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Can you buy mini nukes?

I know they are expensive but I have lots of money. Is there any glitch for it because they are so rare.

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Wandrian answered:

You can't buy regular mini-nukes, but you can get some by killing any Boomer armed with a Fat Man or pickpocketing them. Try Sandman kills and sneak attacking them in the head with a sledgehammer to kill them without fighting.

There is a small exploit that will let you obtain more of any kind of ammo, but it's pretty dangerous when nukes are involved. You can reverse pickpocket a single mini-nuke and a Fat Man onto any character, fast travel away, and return. If they've equipped the Fat Man, they may have one or two more mini-nukes in their inventory. This also works for the Alien Blaster and hand load ammo types.

Alternately, the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC has new types of mini-nukes which are very frequently restocked and even low-quality merchants like Chet in Goodsprings may stock the new mini-nukes. Non-unique GRA items are restocked when re-entering the location a merchant is at, so a quick way to rapidly stock up on them is to fast travel to Gun Runners and the 188 Trading Post; buying more from Vendortron and Alexander every time you fast travel. Unfortunately, the new types of mini-nukes can't be used with the GRA Mad Bomber perk to craft Fat Mines.
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