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Where can I find steam gauge assembly?

I need to find one more steam gauge assembly to to repair the food processor at The Camp McCarran Concourse. Any help please?

Accepted Answer

Wandrian answered:

Try Mick & Ralph's in Freeside. I don't believe Ralph normally stocks them, but there are some on the shelves you can steal and the store has so many shadows that even with a low Sneak skill you can just carry one to a shadow before picking it up without worrying about consequences.

Alternately, you may want to try Old Lady Gibson at her junkyard that's between HELIOS One and Novac. She stocks practically every kind of junk you can find, though not necessarily every kind at once.

If those don't work, you could always try scouring some ruins to find one. There may be some in the REPCONN Test Site building, the Basincreek Building, New Vegas Steel, and H&H Tools though I'm uncertain about any beyond the REPCONN Test Site having any.
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Wandrian answered:

Oh, and another option is just having your Repair skill really high. I believe it was 90 that was required to repair it without parts.
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