another technition. I've already gotten the key from the guy hidden underneath the desk. Where is the other one?

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illage2 answered:

On the way to the overseers office there should have been a flooded area. (Look for a leaking pipe) go down there and you should find another key. There are two flooded areas. Once you've done all that you should be able to gain access to the overseers office, kill the overseer and take his key and access his terminal and unlock the armory. If you are doing veronica's quest make sure you got the key from peal's barracks in Nelis before hand.

Once you get the gun, keep it. One-Hit-Kill on Robots and BoS knights/Paladins. Or as an alternate to the gun you can find the paladin toaster which is a melee version.
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